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Jorja, senior assistant in Sheffield

I have a bit of experience from volunteering in care homes so I know the specific needs that looking after a elderly person needs.
Tenzin, home help in Sheffield

I have grandparents which i have looked after in india, I enjoy caring and looking after the eldelry.
Rose, senior home help in Sheffield

I am always helpful and willing to learn, i have previous experience personally helping with older family members.
Zaloa, home help in Sheffield

Hello, my name is Zaloa , I´m 27 years and I´m Spanish . I have studied a Degree of ¨Teacher in Primary Education". I came to sheffield in october in order to improve my English and to learn about the British culture . I'm currently living in the center of Sheffield S1. I have lived all my life with my grandparents , helping and accompanying them, so for me it is a great pleasure to work helping others.If you need someone who you can trust just let me know. Thanks and best regards
Alexandra, senior home help in Sheffield S1

Hello! My names Alex (or Alexandra, whichever you prefer!) I'm 24 and I'm currently studying through the University and would like to find some work to fit around this. I'm patient, reliable, caring and very trustworthy. I have a lot of experience helping out with my grandparents and although i have spent the last few years working as a nanny, so I know that due to my caring nature I wouldn't have any trouble caring for the elderly. I spent a few years working in an office too so helping som...
Bethany, home help in Sheffield

I have 2 years experience within a caring environment, both for elderly and also young adults with learning difficulties. I have a level 3 Certificate in Health and Social care and also a level 3 Certificate in Care and Support for people with Learning Disabilites. I am efficient in personal care, food hygiene and helping with food preparation and assistance for toiletting and able to do day to day things for client
Angelica, senior home help - S3 Sheffield

When I was a child, my parents always took me to countryside away from noisy city during holiday to experience a different way of life. I like to grow vegetables, to toast sweet potato, to pick plum and olive, to sing and dance on the way of country road, etc. I enjoy the life of countryside, which not only teaches me how to adapt myself to tough living environment, but also nourish my passion for life. I enjoy the sound and beauty of nature which make me want to sing everyday! I am outgoing ...
Hudah, senior home help - S3 Sheffield

Hello, my name is Hudah. I have experience with seniors, as my grandfather had diabetes and epilepsy, I had to take care of his groceries, housework, mail and just giving him friendly company. I am capable of cleaning and providing excellent comfort.
Mrs Somjai, senior home help in Sheffield

Hi, My name is Somjai I am 37 years .I am from Thailand I have lived in the Uk for 12 years now .I, ve been a carer for my father in-law when he not very well sadly 4 months later he passed away. Thank you for your time Somjai
Connor, home help in Sheffield S1

I'm Connor i have always helped my nana around the house (she is now 91) i have no financial intensives i just like time with the elderly.
Sarah, senior home help in Sheffield S14

I am a caring and loving person who has experience caring for my disabled Nanan and mentality disabled cousin. I own and drive a car so traveling is not a problem I am a qualified nursery nurse with a degree in Children's Education
Lauren, senior home help in Sheffield

Hi, I'm Lauren and I'm 16 years old. I'm a very generous person and i want to help the people in my community as much as possible. I have experience in looking after elderly people, as i often help out my elderly neighbours.

Hi, my name is Claire I am a very caring person and feel I could work well in this line of work I would love to be there to help other people and keeping them company and maybe do some housework for them and some lunchtimes could help with preparing there meals I know there are lonely people out there I would love to be able to help them and maybe bring a little happiness into there lives I would like think I could be there to help people I have worked in nursing homes I love working with the...
Emma, home help in Sheffield S25

I am an experienced Nanny and mothers help and am happy to extend this to help anyone who needs assistance. I'm a dab hand with an iron and am happy to assist with cleaning, shopping, day trips etc. I have been working in the care industry for over 16 years and am calm and patient. I find working within care a very rewarding job. I have a car and clean licence. I enjoy sports, especially football. I am an active person and like to help people when I can.
Melissa, senior home help in Sheffield S25

My name is Melissa's and I am 19 years old I have some experience because I used to look after my nan and she suffered with dementia
Claudia, home help - S2 Sheffield

Hello, I am student at University of Sheffield hoping to be your company, available for late/overnight, weekends (also on Christmas and New Year Eve).Thank you!

Hello im a mum of 1 beautiful 12 year old daughter, I used to look after my mum who suffered from MS, I used to cook, clean, take her shopping or on outings. I can just pop around for a while to keep people company, take them out, pretty much anything apart from personal care I'm afraid I do not offer that. I like to listen to people and take them places if needed I'm pretty easy going and easy to talk to. Thank you for looking