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Ewa, dog walking in Falmer BN1

Hello! I am currently a student (English and Film) and I love animals! I have a British Shorthair cat and I used to have a dog called Cookie, too. When I was younger, I had a guinea pig as well. I have also taken care of rabbits and hams...
Réka, dogsitter in Wivelsfield green

Hi there, My partner and me lived in Sussex for over six years now. We live in a semi with secured back garden. We really enjoy walks at the South Downs. We work in full time so it wouldn't be fair to keep a dog, but we regularly borrow...
Jasmine, host family for dog in Hampden park BN22

I am a 15 year old girl, who absolutly loves animals and looking after them. I have a cockapoo puppy called Sandy and an older cat named Twinkle.
Emily, dog walking in St leonards TN38

I love animals. Also my favorite animal are cats and then dogs. When I was younger I had a cat for 7 years and then he died with a tummy infection. I would love to have an other cat but my parents don't let me but I love cats. I always ...
Chelsea, dog walking in Seaford

Hi, I am current living in Seaford and love it here ! I reside here with my 4 ratties : ( all boys ) Bolt, Pinch, Benjamin and Snurr and 2 hammies : ( both females ) Houdini and Nugget ( yes it get's noisy at night with them haha ) I ha...
Charlotte, dog walking in Hastings TN34

i am a 15 year old student at St Richards Catholic College and ive owned three cats, two fish, a hamster and one new addition to our family, a puppy chihuahua, i understand that looking after animals and pets is not an easy job, I finall...
Paris, dog walking in Polegate BN26

I'm a 17 year old girl with lots of experience around dogs, cats, rodents and fish I have 2 dogs and 3 fish at home I walk the dogs 3 times a day and the walks last an hour or and hour and a half, I can provide the best quality of lookin...
Claire, cat-sitter - TN35 Ore

I'm Claire I'm 41 I have always had pets. Currently own a large dog, who is a complete mad thing but absolutely adorable. Cats are my favourite type of pet though, cats do seem to take a liking to me and often a cat will come and sit o...
Elena, dog walking in Madrid

I´m Elena and I´m studying on Sussex Down College I´m responsible , hard-worker and I learn quickly. I have three turtles, one hamster.
Gabriel Valerie Adele, dogsitter in Hastings TN34

I'm a student at the Sussex Coast College, where I am enrolled in a forensic science course. I also have a job at my old school. The St. Leonard's Academy, I am a tuition teacher and specifically aid in the progress of children (througho...
Jade, dog walking in Baldslow TN37

My name is Jade, I am 19 and I am a huge lover of dogs! I my self have 3 dogs, I have a Rottweiler & 2 harmless staff's. I walk them on a daily basis and our walks can last up to an hour or way more than needed as I just get carried away...
Stacey, dog walking in Hastings

I have a lot of dog walking experience as it's a great way to keep fit so I'd happily take people's dogs out for walks
Arzu, dog walking - BN23 Friday street

Hi, I have lived with 2 spaniard for 2 months and took them out for walks, took care of them in the house. I just love animals, we are very lucky to have them.
Emily, host family for dog in Hastings

My name is Emily, I am 21 years old. Have looked after some many pets have also had them in my home when people have gone away. Have look after a lot of dogs. Have taken them for walks to dog parks. Used to have dogs when growing up.
Debbie, dog walking in Hastings TN34

Hi there. I have a dog, and a tortoise so am used to both types of pets. My friend has rats and so I know a fair bit about their upkeep too. As I have a dog I wouldn't be able to have cats of dogs at my house, but willing to have any ...