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Carmen, dog walking - 28001 Madrid

I'm Carmen.I moved to Bristol five months ago. My goal here is to learn the language and work on something related to childhood or culture. I have a degree in drama. I have an extensive experience working with children in different fields, among other works. I have two dogs, but are now at home with my parents, because I have recently moved to Uk . I will miss you very much . I would love to care for other animals to give them the love that now I can not give my pets. For me animals give...
Elena, dog walking - BS2 Bristol

My name is Elena and I love animals. I have a dog but he is in Slovakia. I would like to help busy people with their pets. I also had a cat and bunny, I like too birds and I am not afraid of snakes so if you need help I will be pleased if you call me. Thank you very much.
Rowan, dog walking in Bristol

Hello, I am Rowan. I am 16 yrs old. I adore animals! ive had many pets since I was young ranging from snakes(python)dogs(Huskies mastiff crosses and Japanese types) cats(black) guinea pigs(long haired short haired) hamsters(Syrian dwarfs ect) birds(basic household birds) and fish(cold water)! I just love to walk take care of and love animals and I would be so so happy if you entrusted me with taking care of yours because I am just so enthusiastic about animals and im hoping to go into a caree...
Sara, catsitting in Bristol

I have experience caring for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and horses. I have house and pet sat for the past 2 years for Trusted housesitters. I have helped with vet visits, giving injections, special diets, feeding and at several births. I can cope with emergencies and difficult situations
Tabitha, dog walking in Bristol BS2

Hello! I grew up with three dogs, living on a farm for the majority of this, mucking out horses - is actually enjoyable! Unfortunately now I am in a dogless position, and this as a dog owner would know, is not the position I wish to be in! In my personal life I work as a musician, writer and am looking for work in childcare, but alongside this, dog walking. (Perhaps both should a family need child and dog care) I owned a golden retriever and two german pointers and therefore am used to...
Morgane, dog walking in Bristol

Ancienne bénévole dans un refuge pour animaux où j'ai travaillé pendant plus de trois ans. Mon expérience semi professionnelle- personnelle me permet de vous assurer que votre animal sera entre de bonnes mains et que je saurai m'en occuper. Lui apporter toute l'attention qu'il mérite et dont il a besoin sera ma priorité. Je sais également gérer les situations inattendues et parfois difficiles. Pour mieux me connaitre, je peux vous dire que J'ai moi même des chats à la maison et que j'ai gar...
Verity, dog walking - BS6 Bristol

Hello, My name is Verity, I am 23 years old. I recently graduated from the University of Hull, studying Psychology. I am moving down to Bristol to pursue further education with the intention of applying for a PHD in a couple of years. Therefore, I am seeking employment alongside my studies. I do not have any professional experience pet sitting, however I have had many pets in the past. I have had, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamster, fish, birds and cats. I enjoy the company of animals, so...

Etudiante en fac de sociologie j'ai une grande expérience des animaux, j'ai grandi à la campagne entourée d'animaux (ânes, chevaux, chats, chiens). J'ai un bon niveau d'équitation et possède moi même un cheval, je possède aussi 2 chiens (dont un très gros) et 3 chats. Je peux donc garder vos animaux en toute confiance.
Beth, dog walking - BS2 Bristol

I've grown up with a wide range of pets from dogs and cats to rescue hedgehogs. I'd love to care for you animals at your home.
Polyxeni, animal boarding - BS6 Bristol

My name is Ilias.... I am 55 years old and I am relocating from Greece to England and have decided to settle with my family in Weston-Super-Mare in a house or appartement with a garden. I have always had pets in my life both cats and dogs and love animals. I normally feed all the the stray animals I come across. While living in Greece, I founded the ANIMAL WELFARE ASSOCIATION of Kasos and arrange for vet visits.... I have often assisted the British Vet that use to volunteer and I am sure he...
Tammy, dog walking in Bristol BS6

I'm an 18 year old girl who is currently training to be a hair dresser. I am free most evening and weekends and my whole free days vary. I have pets of my own so I am more than capable of knowing the needs of other animals.
Clemence, dog walking in Bristol

