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Kaye, private lessons maths in Hove

My name is Kaye, I have just finish college and am now in the process of moving on to higher education to do Primary Education. I am doing work experience in a local primary school already and am looking for more experience. I have worke...
Harry, teacher  tutoring / homework help - BN2 Brighton

I am a third year engineering student at the university of Sussex. I have no official qualifications in teaching but have developed many techniques to tackling math and science subjects in different ways over the past ew years due to bei...
Lydia, private tutor maths - BN1 Preston

Hello, I have just finished my A Levels at BHASVIC (maths, French, art) and will be taking a gap year. I am enthusiastic, reliable and live in central Brighton. After my gap year, I hope to go to university to study architecture which is...

I have just finished my A levels with A* in Maths and I will be studying Economics in London next September. I am currently on my Gap Year. Although I had never properly taught younger students, I have always been helping younger girls i...
Hayley, private tutor tutoring / homework help - BN2 Brighton

2 years experience teaching lessons through outreach. 1 years paid tutoring experience. 2 years volunteer tutoring within schools. 1 years experience as a primary school assistant. 4 years experience in child-care. I am due to gradu...

I am good at teaching, able to communicate difficult topicality an easy absorbable format, I use numerous methods which I Taylor to individual needs