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Private language courses in Newcastle upon Tyne: French, German, Spanish and more.

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Francesca, private tutor languages - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

My name is Francesca and I offer tutoring lessons to foreign speakers of English or Spanish. In August I returned from Chile where I have a years experience working as an English teacher in a primary school and tutoring university students and professionals in my spare time. I am fluent in Spanish and have been tutoring lessons in it since I got back, although I also tutored high school students before I left to go to South America. In total, including various tutoring programmes I was in...
Jessica, teacher  English in Newcastle upon tyne

I did both English Language and Literature at A level and did very well. I scored full marks in all course work and am able to help children of any level up to this point.
Anke, private lessons languages in Newcastle upon tyne

I am a German native lady with a BA Hons in translation studies (English, German, Spanish). I lived and worked in Spain for 10 years. I have tutored languages for more than 20 years. I have worked in primary and secondary schools. From Sept 2016 I will be working as language tutor in a private school in Newcastle up to GCSE and A Level
Marta, private tutor languages - NE1 Newcastle upon tyne

I do like communicate and I recently recognised the great value of well spoken languages! Knowing languages leads you to other cultures, teaching your own language make you proud of your origins. I'm interested in tandem-conversation as well (that is to say that we exchange mutually our knowledge of a certain language: in that case I don't expect to be paid neither to pay!) :)
Marion, lessons languages in Newcastle upon tyne NE1

I moved to Newcastle on January 2, 2017 to improve my English. I am French, and I am looking for a new professional experience allowing me to be impregnated with English culture. I want to help people who want to improve their French. I am always positive and in a good mood! I am available every day of the week. French is my mother tongue and I try every day to improve my English. I learn fast. In addition, I can provide you with support not only to learn French but also to advise you on ...
Eva, private lessons languages in Newcastle upon tyne

Hello, I am a French student at Northumbria University for one year. I study modern languages and communication. So i can speak French, English, Spanish and Italian. I love travelling and discovering new countries and culture, so that is the reason why I chose to learn languages. I want to work in tourisme later. I'd like to share this with people, so teaching them is a good mean. I am patient. And It can help me to improve my English in ordre to be fluent, it's my aim.

I have got my A- Level in Germany and lived in the country for more than 20 years. I learned the language from scratch and therefore I am able to explain the language for someone who knows what difficulties a non-native speaker might encounter.