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Homecare provider Doncaster
Julia, senior home help - S11 Sheffield

Soy una estudiante de la Universidad de Granada. Estoy buscando empleo para poder costearme mis estudios y pienso que este trabajo podría dárseme bien ya que soy una persona muy responsable y me gusta interactuar con las personas mayores. Agradecería enormemente un empleo de este tipo. Un cordial saludo.
Chelsea, home help in Sheffield

I’m chelsea, I have experience of helping out older people from me as I have to care for my mum and dad. I have to cook there meals, shower them, do there shopping etc. I would never take there independence away if they think they can do it on there own I will let them but I will also stand by them Incase they need any type of help. Putting the people first is always going to be my main priority and to make sure they can always rely on me when needed.
Judit, home help in Sheffield S11

My name is Judit, I from Spain and now I am doing an Internship in Sheffield Hatters (Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and some weekend). I have a lot of free hours , is for this reason that I would like to do this lovely job. I like listen and help people.

Hi im Kelsey and im 17 years old, and i like to help people i love to cook and clean
Emma, home help - S11 Sheffield

I am loving and caring and will take care of what you need assistance with
Clorinda, home nurse - S7 Sheffield

My name is Clorinda, I have a qualification for this job, and I have been working for 3 years in italy as assistant care. I don't speak good English.

I've worked at several old peoples homes in Finland and also done cleaning or other tasks in personal homes

I have a lot of experience of working at elderly care homes. I have a general heart for elderly/senior people and I enjoy talking and listening to them.

Very sociable with a good sense of humour :)