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Salwa, house keeper in Nottingham NG1

Let me introduce myself: my name is Salwa I am 21 years old I'm a French student staying for a year in Nottingham to be a language assistant for the Redhill academy. I work 12 hours per week and I am looking for some extras so I thought that I could fill my timetable with some house help. I live alone so I am used to doing all the services I offer such as cleaning, cooking, laundry, shopping etc. If you have any questions don't hesitate to message me. Regards, Salwa
Desi, house keeper - NG7 Nottingham

Hello, I am a Bulgarian girl, 27 years old, recently moved to Nottingham and looking for a regular job in the city. I am a responsible person, always willing to learn in areas where I may be lacking. I have had experiences in house sitting when I was younger and my parents would go away for a weekend. I also have household task experiences from helping around the house, as well as cleaning my own home. I have had a year of professional experience cleaning the store before opening ...
Leandra, house keeper in Nottingham NG7

Cooking and cleaning was what I grown up with. Moving to a new country with my and brother was not an easy task so my mum would depend on me when she would work 3/4 jobs a day. I would stay home and do that I needed done so that would come home stress free and relaxed. At the age of 16 I am very grateful its helped me to grown up to become a mature responsible young adult and I know I will take this with me for when I live on my own.
Sarah, house keeper in Nottingham

I'm a 19 year-old french girl who came to England so as to study violin making. I live in Nottingham for the moment. I love to work with my hands and I'm a very tidy person. I'd like to be able to afford a part of my student life and to relieve a bit more my parents. That's why I'm looking for a job in which I would have to help with housechores. I would be happy to tidy, clean the house, wash what has to be washed, do the laundry etc... I might be able to cook if required.
Natalia, house keeper - NG7 Nottingham

I'm polite, responsibility and hard working person. I am a little perfectionist and I like how something is done right, for example cleaning. I help and also helping all the time my mother, grandfather's extended family or even a neighbor in making purchases cleaning and even cooking sometimes even orders in the garden, for example mowing the grass and the like. Also helped with removals, for example, I was packing or wore a boxes. Also I can offer what is located above: cleaning around ...
Meagan, house keeper in Nottingham

I am a self-motivated, energetic and hardworking Cleaner with extensive experience when it comes to cleaning . I work effectively by myself( Its the way I like it)
Paige, house keeper in Nottingham

I am currently a student studying my A levels. I have been looking for part time jobs however due to not having much experience, no one will hire me. I have always helped my family with cleaning their house when needed, I clean from top to bottom. I also help with looking after their houses if they go away and shopping. I am motivated and looking to gain some work experience and money in my spare time.
Yohan, cleaning man in Nottingham

Hi, My name is Yohan, I am 19 years old and I'm French. Do you need help for your house? If yes please contact me, I will be glade to answer you. I'm serious in my job and responsible as well. I can cook, clean, look after your house if your not here for a long term. I live in the city center but I have a car so i can move around 10 miles from my place. If you have any question, don't worries, be happy! I'm here. xx
Ivanka, ironing in Nottingham NG7

My name is Ivanka and I am currently a Psychology undergraduate student at the University of Nottingham who has had a substantial amount of experience in the household maintenance area. I am completely able to cope with a variety of tasks ranging from in-door household duties such as ironing, cooking, cleaning to out-door activities including help with moving, shopping, gardening etc. My qualities include avid knowledge of housekeeping procedures, being well versed with the standards of ...
Sana, ironing - NG7 Nottingham

I enjoy helping people especially when it makes their life's a lot easier and allows them to live.
Mariama, cleaner in Nottingham NG7

I'm a hard working girl with experience at home. Living in a busy house has helped me develop in a good way so now I work fast and efficiently around the house.
Mônica, ironing - NG1 Nottingham

I already live alone for 5 years, I am organized, and I love to clean
Mihaela, cleaner - NG3 Nottingham

hi. My name is Mihaela .I have 22 years an i am from romania.
Janet, cleaner in Nottingham NG7

I always like to keep busy but at the same time help others who may need help but scared to ask for it. I am not a professional but do some minor DIY around my home if it can save me money. I am organised and tidy. I am honest and trustworthy. I can help do your shopping for you if you cannot leave your home for some reason. If you are moving home and need help with packing boxes etc, I can help you do that. I am used to it. If you need help in your garden like mowing the lawn or genera...
Fanny, house keeper in Nottingham

In my current job I am like an house keeper so I can help for every task you ask me. I love cooking, I am a very good cooker. And I love helping people.

Iam a good person friendly looking for optunities to work and help who need my hand I can do all things my qualities are to be friendly I give all of me and experience I do those works before.