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Alicia, dog-sitter in Leeds

Hello I am Alicia and am nearly 18 years old. I have a passion for animals and love to take care of them. Pets I own/have owned in the past include: a dog, 3 cats, a bearded dragon, a tarantula, several fish, 2 budgies, a hamster and 10 mice. I have had a wide range of experience with different pets and have also done dog sitting at two different houses with up to four dogs at a time. I would be excited to have an opportunity to take care of more lovely animals :) .
Kayleigh-ann, dog walking - LS1 Leeds

Hi I'm kayleigh and I have 2 guinea pigs and a dog I used to have a hamster ive actually had 3 but they past i used to have a cat aswell but we had to give her away so I have a lot of experience with animals and id love to look after your pets
Danielle, dog walking in Leeds

Hi there! I'm Danielle, and a massive animal lover! I have my own dog, she's called Ivy - she's my baby! I have experience caring for a number of different animals - dogs, cats, fish, horses, rodents, ducks and chickens! My favourite animals are cows and dogs, or orcas and penguins, there's so many to choose from! I'm not shy around animals, I'm happy to get stuck in, whether it be mucking out or grooming too!
Abigail, dog walking in Leeds LS6

I'm a 25 year-old based in Leeds. I love working with animals and grew up living on a farm with many pets/animals so I have a lot of experience working with animals. I love going for long walks with furry friends and I am extremely reliable and trustworthy.
Sophie, dogsitter in Leeds

I am now a professional dog boarder, and have a good sized house and back yard. I can only look after cats in a clients house due to my partner having allergies. I have owned both dogs and cats and am hoping to get my animal first aid certificate as soon as I can (please ask about this). I recently got my home boarding license from Leeds City Council! Ask for a photo if you would like proof. I love animals and hope to open a sanctuary one day. Please specify dates when contacting me as...
Olivia, animal boarding - LS6 Leeds

Hello, I'm Olivia. I am a petsitter. I live in Leeds and I can travel to you or I can take care of your animals at my home. I love animals and I have experience with them. I've always had many cats and dogs at home. Actually I have a male cat who calls Ronnie. I enjoy playing with them and feeding them. I also can walk dogs. I am available in the afternoon after 3 pm and during weekends. Please contact me if you need a Pet sitter for your cats, dogs, birds and other animals. I look...
Yu-chen, dog walking - LS4 Leeds

I am a part time online English teacher. I have a house with a big garden. There is a big park within 3 minutes walking distance.
Emma, animal boarding in Leeds LS6

Hi, I am Emma, and I have recently graduated the University of Exeter with a BA hons in Anthropology and Middle East Studies, and have just moved to Leeds for a job in administration and finance for a charity. I am an animal person, and have had guinea pigs, hedgehogs and cats in my time! Unfortunately I cannot have a dog at the moment, but I would love to look after other peoples dogs! I have looked after friends pets before, and mt grandparents dogs on many occasions; I love taking dogs on ...
Kate, host family for dog in Leeds

Dear families, I absolutely love pets and I am available to take care of them whenever you need. Kate
Megan, dogsitter in Leeds

Hi I'm megan , I am only young but I have been a animal lover since I started to talk . I have grown up around multiple different animals and I currently own 2 dogs who I consider family . I love and care for all animals and would love to give a helping hand where somebody else cannot . Thankyou for taking your time to read my proposal, I hope you consider me as a potential option .
Shelly, dog walking in Leeds

Hi, I have a beautiful Staffy named Zeus and had a cat as a child
Katerina, dog walking in Leeds LS6

My name is Katerina I am 20 years old and I have a dog ? chihuahua that I have 5 years. I been looking after her when she was a small puppy I love animal is it’s a cats or a dog I am in college as well every time I come from college I’ll go walk my dog and have a good time I been watching after dog for my an I and my friends as well when they must to go really quickly away . So I Uve loads off experience. I am a animal lover I am living with my parents and all money that I make go to ...
Catherine, dog walking in Leeds

My name is Catherine and I am 20 years old. I am from Newcastle but moved to Leeds to study Primary Education at university. I have always had pets since being born as at home we are all animal lovers. I have two cats, one called Ginger who is 9 and one called Gracie who is 8. I have never not had a cat as I have been brought up with cats since I was little. I would love the opportunity to look after animals as I have always wanted a dog but we never got one because we had cats. I would love ...
Jaimini, animal boarding in Leeds LS6

I have recently left university and I am looking to spend my time doing childminding, pet care and looking after seniors. I do a lot of volunteer work and love to give back to my community. I am a fun, bubbly and trusted person as I am a senior leader for the Girl Guides and Rainbows. I also volunteer at summer camps like Theatre Week and Playscheme. I am in a professional girl band and musical theatre and singing is my passion. But I am being sensible and getting a degree first before put...

