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Katie, dog walking - G3 Glasgow

Hi, I'm Katie! :) I have been brought up around animals, which is where my love for them stems from. My parents used to train Guide Dog puppies for 5 years so I'm used to looking after dogs of all ages. I live really close to Kelvingrove Park, so very handy for a lovely doggy walk.
Alicia, host family for dog in Glasgow G40

Soy vegetariana desde hace 13 años. Nunca he tenido mascotas propias, pero en casa de mis padres siempre hemos tenido perros y alguna vez gatos. Mi padre tuvo durante 17 años una perra de agua portuguesa, se llamaba Fosca. A la que cuidé en sus últimos años de vida, ya que mi padre no podía hacerlo. También he cuidado de una gata rusa azul, Runa, durante las vacaciones de una amiga. Me encantan y respeto mucho a los animales, creo que es una responsabilidad muy grande hacerse cargo de una ma...
Eleanor, dog walking in Glasgow

I am an open and friendly pet owner who would like to be able to look after others pets as well. I am currently in Sixth form and so would be available after school and in the evenings. I own a dog who is 7 years old but I have also had cats, hamsters, guinea pigs and fish in the past and so would have no problem with handling such animals.
Joana, dog walking in Glasgow

A positive and motivated individual who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any tasks undertaken, with a background in History, performing arts, as well as experienced in different types of jobs. Open to new ideas and concepts and to develop innovative and creative solutions as required. Able to work flexibly, excellent multicultural communication and teamwork skills, strong ability to perform effectively under significant pressure and a 5 language speaker (Portuguese, Englis...
Tara, animal boarding in Glasgow G41

My name is Tara, I'm a recent graduate from the Art School here in Glasgow - a dog lover!
Doriana, dog walking in Glasgow

Dear Host Family, I'm a really loving, funny, mature, responsable, open-minded person. I'd like to helping taking care of your animals and your house if you need it, i'm very well organized and i practice sports. I love walking and take care of animals in general. I already took care of small and big size dogs, new born cats and guinea pigs. I'm a Student at the Strathclyde University so I'm looking for a job to finance my studies. I'm Italian but I speak fluent English. If you are intere...
Fiona, dog walking in Glasgow G31

In my mums house we own a cat called Mia who suffers from epilepsy. This means that the family all has to take a turn in ensuring that she gets her half an epifen tablet twice a day in her food in order to control the fits. We also take a turn in cleaning out her box and changing the litter. At my dads house he owns two dogs, a Springer Spaniel and a Dobermann. When I go to visit him I help to take the dogs out for walks and make sure they get plenty of water and get fed twice per...
Megan, dog walking in Glasgow

I am a 16 year old student who loves singing and cooking. I had a dog and a hamster whom sadly passed away. I love animals and have a passion for them. I am free around school times and am happy to travel.
Megan, dog walking in Glasgow

Hi my names megan . I have had for cats 3 since they were kittens and I rescued a cat for a bad home , I have a lot of experience with dogs because I always take my neighbors dogs walks and I don't expect any money off them, my home is a good place to live me and mum both love animals
Marie, dog walking - G4 Glasgow

My name is Marie, I am French and I am 20 years old. I came in Glasgow for my business Studies I really love animals and it would be pleasure for me to help you with it ! My cat is called Figaro and my fish Edgar, I really love animals and I miss my french pets so I have a lot of affection to give!
Winnie, dog walking in Glasgow

I'm a Graduate from the University of St.Andrews, and I absolutely love animals! I have two dogs myself, and used to have cats (who lived till they were 20 years old), as well as hamsters, and have also had rabbits. I get on really well with animals and just can't get enough of them. I'm also very patient, which I consider key, especially when meeting new pets for the first time. Therefore, I feel like I would make a great candidate as a pet carer or walker.
Karolina, host family for dog - G31 Glasgow

I'm hard working , open minded and energetic animals lover . I'm willing to work with all types of animals. As I was raised around animals I feel extremely comfortable while taking care of them . I have : -the ability to handle animals patiently, gently and confidently -the ability to cope with upsetting situations like working with injured or badly treated animals -a willingness to do dirty or unpleasant tasks -the ability to take responsibility for the duty of care of animals
Kirsty, dog sitter in Glasgow

I absolutely love animals and love taking care and showering them with attention. My cat Zeus is very relaxed but I am used to all types of temperaments :)
Charlotte, dog walking in Glasgow

I have 3 cats and 1 dog currently. I have had 2 previous cats and 1 previous dog who are all sadly not with us anymore. I also used to have 9 fish and a hamster. I have a very strong love for all animals and i’d love to use my passion and skills to help some busy people out. If you have any other questions feel free to ask!
Emma, dog walking in Glasgow

