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Yaldaz, house keeper - PL2 Plymouth

My name is Yaldaz I am from Bulgaria.I am experienced dependable and ready to begin today.I help you keep up with your housecleaning so that you will have more time for important things like actually enjoying your family. relaxing with a good book or night outIlive in the neighbourhood and am available immediately.I perform my duties well and am very responsible.I quickly learn and accept the requirements for me.I always care for people wishes.
Rita, house keeper in Plymouth PL4

hi my name is rita, going to my final year ay plymouth university, i come from a family of 7 including my parent.4 younger siblings and the first child.being the first child it has always been my responsibility to take care of the home and make sure everything is fine.i love anything that has to do with home choirs because i enjoy working all the time. i have always looked after my home while my mum goes to work which enabled me develop my skills and ability.
Safia, cleaner - PL4 Plymouth

I am currently a student at Plymouth University studing BSc Criminology. I am a friendly and reliable person who can offer services such as house sitting, performing household chores such as cleaning, ironing etc. I have experience in looking after my own home and house sitting for a number of neighbours and friends alongside some work experience cleaning houses and offices as a previous part time job.
Leah, ironing - PL2 Plymouth

Hi. My name is Leah & I' am 24 years old. I drive and have my own car. I have held this licence for 6 years now. I love cleaning, cooking, shopping, mopping, anything to do with making things look perfect. I have a real, keen eye for detail and everyday will be pottering around my already spotless house if anything is out of place! I love shopping especially food shopping and I love fufilling tasks. I love getting stuck in! If there is anything you would like to know then please don't hesitat...
Kieran, cleaning man - PL2 Plymouth

I am Kieran , I offer a wide range of services for what ever needs you need help with. I will provide very good service to you and others if they need help with moving boxes to helping with any big tasks, as I am here to help. My main qualities are helping people move house to house or house to flat as I have done loads of jobs in the past and would be happy to help anyone who needs that job doing. I have worked around little children aswell so if anyone needs help I am happy to help, I have...
Stacey, cleaner in Plymouth

I like to help people in various ways whether it be from light duties around the house to housesitting, I'm more than happy to lend a helping hand :)
Riya, house keeper in Plymouth

I am 15 and currently looking for any summer work :) I am a helpful and reliable person and enjoy helping out at home and am currently volunteering at an animal rehab centre. I love baking and would love to help others in any household duties, babysitting or petsitting. I have had experience with babysitting as I have two younger siblings who I look after often and other children of family friends.
Sophie, house keeper in Plymouth PL2

Hi I’m Sophie, I’m 15 and I’m mature and responsible. I grew up doing housework and other things around the house to help my parents or older siblings, and I don’t mind house sitting because it helps me get out of the house more. It’s one thing I’ve never minded doing, I love helping people so it’s an ideal job for me. I’ve been in need of a job for quite a while, so I would appreciate it if you would contact me with any job offers.
Maisie, cleaner in Plymouth

Hi I’m Maisie and I’m 16 years old. I am a productive and friendly person who loves to help out. Whether you need help with mowing your lawn or cooking for your family I am happy to assist. Any questions on wether I am willing to offer my skills do not hesitate to contact me.
Shannon, cleaner - PL2 Plymouth

Hi, my name is Shannon and I'm an 18 year old mechanical engineering student. I have a bubbly personality and fun, outgoing attitude. I am not available on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays as my college course takes up my time. I can help with or carry out household chores such as washing, ironing cleaning etc. I can also house sit as I have had previous experience of it whilst family members have vacationed.
Ellie, cleaner in Plymouth

I'v worked in the cleaning industry for several years, I'v done domestic cleaning and commercial. I can clean to a high standard.
Lauren, cleaner in Plymouth

I am a work from home Photographer based in Higher Compton, PL3 and I am available for housekeeping/cooking/babysitting/nannying and pet care.
Janice, ironing in Plymouth

Hey my name is Janice, I am currently looking around to do some tasks and help around the house and day to day tasks. I am very experienced and clean around the house myself. I like keeping myself busy so happy to help with anything I possibly can. I am currently also in Plymouth university looking for some part time income. I am also a non smoker and alcohol free person. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me.
Emily, cleaner - PL2 Plymouth

Please feel free to get hold of me for any questions you may have
Yasmin, house keeper in Plymouth

My name is Yasmin, I'm 15 years old and am currently studing my GCSE's at Notre Dame RC School. I am available to help with household chores such as hoovering, cooking (I achieved a C in my catering GCSE), cleaning, ironing, washing etc. I am prepared to help with shopping and looking after animals and children. I am experienced in household chores such as the dishes, hoovering, cleaning bathrooms, changing bed sheets, washing etc. I can also wash cars and walk animals. I am tidy, organized a...
Summer, house keeper in Plymouth PL2

I’m 13 years old i love to be helpful and make sure everyone gets help if needed i am very kind and am willing to do anything needed to help and if i don’t know how to do something i am very willing to learn
Cecelia, ironing in Plymouth PL4

Experience in cooking, customer service, cleaning, boat cleaning and care. Happy to complete any jobs and give a helping hand. Very flexible and a very hard working individual. I have worked as a chef and have completed many cleaning duties working in a variety of catering positions.
Natalie, house keeper in Plymouth

Hello, I'm Natalie and I come from the Czech Republic. I've been in England as an aupair more than a year now and starting university in September. In my host family I'm used to do cleaning, ironing, cooking and everyday household tasks that need to be done. During my studies I'm looking for part time jobs or just an occasional help. If you are interested or have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Dear Madam/ Sir, my name is Susanne, from around Berlin in Germany. My very first job in the UK was in fact a position as a housekeeper, a couple of years ago. I enjoyed it that much that I decided to carry on in that field. Later on - I moved to Dublin meanwhile - I was working in a five - star - hotel as a housekeeper, and even got nominated for the " Employee of the Quarter ". Best regards, and I would be pleased to hear from you!
Carmen, house keeper in Plymouth PL4

I am a first year student at the University of Plymouth. The course which I am is BSc(Hons) Biomedical Science. Currently, I am looking for a part time job while studying. I am an organised person which finds fulfilment whenever I helped out with cleaning at home. The joy of contributing to a nicer and cleaner environment for people to live in.

Hi my name is Jackie, I have 2 children aged 18 and 17 years old. My services in housekeeping will involve dusting, polishing, hoovering, ironing, washing and drying clothes, making beds, changing the bed linen, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms and general tidying up of the house so that everything is put away in a nice neat order.