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Keira, moving help in Norwich

Hi, my name is Keira, I am 16 years old I have had a lot of experience with looking after my home, and other family and friends homes as well. I have always recieved positive feedback. I would love to offer help to others as well! Please get back to me as soon as possible! Thankyou
Laura, ironing in Norwich NR2

I am offering my services for all household tasks on a full time or part time basis. I have extensive housekeeping/cleaning experience having worked in a professional capacity in similar roles for a combination of 7 years. My most prestigious role was acting head of housekeeping at a Marco Pierre White restaurant/bed and breakfast. All of the work I carry out is to the highest standard. My cleaning skills are second to none, no stone is left unturned. I am happy to help with any and ...
Amy, cleaner in Norwich

I'm a 21 year old girl, who's looking for a job. I run my own house so know how to keep a house tidy and clean. I'm originally from Liverpool. It moved to Norwich in May.
Vicky, house keeper in Norwich NR2

As a very experienced nanny housekeeper I am happy to take on many different tasks with confidence and care. I look upon myself as a very active mature nanny, my two sons have grown up and left home, yet family is still the most important thing to me. I have looked after newborns through to teenagers, have always been happy to take on any tasks and believe whatever you do in life you should do it to your best ability. Being child free and independent means I am able to work flexible hours, ea...
Toni, ironing in Norwich NR3

Hi, My names Toni, I'm 17 years of age. I can cook, clean, iron, budget, shop and complete all of the basic day to day activities, at a well maintained, officiate level. I am an independent, matured young adult. I have lived away from my family home for a year now, so have good knowledge on independence. I am a trustworthy, fun, bubbly individual. Ide be happy to house sit for anyone within a 4 mile radius of my accommodation. I don't drive or have a car so would have to result to publi...
Jasmine, cleaner - NR3 Norwich

My name is jasmine, I am 16, and looking for part/full time work. I am still a student, so I can be flexible with hours. I offer cleaning, cooking, babysitting, house sitting, garden work...etc. I am punctual and my communication skills I believe are good. I am confident around new people, so I dont think it will be hard getting used to the environment I would be working in. I am reliable, and I like helping people. Thank you.
Francesca, house keeper in Norwich

I am a friendly and hard working individual looking for additional jobs to do in my free time. I have experience of cleaning and gardening as this has always been my responsibility in house shares as well as do cleaning for a few local families in the past. I like cooking, so would be happy to do that for people if required.
Kyla, cleaner in Norwich

I have always been dedicated to helping others with any activities they are unable to complete. I am happy to assist a family with their move, as I understand how difficult moving is as I have moved countries 7 times. I am also happy to help in the garden as I have assisted my family in renovations since I was 10. Cooking is one of my main passions and cleaning is essential for a happy home.
Paige, cleaner in Norwich NR2

I've always been a very cleanliness person. I like everything to be up to good hygiene and tidy. I am willing to do a lot of tasks what have been given from cleaning to gardening. I'm a very determine hard working person. I will always be reliable. I'm a happy delightful person to be around so there won't be any awkwardness in the atmosphere.
Veronika, house keeper - NR3 Norwich

i used to work for Haryservis cleaning services in Czech republic
Sara, cleaner - NR2 Norwich

My name is sara, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Lisbon Portugal. I've recently moved to Liverpool to study Applied Theatre and Community Drama at the Liverpool Institute For Performing.

Hello. My name is jyoti. i would like to take the time to tell you a bit about myself. i am 22 year old. i am fit and in good health. i am honest, punctual, reliable person. i am a family person so i know how important it is to keep a home clean and tidy. i feel i have a lot to offer in this kind of a job and i like to do a job properly and get job satisfaction. thank you for taking the time to read this and i look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Hello, i'm Alessia and i live to Norwich i need of the job now please, had experience for 4 years, Thank you very much i wait one your reply, nice to meet you! by!