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Raven, dog walking in Ipswich IP4

My name is Raven and I am a young individual with a love for animals. I had two dogs (boarder Collie and a Husky/ Boarder Collie mix) for many years but had to leave them in Germany with my father when I moved back to England. I now look after my uncles puppy on a regular basis. I live with two cats, and my mother also has a cat which I look after as much as possible. I went to Otley College for a year where I recieved my first year of qualifications in Small Animal Care and Farm Anima...

Hello! I'm clara and I love animals. I have got 3 cats in my country (Spain) and I miss them a lot. So if you need someone that give love to your pets, I'm here for you! Clara.
Delshad, dog walking - IP1 Ipswich

My name is Delshad and i am 16 years old and i am looking for a job with animals to keep me busy in my spare time. I have a dog called Leo, he is a labradoodle and he is like my best friend. I love the company of other animals. When i was little we looked after a blind and deaf abandoned cat but sadly it passed away. As i am still a student I can only work on evenings and at the weekends. I would love to look after and care for you're pet by walking it and feeding it.
Afrin, dogsitter - IP3 Ipswich

Hello, I love animals. I have one pet, Mimi, she is a cute two year old rabbit who is very fun and happy to be around. I have experience of taking care of other pets such as a dog and a cat. I hope you put your trust in me to look after your darlings. If you are going a way for a Holiday and want me to look after your pet, ill be most happy to.
Andrea, dog walking in Ipswich

Hello, I moved to Ipswich in June, I live in IP3 9QF Witney Close. I love dogs, I had a havanese and a spaniel in Hungary. Furthermore, I get along well with agars and beagles too. However, I am opned to new experiences. I am non-smoker and I no alcohol. I m waiting for your letter!
Cara, dog walking in Ipswich

I am an English student at University who loves animals and spending time with them. I offer dog-walking services, which would help both me and the dog to get some good exercise. Although, I am also able to look after a range of pets. I have good experience with cats and rodents (hamsters) especially. I am able to visit homes of animals to look after them if the owners work or perhaps are on holiday. Looking after animals is a real passion of mine and I believe I could make sure they are wel...
Alaska Helen, animal boarding in Ipswich

I used to take care of my causings pet shop, and when I used to go to my grandmother farm I used to take care of a lot of animals.
Carolina, dog walking in Ipswich

Hi :) My name is Carolina, I'm 20 years old and when I was young I had two cats and my bother had a rabbit and an hamster and I loved to play with them! I love animals and one of my dreams since I'm little was to have a horse! I always lived in the city so was never possible to have a horse or other big animals but I still belive one day will make my dream come true. Until there why not help other people take care of their animals?! I'm currently living in Ipswich with my mum and bot...
India, dog walking in Ipswich

Hello, My Name is India. I am trustworthy, reliable, friendly person with a big sense of humour and would love to help you out. I'm mature, hardworking, ambitious and I love a challenge. I grew up with and around animals I adore dogs, My family and I have had dogs since I can remember. We have 4 beautiful bichon frise. I also love horses I used to ride when I was younger.
Megan, dog walking in Ipswich IP3

I have always grown up around animals, I used to loan a pony, I used to own a labrador and i currently own a german pointer. When I was younger I owned a pet fish and hamster. I love all animals except spiders!
Georgia, dog walking in Ipswich

I am nearly 17 years old and I have had past experience in looking after family pets and spending the day with them, walking, feeding etc. I have 2 dogs and a cat myself so I understand the full attention that they will need whilst I'm caring for them.
Vicky, dog walking in Ipswich

My names Vicky. I'm 22 and even though I don't have professional experience in caring for animals, I have had quiet and few pets myself and house sat for friends and families to look after their pets. I have two cats, pepper and peanut. 3 snakes, Apollo, Xena, and Monty. and 2 turtles, Michelangelo and donnotello. Also when growing up I had 5 Jack Russells, Nala, Fila, Tash, Oscar and Honey. so I'm very well with dogs also. I would like the opportunity to push myself and become a ful...
Maria Ilinca, host family for dog in Ipswich

My name is Maria, I have 19 years old and currently I'm a student at University Campus Suffolk. I am a friendly and funny person and I love animals. To be honest I really don't have any experience by taking care of animals but I would love to.
Marie, dog walking - IP3 Ipswich

I am a mum and a nanny to four grand kids and love to go on long walks out doors. I have three small dogs and love taking them on walks. I am very caring.
Ashna, dog walking - IP3 Ipswich

I have a rabbit of my own which is so cute and she loves to move around a lot. I have the opportunity of taking care of my neighbor dog which was quite small and barked the first time when he saw me however my sister who visit their house regularly knew sammy so I had her with me as she was more experienced with animals. my sister is 13 and if its ok with you i would like to bring her with me while taking care of your pet, you would not need to pay for both of us. This is what i have done w...
Emily, dog walking in Ipswich IP4

I have always loved all animals and recognise that they need at much love and care as human family members too! I have had 6 cats throughout my life and I currently have one cat and a French bulldog. I can provide walking services or pet sitting services, with the option of interaction with my dog too. I am happy to play, walk, Feed, wash and comfort any animal.
Tiff, dog walking in Ipswich

Hi I’m Tiffany, I’m a 15 year old high school student looking to help people out by walking their dog or cat. I am very friendly and love animals. I can provide great exercise for your dog. My hourly rate it £8

I really love pets and always had pets in my house. I had one dog, two gold fishes, two little water turttles, one rabbit and a bird. I would love to take care of all the pets.
Emily, dog walking - IP3 Ipswich

Hello my name is Emily I have a budgie which I'm exprinced with and he also speaks! I used to walk family friends dogs and enjoyed it very much I enjoy being around animals and I'm excited to look after yours! I'm willing to do almost anything!
Valentina, dog walking - IP1 Ipswich

Hi, I'm Valentina, 22 years old and I'm Italian. I looking for job and I would like to do something I really like. I have 2 dogs but unfortunately I had to leave them in Italy with my family. I love animals and I can look after them with food, clean and walking. I hope to hear from you. Best regards, Valentina.

I I'm Bethany and I'm 15 years old. I'm looking for some ways to make extra money and this is a perfect way in my opinion! I absolutely love animals and I own a cat myself. I'm quite active myself so dog walking is one of the top things I can do! I also can pop into houses and feed cats if you're on holiday.

i love animals and can take care of them when you on hilidays or just need your dog walks

My name is Lisa i am 24. I have experience with animals as i come from a home where we love animals and have a wide range from dogs, cats, fish, birds, hamsters, rabits and more. I have been brought up around animals so i am use to coping with them and looking after them. I am trustworthy, relaible and friendly.

Hi have a dog called freddy so have lots of experience.