Hi, my names Emma! I have grown up with cats and dogs my whole life. I realise the importance of loving and caring for family pets and I understand what an enormous part they can play in a family. I am an active person and I love going for long walks and would enjoy having a doggy companion to join me every now and again. I am a reliable and punctual person and I hope this will put your mind at ease when leaving your pets in my care and reassure you that your pets will be kept in t...
Sophie, dog walking in Glasgow

I have owned a dog before, a puppy. I would take her out to a big park for a 3 hour long walk (she was that energetic) she played in the pond and we had doggy day outs with another puppy that we knew. I was also looked after cats and i had my own guinea pigs and hamsters.
Cosima, dog walking in Glasgow

Hi there! My name is Cosima, I’ve just recently moved to Glasgow from Poole, Dorset. I have grown up for many years surrounded by animals, my own and ones I have fostered and those I have looked after. I have experience with rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, hamsters and mice. I am willing to look after other animals too as the more experience, the better! I also have experience with looking after ill animals or animals with different kinds of needs so that is fine too! I have moved away alon...
Veronica, dog walking in Glasgow

My name is Veronica and I am a High School student. Although I came to Glasgow to improve my english level the communication will not be a problem. I am an animal lover who think that giving them love and taking care of them with responsibility is the better way to have them. All my life I had pets like dogs, cats, birds, rodents, fish and rabbits so I know how to take care each of them. I am an active, sociable and organized person. Although I do not have any professional experience I think ...
Victoria, dog walking - G12 Glasgow

I am 19 years old from Suffolk, England, and have moved to Glasgow to study English Literature and politics and the University of Glasgow. I was previously head girl at my sixth form therefore have lots of experience looking after students. On my gap year I volunteered at a mother toddler group where I helped look after babies and toddlers.
Gema, dog walking - G12 Glasgow

I am very responsible person who is looking for a job. I have had a cat for many years and many friends of mine have dogs and I like so much being with them.
Naomi, dogsitter - G12 Glasgow

My partner and I are both animal lovers. We have two dogs of our own and are very keen to try our hand with other animals.
Asma, dogsitter in Glasgow

Hi, my name is Asma, I am 18 years old and been living in the UK (Glasgow) for two years.I study at college as an English learner.I am really interested in helping you and your pets.I have had a dog and small pets when I was in my own country.I am a pet lover and love to play with pets and enjoy working with them.Please feel free to contact me :)
Arza, cat-sitter in Glasgow G41

I am a keen animal lover who will look after your pet with the upmost love and respect. I love animals however unfortunately members in my family are allergic which is why I dont have a pet of my own.
Meritxell, dog walking in Glasgow G1

Hi! My name is Meritxell and i am 18 years old. I have always loved animals! My family has always had a lot of animals, we have had cats, sheep, pigs, hamsters, horses, dogs, birds, fish and even chickens at one point! Some people insist that we had a farm, but we didnt, we just love animals! I am very experienced at looking after dogs and cats, i love taking dogs for walks/runs and playing with them. I think its a great way to have fun and be active at the same time. I love cuddling wit...
Janny, dog walking - G5 Glasgow

I love dogs and will look after yours as mine.
Danielle, dog walking in Glasgow G42

I'm Danielle and I'm an 18 year old from clydebank. I have experience of looking after animals as I have two cats of my own as well as fish and turtles as to whom I look after. I also have a love for all types of animals and have experience of other animals such as dogs and rodents like rats.
Romina, dogsitter - G12 Glasgow

Hi! I am Romina from Agentina. I am living in Glasgow and I love pets. In my country I had two dogs, three cats and two fishes Pets makes me feel happy and I like to be sweet with them. Sorry for my english I am learning four a week in an Institute so I am doing a big effort to speak fluently.
Ilaria, dog walking - G1 Glasgow

Hello, I'm Ilaria, I'm 23 and I decided to move from Italy to Scotland to start my Master's at the University of Glasgow. In Italy I've got 3 different species of animals: - Two dogs, Leo and Sirio: they are both 7 years old and they are respectively a Collie and a Border Collie - One cat, Walter: he is 3 now, and I can honestly say he is my favourite (even though I've always used to think dogs are better than cats, he is very special to me) - Three golden fishes. As you can imagin...
Donatella, cat-sitter in Glasgow

I would love to look after cats rodents, fish and others. Small dogs are also acceptable.
Seania, dog walking in Glasgow

My name is Seania I am 20 years old. I love animals expecially dogs. I'm from Ireland and I have a dog back home which I miss a lot, I've always been around animals, horses, dogs, rabbits, hamsters etc. I would love to be a dog walker, it would make my day every day.