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Alysha, house keeper in Exeter EX2

I have experience in helping around the house when I have been Au pairing and would be very willing to help around the house with basic tasks. Cleaning and cooking would be no problem to me. Housesitting would be a breeze and other basic needs. Unfortunately I do not own a car so I could not help there I'm afraid
Laetitia, house keeper in Exeter EX2

I really enjoy taking care of a household with specific tasks to do, and I am willing to do my best in order to be the most efficient.

I'm Phoebe and I am 14 years old. I'm willing to help out around houses, doing chores, washing up and just helping out around the house and garden. I can hover, tidy up bedrooms and mow lawns. I am happy to negotiate the price of my work if it is necessary. I can cover all of Exeter and surrounding areas.

im lewis im 16 and left school in june im looking for work i will do just about anything. ive helped people move house. i can do cleaning if required. i house sit for family when they go away .