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Elena, dog walking in Madrid

I´m Elena and I´m studying on Sussex Down College I´m responsible , hard-worker and I learn quickly. I have three turtles, one hamster.
Tess, host family for dog - BN21 Eastbourne

Hello, My name is Tess, I am currently studying at the University of Brighton. I very much enjoy working with animals, as I have had quite a few myself (3 dogs, a hamster and fish). Having spent 6 months volunteering in an animal rehabilitation camp, I feel capable of helping with almost any type of domestic animal, and have developped a love for working with them. Being a student, I am available every day except for Mondays between 11-7PM and Thursdays between 3-5PM. For an...
Josie, dog walking in Eastbourne BN21

I love animals! Dogs and cats are my favourites as I have 2 beautiful cats and a gorgeous dog back at home (whom I miss very much). I have always grown up with animals, and loved every single one. I've always wanted to work with animals, but I'm not smart enough to me a vet :( I am currently at Brighton university in Eastbourne, studying physical education teaching. I have missed being around my pets and thought working with animals would be a great way to relieve stress. My dog Bess, is a la...
Sharn, dog walking - BN21 Eastbourne

My name is Sharn , I live in Eastbourne and am still in school. I adore animals of all kinds, my favourite being cats. I used to have a cat, Tigger, who was my entire world while I was growing up, as well as two guinea pigs, Bubble and Squeak. I would change their sawdust ever weekend and ensure they had food and water every day. While I was living with another part of my family, they have a male staff, who I still look after when they go away, ensuring he is walked at least once a day,...
Ellen, dog walking - BN21 Eastbourne

Hello! I have recently moved to Eastbourne and I'm looking to make some extra money while also doing things I love! I have experience taking care of cats, dogs and guinea pigs and fish as I've had many pets. Right now I'm the mummy to two beautiful cats. I have most experience looking after cats and dogs but I'm comfortable to look after other pets too. I live in the town center so I'm available to mind pets around that area and go for seafront or park walks. Hope to hear from you! ...
Victoria, dog walking in Eastbourne

My name is Victoria and I am 20-year-old. I love pets since I was a little child and I have a German Shepperd since then. He's 12 year-old-already and now that he wants special needs, I'm looking foward to a job as soon as possible to have money to pay the treatment. I also have 6 cats. One cat is the mother and 5 kittens with 5 months old that I helped to give birth. I kept them all for myself because I was afraid to give them to somebody that may not have the love and the affection that me ...
Shamiso, dog walking in Eastbourne BN21

I am Shamiso , I am 17 and I have chickens which love to make a mess in your garden and would take any opportunity to go inside the house but they are totally loveable, I love animals and I do feel confident in looking after your pets. I do have family and friends who own small and big animals and I have been fine with them. I don't have any dogs or cats but I guarantee I will take good care of them because we all worry about our animals when leaving them alone or with a stranger but give ...
Catarina, dog walking in Eastbourne

I've had cats , dogs , birds, hamsters, fish and reptiles at some point in my life, I also had to take care of a lot of kittens and baby hamsters. I have experience from being an au pair in taking care of two dogs and a dragon and I'm currently taking care of a cat. I can't take any animal in my house but I'm more than happy to visit, or walk pets on my available time!
Alice, dog walking in Eastbourne BN21

my name is Alice I am currently in the last year of school I will be leaving at the end of June this year I have a dog called minster she is a golden Labrador around 11 now we have had her since she was 18 months old we got her from dogs trust we had another big dog before that. I am 15 years old turn 16 on the 8th august 2017 I am available most holidays and I have had a lot of experience with dogs cats fish and reptiles due to owning them and also pet sitting them
Jayde, dogsitter in Eastbourne BN21

Hi I'm jayde and I'm 19 years old. I have two cats, ones an adult and ones a kitten.
Alice, dog sitter in Eastbourne BN21

My name is Alice and I have a cat and dog and I love animals.
Anita, dogsitter - BN21 Eastbourne

