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Caitlin, senior home help in Leyland

My name is Caitlin, I'm 17 and I'm currently looking for part time work. I feel I can help the elderly in many ways such as keeping them company, helping with housework and shopping and also anything else I can help with that doesn't require qualifications. I do not have any experience but I'm willing to learn. I'm a friendly, funny and happy person. I see myself as approachable and a good listener. I enjoy watching movies, playing all sorts of games, reading, singing and getting to know...

I am Caitlin , I am 16 years old and love helping out people. For many years I have been working with my mum with an elderly person who has medical problems, even though it may of been hard I loved doing it, you get to learn so much from it! As I am only 16 I can only do a small amount of work, however being 16 can be hard therefore I want to get my self ready for leaving school and build up my communication. I think something like this will build up my confidence and will also keep my mind ...
Aisha, home help in Ribbleton PR1

I'm Aisha, a PhD student at Lancaster University. I can accompany ( reading, talking, cook meals, cleaning the house, general admin and others) to the elderly. I'm a responsible, trustworthy, considerate person especially to elderly.
Gabriella, home help - PR5 Leyland

Currently I work in the care setting. I have almost 3 years of experience as a carer/domiciliary care.I am reliable, organized/or thorough/detail-oriented, highest standard, flexible, cheerful, nurturing, caring, motivated person.
Beth, home help in Elston PR2

Most of my experience is working with children but I also enjoy helping older people .I used to look after my great grandmother until she was 95 years old
Lauren, senior home help - PR1 Ribbleton

I can offer help and support to those who need it. I am very caring and willing to provide support and company where I need to.
Weronika, home help in Fulwood

I'm nineteen and now I am studying at University of Central Lancashire. In my family house I was taking care of my grandmother. I really like talking with people, but also listening them, so I think I'm kind of good company to spend time together. I can clean the house and help with shopping and cooking.

My name is Sophie I am 16 years of age I have experience cleaning a family members home who suffered with a stroke I clean have a chat with them and see if they need anything else doing. I like to interact with people and if they need help or advice I will give it as best as I can. The duties I do in the house hold of my family members house are washing up pots etc hovering mopping if it needs doing making beds making them cups of tea.

My name is Fiona Lee. I actually did my work experience in a care home, and my mum is also a carer so as a child I spent most my time with the elderly due my mum being unable to get a babysitter. I am educated in first aid ( have certificates to prove so), and also I am able to talk in sign language and educated in SEN. I am very committed and reliable. I have 100% attendance and always very punctual.

I am a mum of 2 children . Caring responsible and trustworthy. References available on request. I am happy to help and care for children or the elderly in my local area . Looking for some casual work