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Hannah, dog walking in Taunton

I am Hannah and am 30 years old. I have always had pets growing up and currently have a dog, two guinea pigs, tropical and cold water fish, and a horse. I am confident in all aspects of management and husbandry for many animals including those which maybe concidered more exotic. I am a fully insured dog and pet/house sitter.
Javier, dog walking - TA1 Taunton

My name is Javier and I am Spanish. I love the animals (dogs, cats, fishs, horses, birds...) I like take care of the animals and I like play with them. Now, I live in Taunton and here I haven´t animals because my house is very small, but in my Spanish house I have a lot of animals, two dogs (Nely and Nela), muchs birds, chickens....
Jessica, dog walking - TA1 Taunton

Hi my name is carina i have 20 years old. And i love pets.
Ellie, dog walking - TA1 Taunton

I have grown up with dogs all my life, and naturally enjoy their company. I am a 14 year old student living locally in Taunton. I have a cat at the moment as due to circumstance, we can't have a dog. I am available any evening of the week to walk your dog. I will take out maximum of 3 dogs at a time. I get on with dogs and I know what to do/not to do in situations. I can give references of past employers/customers of mine.
Jamie, dog walking in Taunton

Hello my name is Jamie I am female, 14, living in Central Taunton. I have 3 cats 2 of whom I have owned since 3 days old (long story) I care for them myself alongside my family. I can feed, Medicate, groom or just have a pet. I have before owned dogs and can feed, groom, walk, clean up and love. I also have wide experience with horses, both riding, mucking out and general care (grooming etc). I have reasonably flexible hours but I cannot commit during school times.
Megan, animal boarding - TA1 Taunton

am a very hard working individual, my life is very busy. I do a lot to build knowledge and get to where I want to be life. I always think ahead in any situation to keep organised and to ensure every job gets done. I have a variety of skills, I am a good timekeeper, I can keep very calm in a difficult situation. I have worked in retail for 2 years and have dealt with a lot of stress and pressure, however I get through the situation and keep customers and managers as happy as I can. I am very d...
Georgie, dog walking - TA1 Taunton

My names georgie I'm 14 years old and I honestly love animals, I used to own a dog, cat and fish but then I moved house, I would love looking after/walking any of your pets, you have my word that your pet, whatever it may be, will be completely okay and safe in my care if you'd like it, I know I may seem a bit young but it's better to start young I think, hopefully you'll take my word and have trust in me.
Rebecca, dog walking - TA1 Taunton

Attention! Animal lovers I am Rebecca and I am offering affordable animal care for your precious and adorable animals. I have always grew up with animals and so I have a little experience with animals and know basic knowledge on how to keep animals healthy and safe.
Sadie, dog walking - TA1 Taunton

I'm Sadie , I'm 14 and looking for a summer job looking after animals whilst people are on holiday or just need some help. I charge £5 a day.I have 2 cats , Tiddels and Silver , which I have owned for most of my life so I know quite a lot about cats.I also have a rabbit called Rabbie who I have also had for quite along time so I also know a lot about rabbits. I have had other pets such as hamsters , dogs and African land snails.I feel comfortable around animals and caring for them.
Emma B, animal boarding - TA1 Taunton

Hi there... my name is Emma and I'm 20 years old responsible caring and loving I also I have looked after my family pets when they're on holiday and I've had to find Pets.. also I'm walking to dogs went there owns are at work...
Embeth, dog walking - TA1 Taunton

I'm going into year 10 in September which makes me 14, I have two cats and I have had a fish before so I've had a good opportunity to work with animals. I don't mind working with any animals, rodents, snakes etc don't bother me so I can help in any way shape or form:)
Kimberlay, dog walking - TA1 Taunton

Hola me llamo kimberlay tengo 26años soy venezolana me encantan los animales siempre he tenido mascotas los amo y me encantaría poder ayudarlos

Hi, my name is Sarah and I've recently moved here to Taunton with my partner and our 1 year old Collie cross Springer dog, Buddy. :-) I've always loved animals and I would love to peruse a career helping animals all over the world. I have a level 2 subsidiary diploma in animal management which I completed at Cornwall college Newquay and it covered behaviour, biology, accommodation, health, first aid etc. I also worked in Newquay zoo for a year volunteering, I helped out the keepers and cleane...
Hannah, dog walking in Taunton

I love te chance to work with animals as I have had pets in the past and I currently have two dogs. I want the chance to give other families pets the excersize and company they need when it's not always provided for them.

I adore animals and throughly enjoy looking after them, i currently have two cats and a dog but have had numerous animals through my life including rodents, dogs, cats, fish etc. I've also done work experience placements at places such as Cannington college Bridgwater where I cared for an array of animals including horses, ferrets and many more.

I loves animals so much, and I had a lot of animal: hamsters, fishes, cats, dogs, and I have experience with horses too as a rider, and learned about them - I raised up a lot of kitten, and walked dogs, and I knows how to act with animals, and shows interest in every kind of them