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Sasha-leigh, dog walking in Gloucester

My name is Sasha I am 16 years of age I have 1 cat and 2 hamsters and I love and adore pets as I have had cats all throughout my family history. I am very fond of dogs and have always wanted to do dog walking but not many people I know have dogs as pets , I can provide your dogs entertainment whilst walking mess around with him/her and make sure she/he has had all his/her energy burnt . I will treat your dog as my own and guard it with my life and make sure no harm comes of your pet.
Jess, dog walking - GL1 Gloucester

Hi there. Do you have a small or large dog that needs walks you just can't give? Working 9-5 and not enough hours to dedicate to your animal(s)? Not as active as you need to be? With 12 years of personal experience in my family with animals I will be happy to help take your dog(s) for a walk as long as they are trained and not aggressive. Although I have not been in the industry formally I have trained 4 dogs to walk which were all my families. Please get in touch with me for q...
Bethany, animal boarding - GL1 Gloucester

My name is Bethany and I'm 21 years old. Currently living in Gloucester and have a huge love for animals! Back home in Cornwall I have a dog and I cat sit for my friends regularly. I have one niece who is 11 and 2 nephews who are the ages of 8 and 3 who I adore to the moon and back.
Bethany, dog walking in Gloucester GL1

I am a student from Gloucester, able to look and walk your pets for a decent price. I currently have a Staffordshire bull terrier called Missy, she is two years old and full of energy all the time and can be quite a handful. I have been brought up around all different types of animals such as dogs, cats, birds, rats, hamsters, ferits, snakes etc.
Rhainne, dog walking in Gloucester GL1

I have has cats through out my whole life and have helped look after other cats whilst their owners are away. I have experience with dogs since the age of 5 when I walked greyhound every weekend with my dad. Thanks for your consideration.
Maisie, dog walking - GL1 Gloucester

A huge animal lover! I grew up with family dogs and cats. Sadly, I do not currently have my own pet due to where we live but I would love to get out and about to walk your four legged friend!

Hiiii my name is Gabriela and I grew up in a farm near DOURO Portugal! I love animals and I've always took care of my friend and neighbours pets! it would be a pleasure to take care of yours too
Svetlana, dog walking in Gloucester GL1

I'm Svetlana, 24 years old, from Bulgaria. I love dog's, at home i have one too ?
Brianny, dog walking in Gloucester GL1

Hi are you looking for someone to look after a pet on short notice for when you can’t be home? I can be there. ihave looked after people’s cats before and i also have had a cat and a dog in my own home to look after. I was given a small amount of training on how to train dogs and I know what is safe to give them and what to stay away from. I always promise to keep your animal as safe as I possibly can.
Anna, dog walking - GL1 Gloucester

I have a cat and would be happy to look after/walk other animals. I have never done this so it’s something new.

I love animals. Unfortunately i can't have pets in my current residence but i have had cats in the past. I love walking dogs and playing with them. I also know how to care for horses.