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Emily, dog walking in Fareham PO16

I am a 17 year old student looking for some work to fit around my studies. I am available most weekends and evenings. I am a huge lover of animals , having a puppy myself and being a vegatarian, and would love nothing more than to help out the animals that need someone.
Aimée, dog walking in Fareham

Hi! I'm so in love with animals. I had a golden retriever in the past and I currently have two cocker spaniels who are so full of life. Nothing is better than getting fresh air, feeling free with mans best friend by your side. I am so comfortable with animals, even from a young age I never had a fear of any animal. My favourite animals were sharks in fact. I have taken part in the RSPCA Big Walkies event and I will be doing the same this year. I work in a bridal shop from ten till five-t...
Heidi, dog walking in Fareham

I'm bubbly outgoing and am looking forward to caring for animals in the future for my career and feel this would bring me even more experience and communications I currently have 2 dogs and 4 cats with previous animals in the past such as other dogs fish cats and birds I'm very proud to say that I have grown up with care and enthusiasm towards various animals such as a current dog boarding in my home with my mother, however I am very interested in this line of work and would like to begin ...
Asena Melek, dogsitter - PO16 Fareham

Hello dear family reading this, my name is Mel (Melek) and I just turned 20. I'm a German girl living in the UK for about 6 months now. I live here together with my boyfriend. About my experiences: I lived with animals since I was born. My most experiences are with cats. I know how cats behave and had many in my family. I don't see an animal just as a thing or my pet, it is a family member and see them as a part of me. I always loved all my pets more than everything. I took care of cat...
Courtney-jade, dog walking - PO16 Fareham

Hello my name is Courtney, and I have a staffie dog and also a snake I take the dog (minx) for a walk every other day as got a big garden and love my snake to.
Bethany, dog walking in Fareham PO16

Hi, I’ve currently got a dog at home and have previously owned a hamster and fish. I love animals
Megan, dog walking - PO16 Fareham

Hello I'm Megan and I'm a part time pet walker. I adore animals and own two dogs and a cat myself, however, after moving to Hampshire, they have stayed with my parents. I hope to be extending my furry family soon but would love to share my love with your pets to help you in your busy life. I am physically fit and happy to do long walks and regular outings. I'm confident and trust worthy and have your pet as my priority.
Julieanne, dog walking in Fareham PO16

I have a lot of experience as I had dogs , fish , and 15 horses since the age of 4 and have looked after every animal I have owned

My name is Lauren and I feel I'm up to this job as I have 3 dogs myself 2 cats and horses which I love being around and caring for, I also love animals and would maybe want to work with them one day in the future and this job would help me if trying to work at places