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Vittoria, house keeper in London EC1A

Italian girl who can help at home with domestic stuff.
Manon, cleaner - 17180 Périgny

Je m'appelle Manon, j'ai 20 ans. Je recherche du travail afin de reprendre mes études. J'ai dû quitter Bordeaux, je recherche un job à La Rochelle. Je suis disponible toute l'année, et suis une personne soignée qui aime rendre service !
Brigitta, cleaner - NW2 Cricklewood

My name is Brigitta, I am 26 years old non smoker Hungarian women. When I worked as a live in nanny / housekeeper my mainly duties were to ironing, cooking, sometimes shopping, cleaning the whole house, put the plates into the dish washer, put the clothes into the wash machine, hanging on the clothes, vacuum cleaning, dusting, washing up.
Maggie, cleaner in London SW1X

My name is Maggie and I am almost 16 years old, I help at home with tidying and cleaning and often help out with shopping. I recently moved house and really enjoyed helping to move things out, i believe I am very organised and effective with a good eye for detail and I like helping people out.
Maria Jesus, house keeper - WC2R London

Hello, my name is Maria Jesus. I'm from Malaga, Spain. I'm 37 years old.. I'm a student at the university.I'm a happy person, courteous, friendly, eager to learn, energetic and very patient.‏ I arrived here a short while ago in order to improve my spoken English. My level of written English is intermediate. I self-employed cleaning villas and houses in Marbella (Malaga) I have worked cleaning for 1 year. I will happy to work full time. I live near of Hollad Park. I need to work...
Dorota, cleaner in London WC1N

I do have some experience in house ? hold. I love cleaning and don't mind to help with some home works. Looking for area around Russell Square or king cross would be the best. But can travel in London.
Matea, cleaner - SW1X London

Hello, I am Matea and I am seeking for a job that includes helping around the house. I offer cleaning, cooking, doing different chores, babysitting, dog walking etc. I am a very reliable person and I take my job responsibilities extremely seriously. I assure you that you will not regret if you decide to hire me. I am very flexible with working hours and working days so I will simply adjust to your schedule. If you are interested please feel free to contact me.
Angelica, cleaner in London

Hello, my name is angelica I offer a wide range of services including the general cleaning and maintenance of the house, laundry, ironing, shopping as well as cooking and pet sitting. I am a trust worthy hard working young women, dedicated to being the best with my attention to detail I promise to provide you with the best service I can offer. I have past experience maintaining a house with many years experience I am flexible and available to start straight away. Thank you for your time.
Chelsea, cleaner in London

I am a Ballet Dancer looking for a part time job to earn extra money to supplement my living expenses. I am a responsible and mature person and I am trustworthy.
Carla, house keeper in London

I'm a Portuguese girl, 30 years old. I live in Hendon Central and work in Primrose Hill like a shop and deli assistant. I am a friendly, caring, trustworthy, energetic and enthusiastic person.
Imani, cleaner in London SW1X

I am a 17 years old A-Level student looking for a part-time weekend position I will also be available for work during school holidays. I am fluent in French and have a clear understanding of cultural differences due to my dual heritage and frequent travels in various countries. My career goal is to work within the fields of geography or archeology for which I aim to attend university within the next 2 to 3 years. I can do any type of household work in a quick amount of time, my main qualiti...
Billie, house keeper in London SW1X

Dear Sir or Madam: I am 24 years old and in search of a work. I grew up in New Zealand with a French Father and Colombian Mother, I also have a Bachelor of Arts majoring in French and Spanish, I am therefore fluent in English, French and Spanish. My languages and wide professional experiences in education, hospitality and caring for children have enabled me to develop strong communication skills and made me very adaptable to different situations and cultures. I have always been very tidy a...
Katherine, house keeper in London

I love cleaning and organizing! Growing up, my mother encouraged myself and my sister to help around the house on a regular basis. I keep a very clean and tidy home and find doing household tasks very calming. Recently, I read and put into practice the rules in "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo. I have moved house almost 10 times in the last 3 years and so consider myself to be a pro at packing! I am happy to help organize your home, conduct a deep-cleaning, or su...
Chante, cleaner - WC2R London