Hi, I'm Ameillia. I'm 18 years old and currently studying art. I have always been around animals for as long as I remember and have always loved bonding with them and caring for them. I have a family cat Toby, who i spoil and adore along with dogs and other animals who belong to family members that I have experience looking after and hope to get a dog of my own one day! Hope to here from you!
Raffaella, dog walking in Leeds LS1

Dear family I'm an Italian girl living in this beautiful city since November. My name is Raffaella. The first thing that I have seen here it is that England is a country of pets lovers. This is awesome. I love animals and I had different experience with them. I lived one year with my sister and her two dogs, a mix breed between Pitbull and Dogo Argentino, and a Maltese. I have also a cat in my house but she is not a friend of the dogs ahah! I'm responsable, flexible and capable to stay...
Fernanda, dog walking in Leeds LS4

Hi!!! My name is Fernanda! I'm a postgraduate student in the University of Leeds, in order to pay my graduation fees I'm looking for a part time job. I'm very friendly, patient, creative and positive person. I worked in a veterinarian hospital for 1 year when I was in my undergrad, and I also had the most amazing golden retriever for 13 years. I can say that I have a lot of experience in animal care because my dog (Margarito was his name), were epileptic, so for all his medical care I was the...
Lauren, dog walking - LS6 Leeds

Hello, my name is Lauren Mawn, i am 20 years old and i have 3 pets; i have 2 dogs and 1 cat. they are my family pets but i look after them alot when my parents go camping at the weekend when they don't go with them. i enjoy to play and take them out on long walks to the park and introducing to other dogs. To feed and make sure they have plenty of water throughout the day. i love all kinds of pets :) i would like to help out families with their pets if needed.
Jess, dog walking in Leeds LS6

I have grown up around dogs and horses.
Abby, dog walking - LS6 Leeds

I am a university student looking to walk dogs during my spare time. I have no pets myself but have always absolutely adored dogs and would massively enjoy walking/caring for them.
Adina, dog walking in Leeds LS1

My name is Adina, I'm currently studying at the University of Leeds and am looking for a part-time (or summer) job! In the past, I've had experiences looking after dogs, cats and rodents! We've had family dogs growing up so I've have basic experience looking after different breeds. I also helped to dog-sit for a family last summer with a friend, so I have experience in walking dogs. We currently have a cat called Rosie that I rescued as a stray from a bush outside our home! My family have...
Klaudia, dog walking in Leeds

Im Klaudia, Im 17 years old, and I looking for job after college. I like animal, when I live in Poland I had a cat and a small dog. My English is not good, I learn just 1 year, but I try good speaking and listening, If you have dogs, cats, I can going with they to walk ! I dont have recommendations. I live in LS8, a near to my home is 2 parks, one small, and one bigger. If you looking for someone to walk with your pets, I can ! :)
Sophie, dogsitter in Leeds

Hi, I'm Sophie. Im 20 and currently on summer break from Leeds college of art where I'm studying a degree in advertising. Im massively an animal lover and I'd be dead excited to get to look after and play with animals again as my landlord won't let us have pets. Your pets are your world normally, and you wouldn't leave your world with a neighbor that you're not too sure on would you? Leave them with an animal lover!!
Carmen, dog walking in Leeds LS6

I love animals. I have lived my entire life with dogs and I have learnt how to take care of them. I have 4 small dogs and one more, which is a little bit bigger. I take them for walks, I shower them, I feed them, and unfortunately, when they have been sick, I was also there. Basically, I know how to deal with them, in the good way, and the bad way.
Monika, animal boarding in Leeds

Hi, I am the honest , friendly person who take care of your animal when you have to go to the holiday or just you working a lot of .I am responsible .I live in two bedroom flat with stairs.
Kourtney, dog walking - LS6 Leeds

I absolutely adore any sort of animals, with a German Sheppard of my own back home, I feel like I have a good understanding of any form of animals.
Estefania, dog walking in Leeds LS6

my name is estefania, I'm an english student from colombia and I have a lot of experience looking after dogs because I was a volunteer in a dog refuge arround 3 years in colombia, I have 3 dogs, cocker spaniel and 2 without breed, I love animals and I'm very careful, responsable and fun
Rexanne, dog walking in Leeds

My name is Miss RexAnne , 21 yrs with 4 years experience in cleaning and housekeeping and a lifetime experience with animals varying from small rodents to cats, dogs to horses. I have taken care of these personally or for friends or events. Since I was born I have been surrounded by animals and have vast knowledge on how to care, train and clean for them. I offer to visit homes for jobs and am up for discussion on what animals and roles are to be involved. - Rexanne
Méliné, dog walking in Leeds LS2

My name is Méliné, I am from Brussels and I have been studying in the UK for 2 years. I am a real animal lover. I have a dog and a cat back in Brussels. I walk the dog several times a day, feed her, play with her and cuddle her a lot. I love taking her to the park so she can run as she likes and meet with other dogs. My cat is more indépendant so I usually I just feed him and sometimes play with him.
Phoebe, dog walking in Leeds

My name is Phoebe, I am 16 years old. I have a cocker spaniel which i regularly walk. I am chatty and friendly and willing to help out wherever is needed.