I love animals, I had 3 cats, 2 dogs and 2 hamsters but unfortunately I only have one dog now. I love all animals in general but specially dogs and cats. I am punctual and responsible and I was raised surrounded by animals as my whole family always had dogs, ducks and even horses. I love to take care of animals and make them feel loved.
Bethany, dog walking in Eastbourne BN21

My name is Bethany. I absolutely adore animals! I have a dog myself since the age of 3 and she is my best friend. I have had many animals also such as rabbits, African snails, hamsters and fish. I adore animals just as much as humans if not more! I love caring and looking after all animals and treat them with gentle friendly care. I would love to help out any family's that need extra help with their animals.
Kabbana-tia, dog walking in Eastbourne

I am Kabbana-tia . I have many pets; 2 dogs - breed : Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Sharpei and Akita. My two dogs have just had 9 puppies together so right now I have 11 dogs in my house. I also have 4 cats and a fish.
Parmis, dog walking - BN21 Eastbourne

Hello my name is Parmis and I'm currently in full time education at Gildredge House. I have a dog of my own who i have trained and raised myself and also have experience with lots of other animals due to volunteer work at animal shelters such as Barby Keel.

Hello! I´m 25 years old and i´m Spanish. I´m looking for improve my english and a way of maintain me. I adore the animals because they can be company for you and make you happy. They´re loyal and real. Now i´m living with a black labrador very old but adorable. When i was child i had a rabbit, a hamster and a duck. Now i´m studying an english course at Sussex Downs College, so i can to combine it with work. Please, call me. I want to be useful!
Adelaide, dog walking in Eastbourne BN21

I'm a 19 year old female who has always grown up around animals. I currently live with a dog (Whippet cross Springer) and 2 cats. Whilst growing up my family have owned many animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, hamsters, a variety of birds, hedgehogs and chipmunks. However, the animals I am most comfortable around are dogs, cats and rabbits but will consider other animals too. I am completely comfortable around larger dogs as my family have previously owned a german shepherd cross...

Hello I'm Skye I Have Always Been A Big Pet Lover I've Always Grown Up With Animals , When I Was Younger We Had Over 12 Cats At One Point And Then We Had 4 Dogs At One Time , I Had A Dog Named Tyler He Is A Staff Cross Boxer , I Use To Walk Him , We Would Go On Long Rides To The Lake , Unfortunately I Had To Leave Him With My Nan Due To Moving As I Have 3 Cats , They Are All Girls , They Are Mitzey , Cookie And Jess , I Love Coming Home And Getting To See The Little Fluff Balls , I Love Anim...

Hi my name is Veronika i am from Slovakia. I had 3 dogs ( two small and one big) and one cat back in slovakia. I love animals and i have no problem to 100% care of them. I enjoy to going for a walk with them, play with them and spending my time around the animals.
Harriet, dog walking - BN21 Eastbourne

I have my own cats and dog. I used to own a hamsters and several fish.
Ellie, dog walking - BN21 Eastbourne

My name is Ellie and I'm 14 years old. I love animals and this is a great way for me to be near them and help people out at the same time.
Samantha, dog walking - BN21 Eastbourne

I have two beautiful Tibetan Terriers, aged 9 and 5 who are my best friends. They require grooming each day as well as long walks so I pride myself on being a great and loving animal carer.
Jenny, dog walking in Eastbourne BN21

I have always grown up with dogs and enjoy walking them, be it on or off of the lead. I have experience with larger dogs (Giant Schnauzers) and smaller dogs. I spent over 5 years volunteering for The Cinnamon Trust, a charity supporting the elderly and their pets, where I would walk a dog twice each weekend and offer day care if the owner had hospital visits.
Shannen, dog walking in Eastbourne BN21

My name is Shannen I have pets, I have 3 cats. They're aged 12-13. One ginger cat and 2 tabby I have also had a dog previously who was a greyhound. We are a very animal welcoming and animal friendly home, we adore our pets and always do our best for them.
Carly-jayne, dog walking in Eastbourne

i'm a 16 going onto 17 year old girl named carly. i have 3 pets one dog and 2 cats.

I am a volunteer with the Cinnamon Trust so I have many years of experience looking after pets. Mostly cats and dogs, although I love all animals.