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Laura, dog walking in Lowestoft

Hi, my name is Laura, I'm am 18 years old, I love animals, I have several pets at home, I have 3 chickens, 2 rabbits, 1 dog and some fish. I like most animals, I help to look after my brother's 2 dogs as well, I often take them out for w...
Danielle, host family for dog in Bramford

As a child I worked in the local stables for 2 years, after that I then went on to working at a rare breeds farm for a further 2 years, tending to 200-300 rare breed animals, providing excellent customer service to all visitors of the fa...
Martha, dog walking in Wickham skeith

I have always been around animals. I love Horse's and Dogs. We have had horses all my life, and have also always had dogs. For dogs, I will be willing to walk them, let them out, feed them- whatever their needs may be. As for hor...
Louise, dog walking in Bury Saint Edmunds

Hello! My name is Louise and I just moved to the U.K. I graduated from university in 2015, where I studied mathematics and public policy. I am currently available for your pet-sitting needs! In the past, I have provided pet-care for dogs...
Raven, dog walking in Ipswich IP4

My name is Raven and I am a young individual with a love for animals. I had two dogs (boarder Collie and a Husky/ Boarder Collie mix) for many years but had to leave them in Germany with my father when I moved back to England. I now...
Delshad, dog walking - IP1 Ipswich

My name is Delshad and i am 16 years old and i am looking for a job with animals to keep me busy in my spare time. I have a dog called Leo, he is a labradoodle and he is like my best friend. I love the company of other animals. When i wa...
Lenska, dog walking in Felixstowe IP11

I already have 2 Staffordshire bull terriers, an African grey and bearded dragon. Also had experience with fish, cats other reptiles, rodents. I love looking and caring for animals. I'm very calm and careful around new animals so they do...
Thomas, dog walking - IP33 Bury st edmunds

I am 33 years old and animals are similar to children whom I also enjoy being with and looking after
Afrin, dogsitter - IP3 Ipswich

Hello, I love animals. I have one pet, Mimi, she is a cute two year old rabbit who is very fun and happy to be around. I have experience of taking care of other pets such as a dog and a cat. I hope you put your trust in me to look a...
Andrea, dog walking in Ipswich

Hello, I moved to Ipswich in June, I live in IP3 9QF Witney Close. I love dogs, I had a havanese and a spaniel in Hungary. Furthermore, I get along well with agars and beagles too. However, I am opned to new experiences. I am non-smoke...
Cara, dog walking in Ipswich

I am an English student at University who loves animals and spending time with them. I offer dog-walking services, which would help both me and the dog to get some good exercise. Although, I am also able to look after a range of pets. I...
Georgia, animal boarding in Horringer

Hello I am Georgia (17 years old) I am currently a student at West Suffolk Collage and I work for the NHS at West Suffolk Hospital. I am a massive animal lover, I own a British Bulldog called Buddy, a Border Terrior called Ruby, and ...
Alaska Helen, animal boarding in Ipswich

I used to take care of my causings pet shop, and when I used to go to my grandmother farm I used to take care of a lot of animals.
Carolina, dog walking in Ipswich

Hi :) My name is Carolina, I'm 20 years old and when I was young I had two cats and my bother had a rabbit and an hamster and I loved to play with them! I love animals and one of my dreams since I'm little was to have a horse! I al...
Eleonora, dog walking in Bury st edmunds

Sono Eleonora, un'amante degli animali. Da 6 anni ho un cane, Platone, di cui mi prendo cura ogni giorno. Sono responsabile e organizzata, seria e premurosa.