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Jade, cleaner in Liverpool L13

I am 21 years of age I live at home with my mum dad and sister and 4 Year old daughter. I enjoy cleaning around the house helping my mum such as washing the clothes, putting them away, ironing, washing the dishes, hovering & moping. I used to work in a children's nursery for 2 years and we would have to clean our own rooms so I know how to make sure things get kept clean for children.
Matilda, cleaner in Liverpool L6

I'm an Italian girl of 20 years old. I'm in Liverpool to study Art History at Liverpool John Moores University. I'm passionate, carying, funny, creative, responsible and indipendent.
Valentina, house keeper in Liverpool L13

Hello, my name is Valentina and I am in Liverpool studying the language. I am 22 years old and I am from Colombia. I am good with housework, I have no previous professional experience but I always try to give my best. I am an organized, respectful and friendly person.
Jordan, ironing in Liverpool L8

My name is Jordan And I am 17 years old and a female. I offer all services except for anything that consists of heavy lifting or cooking as I am not very good at cooking. The qualities that I mainly have are caring skills and friendly personality. The experience that I have is I have helped a few family friends move house, I have worked with my mums friend on a house move and also I used to cut my next door neighbors grass and looked after his house while he was in hospital.
Mariarosaria, cleaner in Liverpool L15

My name is Mariarosaria, I have 25 years and I m Italian girl. I know made many thing at home, because my sister and my mum teached me many things from I was teeneager. I can help at home with cooking, housecleaning, take out the dog, cut the grass, helping with the shopping ecc.. I am young so if I don't know something, I can learn very quickly, and I m full of energy. I like help the people when they are so busy, I feel happy because if I help they, they can have more time for their family,...
Katie, cleaner in Liverpool L5

I am 19 years old currently living in Colwyn Bay. I moved here in October 2013 and have helped out around the house (at home and for others). When we decided to move my younger sister had never been through this process before so I did a lot in the way of helping her to pack her things and decide what she wanted to label them ("Bedroom" or more specific like "Brown Drawers"). I also prepare close to all of the meals in the house and am able to cook separate meals at the same time. I en...
Patience, cleaner in Liverpool L13

Hi my name is Patience and am age 22. Am living in L13. I love cooking especially Italian dishes. I was born in Ghana and raised up in Italy
Ashleigh, cleaner in Liverpool

Hi, I would like to offer my services with chores around the house. i would be willing to help out in any way i can. Im a hard worker and can accept any challenge when it comes down to household. I have a lot of experience in cleaning and can work well with fixing minor things such as computers/IT/Tech
Monica, cleaner in Liverpool

I am a dynamic girl , I can do everything in the house to cook very well to wash iron . I take care of everything and even as a child I always arranged to make everything in-house .
Louis, cleaning man - L15 Liverpool

ello ! My name is Louis, I am French and I just moved to Liverpool. I'm really enjoy to help everyone who's need some help ! I'm an animator for the childcamp holidays and I've got the habits to do every dayli task.
Barbara, cleaner in Liverpool

Hello My name is Barbara and I'm 20 years old I'm from Hungary! I live with my dad so I do the household (cleaning, shopping). I like helping people that's why I would like to work in this kind of work area where I can make someone's life easier and happier and by making them happy they make me happy as well :) My mum also a cleaner and a social worker I think I've got this from her. I also like walking outside, I love parks, music and talking to people! I hope I can make your life ...
Dave, cleaning man in Liverpool

I am a full-time LJMU MBA student seeking a part-time, which will not interfere with my studies. I am an experienced credit analyst and team leader with more than 8 years of UAE bank experience (10 years including Philippines bank experience) applying for a supervisory or managerial post in your company.  My last employment was providing analysis to retail credit applications at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.    I hope that with the above, you can see my determination, abilities and poten...
Abigail, cleaner in Liverpool

I am Abigail and I offer a range of services in the house and I am willing to do pretty much whatever is needed. I have experiences at home.
Katie, house keeper in Liverpool L33

As I live on my own I believe I have a lot of experience in the majority of tasks required to look after and move home also. I can do anything from cleaning to house sitting. I'm helpful and very energetic which I believe could be very helpful to people. although I have no professional experience I have personal experiance which I believe is a lot better and nessacery.
Joanna, cleaner - L8 Liverpool

In my opinion my personal traits as responsibility, neatness, solicitude and efficiency make me a perfect person to take care of your house and your family. Because of the fact, that I have time everyday I can adapt to flexible hours and different conditions.

I offer any type of services, I may not have a lot of experience but i'm willing to learn.
Megan, cleaner - L15 Liverpool

I am a 2nd year Law student who is keen to find employment in an environment where my varied skills could be best utilised. I have a flexible and adaptable approach and would consider a variety of positions within the home. I am a strong team player, people person and work well with others, however I am able to work alone and unsupervised when required. I am an honest, reliable and trustworthy person. I am bubbly and chatty and would do anything asked of me.
Cristina, cleaner in Liverpool L8

Hola!! Soy Cristina Millán, soy española y graduada en Administración y dirección de empresas. Estoy en Inglaterra porque quiero aprender inglés y necesito trabajar para mantenerme. Tengo experiencia a parte de mi propia casa y la de mis abuelos, ya que he trabajado en un hotel de limpiadora durante varios meses.
Salamatu, home help in Liverpool L3

I will be happy if I get this job.because I like helping
Barna, cleaner in Liverpool L4

I like cooking, cleaning, shopping.
Helen, ironing in Liverpool L4

I am in Liverpool now for a couple of months with quite a bit of time to hand while I also look after a family member. Keen to get involved in any type of housework, cooking, and house sitting etc. have a car so can travel round the Liverpool areas. Please get in touch, Thanks, Helen
Alex, cleaning man in Liverpool L1

love this job love helping people.

I am Christina and I am looking for a part time job. I can clean the house and tidy up, if it needed I may cook. I like to look the home to be in order and clean, I can stand for long the mess within a house. I always back home kept tidy my bedroom and participate in house chores that occur once week.

Tengo 48años actualmente vivo en liverpool pero quiero ir a España toda mi familia vive en Sevilla pero no tengo padres así que me gustaría trabajar con alojamiento en Hostelería o de asistenta doméstica mi principal cualidad el orden y la limpieza y llevo más 35 años trabajando estoy más que acostumbrada a trabajar duro no me importa el lugar pero necesito estar en mi país ya llevo mucho aquí y me vine por amor ya no lo tengo a si que necesito regresar a no Tierra gravitas Saludos

I'm italian married to a chef. I can cook very well and also do housekeeping

Hi, I am a 22 year old French girl. I am dynamic, reliable, and clean. I would be very happy to help you with household tasks. I am available in June so do not hesitate anymore and contact me.

I have strong background experience of cleaning and domestic household chores. I'm avid gardener and am happy to help with odd tasks around the house. I am available late evenings as well as early mornings.