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Cumbria, major cities:

Housekeeper Carlisle
Housekeeper Barrow-in-Furness
Housekeeper Kendal
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Housekeeper Dalton-in-Furness
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Bryony, cleaner - LA14 Barrow-in-furness

My name is Bryony, I'm 17 and live in the barrow area. I'm a hard working young reliable person. I'm willing to make your home as clean as I can. I offer cleaning in many areas. I can wash cloths dry them, iron them and put them away too...
Kirsty-leigh, cleaner - LA14 Barrow-in-furness

Hi, I'm Kirsty and I love being a help to others. I offer help with household chores if you have no time to get around to them, help with shopping , house sitting if you are away on holiday or won't have time to do the tasks and I can a...
Stephanie, house keeper in Greenodd

My name is Stephanie. I have experience in cleaning peoples houses and also have experience in housekeeping at hotels and guest houses. I'm a friendly had polite person willing to help with general cleaning and household chores around th...
Elizabeth, ironing - LA12 Ulverston

I Vlcan help out with any home chores.
Sophie, ironing in Kendal

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Maria, cleaner - LA14 Barrow-in-furness

I don't have professional experiences in cooking or ironing only personal I'm willing to negotiate a rate

Im sorry I have put my details in wrong section please don't hold this against me thank you its in my rates box I think 9 pounds is a fair amount and I can be comfortable with this amount. and I can earn it .my name is Alana and I can ...
Morgan-leigh, ironing - LA14 Barrow-in-furness

I am a helpful and presentable person who is a hard worker and thrives for the best. I help out a lot at home completing many chores. I am willing to carry out a range of tasks within the home to a high standard. I am flexible and willin...
Shelby, cleaner in Barrow-in-furness LA14

I am an 18 year old girl, who is looking to help families who need support or help with home services. I am a confident, hard working women. I offer day to day jobs, ironing, washing etc. House sitting, cooking etc. I have had home care ...
Chloe, cleaner in Carlisle

Hi, I am Chloe and I am 16 years old. I offer household tasks such as cleaning, hoovering and ironing. Also I offer a completely reliable service of house sitting, where I will perform these household tasks and more. My main qualit...

A 23 year old woman with my own home that I keep clean. I understand the difficulty of keeping on top of tasks when having a busy working life or with limited mobility. Therefore I am offering help to those who need it in the evening...

I am a 53yr old fit female, willing to take on general household duties such as cleaning the home, ironing, shopping. I take great pride in my work and am trustworthy and conscientious. I am currently working in retail, with ten years ex...