Hi ! I’m an Erasmus student from France, fulfilling my dream of living in England through my studies ; I need a job to both help cover the fees for my year-abroad and experience life fully in England by working. I am a hard worker, I love animals and have a few of my own back at my house in France. I've grown up with animals my whole life, mostly cats, but I've also had dogs and rodents. Waiting to hear from you ! Respectfully, Clemence
Hannah, dog walking - BS6 Bristol

I love walking the dog but i live away from my parents! So any opportunity to either walk a dog or look after animals would be great!
Jayne, dog walking - BS2 Bristol

Massive animal lover , of course. Traveller from Australia! moved to the UK 6 months ago and in that time I have looked after my bosses pets as well as friends and had a great experience every time! i love exercise so any dogs or animals that require that are going to get a long with me very well! I used to work on farms and ive always had pets myself so ive got all the knowledge needed! Let me know if i can be of help to you! if you have any questions or if i can assist,...
Tania, dog walking in Bristol

I love all animals! especially cats. I have always had many animals, cats, dogs, aquariums, reptiles, birds, rodents...
Cordelia, dog walking in Bristol

Hi my name is Cordelia and I am a second year student at UWE studying filmmaking. My hours are very flexible. I have had quite a few pets through out my childhood so I know how to take care of them. I have a cat at the moment who is 8 years old. I look forward to hearing from you.
Harriet, dog walking in Bristol

Hello! My name's Harriet, I'm 23 years old and we have had pets for 23 of those years. I once cared for 14 hamsters (the pet store made a mistake with the sex) but I loved looking after all of them! In particular, I love cats, but I also really enjoy looking after dogs and taking them for walks :) I have a huge love for animals in general and really enjoy spending time in the presence of animals! I am very flexible with timings at the moment and am available Monday-Friday at anyti...
Soyita, dog walking in Bristol BS2

Would love to start of looking after animals would love new opportunity I'm strong minded and just begging of but would love to find work asap
Karolina, animal boarding in Bristol BS2

Hello Im Karolina. Im looking for a job. Look at my profile to see my exppirience. Job as petsitter is a great fit for me. It offers a satisfying mix of short- and long-term activities. I love carry on pets and it will be pleasure to help you with it!

My name is bethany i have only just started college, animal care level 1diploma. I feel that i am a very out going and trust worthy person, i have a strong passion towards animals, especially dogs. I have a dog myself which ive had for just over 3years. I walk her, feed and water her, bath her and care for her. Ive also had other pets such as a cat and a budgie. I have a lot of space in my gardens back and front for dogs to run around in.
Yasmin, dogsitter in Bristol BS6

Hello my name is yasmin I’m 19years old I live in my own place I love pets I’m going to be getting my own pets soon once my flat is up together
Romane, dog walking - BS2 Bristol

Hello, i'm a french student girl and i'm staying in bristol for few months I would like to find a job with animals because i love them and i have some experience

Love animals, particularly dogs! I am a University Exchange Student at University of Bristol. Would love to do some dog walking as I miss my pets at home. Thank you
Amy, dog walking in Bristol BS2

I have had some experience looking after neighbours and friends animals. I also have a cat and have previously owned mice and hamsters which I have been responsible for.

Hello , My name is Gabriela Cruz , and I live in Bristol. Im a full time student at UWE and looking for a part full time job. I have a special passion for animals , and one of my dreams was always to be a veterinarian to take care of them. I love to play with them , look after and take them for a walk . I have had in the past several dogs , cats and even also parrots. If you have any question about my experience or me do not hesitate in contact me . Kind regards

I love animals! I studied animal behaviour and welfare at university.

I am currently raising money for a school trip to Kenya to help build an orphanage. This trip will be life changing so I am looking for all the work I can get. I charge very little but I love animals. I have cats and gerbils of my own and have previously owned Guinea pigs and hamsters. I am also very experienced in dogs and other rodents. I am reliable and trustworthy. Please don't hesitate to get in contact, you would be doing me a massive favour. Thankyou.

Looking after animals is something that I enjoy very much. I've had many animals of my own which have always been well cared for and looked after a few of my friends animals when needed too.