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Keira, home help in Norwich

Hi, my name is Keira, I am 16 years old I have had about 6 years of experience helping out my grandparents and friends. I have always recieved positive feedback from them. I am a very polite, caring girl and I am very mature for my age. I will always try my best to make sure the client is receiving the best possible service and care and they always have a smile on their face! I really enjoy helping others as I have a loving heart and really enjoy making people happy and seeing other...
Kiu, senior home help in Norwich NR2

Hello my name is Kiu and I am 28 years old. I am married to a doctor and we live in Plymouth. I am looking for a part time job so I also have time to take care of my own family. I grocery shop, cook and deal with all the paperwork for my own family so I am really good at it. I would like to use these skills to help the elderly with my spare time and at the same time earn some pocket money. I am a patient person and I bond well with older people as I like listening to their stories! I used to ...
Amy, senior home help in Norwich

I have had a wide range of experience in the care sector. I have gained many skills. I see myself as a very compassionate person who will always give my all to help others. I have experience in house work, company, preparing food(food hygiene course) person centered thinking and more.
Ben, senior home help in Norwich

Hello my name is Ben and I am 18 and studying at college and I am a very helpful person and trying to get money so I can buy a car
Peter, senior home help in Norwich

Hi my name is peter I am 29 nearly 30, I help alot at a luncheon club for the elderly on a tuesday at the moment. I am a very caring person and would support the person as company if to talk to go to doctors with, go out to bingo or other activities with the person, I would do light cooking and cleaning if needed, I find that I learn things from older people that are helpful, I also support two older gentlement who volunteer who have learning difficulties, so learning difficulties are no pro...
Vicky, home help - NR2 Norwich

Having been a nanny housekeeper for many years and more recently careing for ageing parents, I am happy to take on most roles and can offer a kind and professional service.
Toni, home help in Norwich NR3

Hi, im Toni im 17 years of age. I could give all types of help to the elderly such as, cooking, cleaning, feeding, ironing, all basic day to day tasks except any DIY. My qualities are, im friendly, fun, bubbly, have good conversational skills so would ideal for being someone's company and can find/make entertainment for all ages. I am experienced in animal care and living/ being independent. I am available 7 days a week, however only evenings on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays from 6pm a...
Jasmine, home help in Norwich NR3

I'm jasmine, I am 16 and looking for a part time job. I enjoy helping people, so I can an help getting shopping, housework, DIY. I help a lot round my own house, and also other peoples. I think working with different people will make me more understandable to their welfare. I belite I could help them, and myself by learning new things. I have a lot of free time as school is finished for me, so I really wouldn't mind something to pass the time, as I love having something to do. Thank you.
Claudia, home help in Norwich NR2

Thank you for opportunity
Elvira, senior home help - NR2 Norwich

I'm Elvira (19) and I'm from Indonesia. I've lived in the UK for 4 years. I live in Norwich with my stepdad, mum & younger brother. I am willing to help you or keep you company at home as I have a 74 year old grandmother and I know how lonely or boring it can get from not having nothing to do & no one to talk to at home. I am a friendly, hardworking, responsible & reliable person. Although I have no experience in this field yet, I am willing to learn and adapt to the situation. My English spe...
Linnea, home help - NR3 Norwich

Hi there, I am a friendly 20 year old student at UEA with a passion for cooking and an avid chatterbox! I love to feel I am helping people and learning from others too. My hobbies include coking, painting, hula hooping and writing. A role like this I feel would be mutually beneficial and i look forward to hearing from you.
Vanessa, home help in Norwich

Im Vanessa 23 and an au pair in Norwich. Before i came to the Uk as an Au Pair i was in a trainee for phsical Therapie. Sadly i needed to stop that because of family reasons. But i have lots of experience in helping to cook, getting dressed, bathing, and of course walks and little bit of medical experience as well.
Kyla, senior home help - NR2 Norwich

My degree in English and Film has pushed my creativity forward, allowing me to bring in creative elements to my work with the elderly. I can help with reading, cooking, cleaning and any other tasks that they cannot complete themselves. I would provide the company and as a very social individual I can hopefully provide them with the support system they require.
Carol, home help in Norwich

I'm a mother and grandmother with experience in careworn mainly for the elderly. I have also looked after my father when he was terminally ill and an elderly neighbour. I'm honest, reliable, concientious and use my initiative.

Hello, I am an 18 year old female, looking for a part time job in Norwich (preferably around NR1 area, but other areas also considered). I would be willing to assist with any kind of activities, apart from driving (as I haven't got my own car yet) and medicines (as I am not qualified in doing that). I am currently finishing off my A-levels and in the upcoming months will be going to University to Study Social Work, which also shows why I would be interested in this type of job. I have prev...

I am working right now in a residential home

I'm Gian, 29 years old. I am from Philippines. I can take care and assist elders in their basic personal activities like assisting in bathing, eating, cleaning and do some paper works. I worked as a preschool teacher for more than 3 years in Bangkok, Thailand. I'm patience and responsible person. I don't have an experience yet but I am eager to learn.