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Angelica, dog walking - EH11 Edinburgh

Hi, I'm Angelica! I love animals, especially dogs. I grew up always having this kinda of friend by my side. For me it is a fundamental relationship to have in life. In Italy I have two beautiful lively dogs, but here it is not possible for me so taking care of someone else puppy will make happy.
Sarah, dog walking in Edinburgh EH11

I've grown up always having a dog and currently have a 2 year old chocolate lab named Lola. Since moving away from home for university I've missed being around dogs loads and would love to spend time walking yours!
Janice, host family for dog - EH11 Edinburgh

I am in my mid 50's with enough experience in looking after cats and dogs in particular. I have my daughters cats when she goes on her few holidays evetything year I also have friends dogs when they go on holiday.

Buongiorno sono Marianna e ho 17 anni, Ho 4 cani in casa: un setter inglese, un setter irlandese, un westy, e un irishwolfhond. Appartamento con cortile, giardino e orto.
Astrid, dog walking in Edinburgh EH11

Hello, my name is Astrid, I'm 25 years old and I recently relocate to Edimburgh from Italy. My passion and love for animals made me realize i would be a great pet-sitter! Back at home in Italy I have a wonderful Golden Retriever who is now 2 years old, his name is Enea and I love him very much. I also have 2 cats named Nina and Micia. Since I was a little girl we always had some pets around the house like fishes, rabbits, birds, hamsters dogs and cats so I could say my passion for animal...
Erin, dog walking in Edinburgh

I have lots of experience looking after animals and especially cats and dogs. I live with 3 cats, a dog and a puppy. I love animals and would happily work with them over people! ? I have a tortoise shell cat called Hex, a black cat called Missy and a kitten called Belle. I also have a springer spaniel cross boreder collie named Cassie and the newest addition is a staffy cross boxer puppy named Eve.
Patrycja, dog walking in Edinburgh

Hi, My name is Patricia and I would love to take care of your friend, if you are busy working, going for holidays or just need some help, here I am!

I am a 23 year old female. I absolutely adore dogs and I have had dogs all of my life and truly believe they are a member of the family. I have so much experience through my own dogs, family dogs and neighbours dogs. I love talking dogs on walks, playing games with them and giving them endless cuddles and tummy rubs. I am living away from home and miss my family dog terribly and would love to spend some time with some fur babies.
Sara, dog walking - EH4 Edinburgh

I'm a welsh student living in Edinburgh. I love walking dogs, I have an irish red setter at my family's home and love taking him to the beach. I would not be able to host a pet since I have flatmate. But would be able to walk pet to and from owners house.
Natalie, dog walking - EH11 Edinburgh

Hi, I'm Natalie. I have cared for dogs in the past, including my own Irish Terrier, Alfie. I would be interested in opportunities to support other dog-owners by taking on home visits and walking duties. I'm also a postgraduate student so I can fit comfortably around your animal and you.
Chloe, dog walking - EH4 Edinburgh

Hello, My name is Chloe and I am 15 years old. I just adore animals, they are the best. I am very good with them. I own 2 cats plus 2 kittens, 1 dog, 1 guinea pig, 1 snake and 1 bearded dragon.

Hello and thank you for your interest, I am Laurie, a young woman with years of dog sitter, You can trust me with your pets, I will take care of him/her/them as if they were mine. I have myself a puppy Labrador, and I have years of dog sitter with my family's pets. I absolutely love animals, they are the most amazing creature, And I will do all my best for their happiness. Of course, I can also help the mummy and daddy with chores, as I want you to have time for yourself and ...

I am a retired lady interested in dog walking, dog sitting, cat sitting or going to your home to look after your pet. I am a shepherds daughter and lived on farms where we always had four working collie dogs and two cats and a pony to look care for. I have worked as a nanny/housekeeper for the last twenty five years where the owners had a dog, firstly a Labrador and then a cocker spaniel I did pet sitting for the family too. I have my own car and Police Scotland Disclosure. I am available day...

Hi I am a animal lover having growing up with animals and having my own pets . At present I have a 8year old cocker spaniel and a 8month old cockapoo puppy .

Hi I'm Ebony I have lots of pets I look after them so much they take lots of time In my life would love to expand im great with big or small animals thanks