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Emma, senior home help - LS6 Leeds

Hello! I am Emma, and I am a recent graduate from the University of Exeter, with a BA hons in Anthropology and Middle East Studies. I am a personable and responsible 23 year old, and I am willing to help in whatever way I can! I am an average cook (but excited to learn and improve) but would be very useful with administrative tasks, as I am an efficient reader and have had experience helping people fill in forms through other voluntary work. I am a good reader and I am also looking for compa...
Naomi, home help - SY1 Shrewsbury

I am an English Language student currently studying at Birmingham City University. I am looking for employment over the summer. I am able to provide general help around the home as well as assisting on trips out shopping etc. I am outgoing, friendly and caring and hopefully with this I will be able to provide excellent company to those who are in need of my assistance. My previous experience comes from helping my own family members. I have long term goals of becoming a speech and language the...
Jodie, senior home help in Shrewsbury

Weekly look after my nan and family members. Happy to help out evenings and weekends.

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