My name is Chante & I am 17 years old (18 in 2 months). I am the eldest of 12 family members (including sisters, brothers and cousins) therefore looking after children, cooking and helping around the house has become a natural thing for me from a young age. I am currently studying towards a level 3 in childcare and a nursery setting that accommodates from children aged 1-3 during the day and 2-8 during the afternoons (after school times). I am also first aid qualified, OFSTED registered & awa...
Nia, gardener - SW1X London

I am able to carry out many tasks as I come from a home where I do every job such as cleaning, cooking, laundry, ironing and many more. I have been independent and self providing from a very early age, I of course am not a professional however my standards are very good and I am always willing to learn and able to learn as I can take on board feedback very well. I am very open minded, understanding and independent and have a great skill of being able to take tasks on as they come.
Cheryl, house keeper in London SW1X

Hello my name is Cheryl I am 44 years old I have experience of being a parent to two children so I have a lot of experience with cooking, cleaning, gardening, washing and doing many different household chores I am also a very reliable, responsible organised and caring person and good timekeeper. I have experience with being a house sitter for my dad for many years now so when he goes on holiday I am always doing his ironing, cooking , washing, cleaning and many more house chores.
Shakira, house keeper in London

Hello, my name is Shakira .
Bianca, house keeper in London W1H

My name is Bianca, I'm 25 years old. I work as cleaner My mother language is Portuguese but I'm studying English and although English is still not great, I can communicate in English or Portuguese. Im available.
Cassidy, cleaner in London

I love cooking and cleaning. I am a health and fitness professional and can help cook a variet of healthy meals and snacks.
Angelique, house keeper in London

Hello im hard working full of energy person. I work from home as a hairstylist so i can do things around my own clock . I am a hands on girl. I always helped family friends with decorating and gardening. Im happy to learn new things to do and i am quite good with fixing and organising things. I used to work as a PA for medical company. Any questions feel free to contact me! Best Angelique
Anna, cleaner in London

Tengo 16 años desde pequeña siempre cuido mi hogar

I am a English lady very pleasant happy hard working friendly Yorkshire born and have 5 children and have 4 grandchildren. I work with high end families now please consider me I am willing to learn new skills travel be happy with dogs and pets etc .I am more than a few lines on a peace of paper .clean drivers licence .no criminal records and have the yearn for a new challenge and you won't regret considering my application for the role kind regards anne
Aneta, cleaner in London

I can do some house work. cocking, cleaning, ironing, shopping
Rim, ironing in London

Very eager to help. I am flexible and not a fussy person.
Eve, house keeper in London

Hi, my name is Eve, i'm extremely organised and friendly and am looking for some part time work in the summer to make some extra cash whilst i'm home from university. I enjoy cleaning and helping out so would love any jobs that involve tasks like cleaning, house sitting, gardening. For the past 2 years i've been cleaning the family home and my fathers office I look forward to hearing from you if you have anything available Thanks Eve
Lara, cleaner - WC2R London

My last job was of a Housekeeper/Nanny for a private household, the chores I hat to do were keep the house tidy and clean, ironing, dusting, clean the bathrooms, change bed linen and make sure the house was always shining!
Luminita, ironing in London

Hi, I'm Lumi, Romanian living in London. Trustful, energic person.I have experience and recommendations. Thank you.
Maria, ironing in London SW1X

I really need a job, my mom is portuguese speaker but if you show my mom what she needs to do she will do you would not regret

Hi ! My name is Manuela ! I'm 24 ! I have previous experience as a housekeeper and as a nanny .
Mihret, house keeper in London SW1V

My name is Mihret , I am a student in year 11. I offers many services, such as cleaning, help with the shopping, any household task and moving home help. I am energetic and I don't get tired easily so I am able to complete many tasks. I am also punctual and have a perfect attendance. I have helped friends with moving houses and I have experiencing in cleaning my own house.