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Chloe, animal boarding in Liverpool

hi, I'm chloe I'm a 18 year old art student currently looking for a job. I'm well mannered and friendly. I have most experience with dogs as I house sat for my nan while she was on holiday a few times. Which was a Dogue de Bordeaux. the animal I was with wasn't aggressive which I have had no experience with. I took her out a lot and made sure she was entertained. by playing with her.
Jade, dogsitter in Liverpool L13

I already have 2 dogs, a bichon frise and a shitzhu. I take them on daily walks for half an hour as they are only small and we have a large garden already. I am currently doing a animal care course and two dog grooming courses so I will be able to understand more about animals and their health. I love all animals and very flexible with hours and what you need me to do.
Matilda, dog walking - L6 Liverpool

I'm an Italian girl of 20 years old. I'm in Liverpool to study Art History at Liverpool John Moores University. I love spending my time with animals. I'm passionate, carying, funny, creative, responsible and indipendent.
Lucy, dog walking in Liverpool L6

Hiya I'm Lucy 18, born in London but moved to Liverpool in 2016. I have 1 dog of my own so I have a basic knowledge of what it is like to take care of dogs, feed them, walk them, clean them. I'll be willing to help in anyway I can with them.
Shannon, dog-sitter in Liverpool

I am a 17-year-old female who lives in the Liverpool area. I have had many animals over the course of my life and I enjoy being around animals. I have had a few dogs, a few cats, Marine fish, rabbits, Guinea pigs, Hamsters and A parrot. I ( my family) currently have an Alaskan Malamute called Demon. A lizard called Leo. A hamster called Vanilla. Marine fish and 2 rodents called Tyson and Miles. I know how to look after a large number of different animals and can cater for those with their own...
Ana, dog walking in Liverpool L1

Hola! Me llamo Ana y soy una chica joven dispuesta a trabajar y a ajustarme a sus necesidades. Me gustan los perros y a lo largo de mi vida he tenido dos.
Jordan, animal boarding in Liverpool L8

I currently have 3 dogs. 2 girls and a boy they are very good with other dogs. the oldest is 10 and she had cancer and one eye so needs lots of cuddles. then the middle one is 5 and she is white and brown and is sweet as anything. then the youngest in 19 months and he is dopy and very excited. i have 3 bedrooms. one is mine and the other is my mums and then their is a spare bedroom and a loft.
Mariarosaria, dogsitter - L15 Liverpool

I'm Mariarosaria, I have 25 years and I live in Waretree. In Italy I have a little dog from 10 years. She is a mix between Yorkshire and Chiwawa and her name is Pizzetta. She is small but barks like a big dog! :) Is a lovely dog, and she loves the time of the biscuit, she gets mad! When I was in Italy I prepared at home, new biscuit, always different, with ingredients that she can eats! I liked go out with her in city, or near the river, or in the beach.She is not a very social dog, but all f...
Agata, dog walking in Liverpool L8

Hello, I have few cats and dogs myself and had a chance to board cats at my home and was doing dog walking as well so I am quite familiar with the training routines. I am very responsible, reliable and friendly person and LOVE animals and would love to be able to help you with yours!

I am Fun, Outgoing & Passionate about animals! I have a 3 year old Maltichon named Bertie and he is like my baby. I enjoy going the beach for long walks and to the forest!
Liam, dog walking in Liverpool

Hello, my name is Liam and i am applying for this job because i love animals! I am 17 years old and go to college 3 days a week studying beauty therapy. I would love to earn some extra cash and taking care of animals is a passion of mine. I have a cat named fluffy who i love very much and a dog called cookie who is a chihuahua. I look after them both and have been around animals all the time as i visited my familes farm every sunday and they had chickens, a shetland poney, and wild birds ...
Alexandra, dog walking in Liverpool L15

My name is Alexandra , I am 21 years old and I currently live and study in Liverpool, I go to Liverpool Hope University and I am studying Psychology and Sociology. I am originally from London where I live with my mum and cat (Elly). I love animals, cats in particular, I have grown up surrounded by cats and have constantly had one or more throughout my whole life, Elly is the animal version of my child, I love her like family. I currently live in a shared student house which is unfortunate...
Nialla, dog walking in Liverpool L1

My name's Nialla (Nee-ah-luh) and I'm 26 yrs old. Back home on the island of Saint lucia, I own/owned two rabbits, 5 dogs ( three have since departed) and 10 cats (all rescued). So, you could say I have quite the experience in pet sitting and a huge love for pets. Looking forward to meeting your furbabies!
Zuzana, dog walking in Liverpool

I love animals, personally have 2 dogs and a bunny. Love looking after them and am responsible. One of my dogs is a welsh springer spaniel and the other one is a mix and we adopted it from a shelter. My bunny was a gift for my friend but he didn't want it so now it has been living with us. All of my pets are at home and I am here at university, so I miss them and would be happy to take care of someone else's pet who do not have that much time for it.
Jessica, dog walking - L8 Liverpool

I have my own dog, also had snakes in the past and also fish. I love animals and this would be a good experience for me as a hobby.
Shannon, dog walking in Liverpool L13

I am Shannon and I am a student at The City of Liverpool College. I study maths and health and social care. I have a dog named Millie, and in the past I have had at least 15 guinea pigs, at least 5 rabbits, 4 lizards, at least 10 fish, 3 hamsters and 4 cats.
Dee, host family for dog in Liverpool L15

Im 42 have had variouse pets dogs boreder collies , alsations and a rottweilerin the past ive also had a cat goldfish a tropical fish tank and more recently i have 2 pet snakes harry who is a corn snake and loui is a costal Australian carpet phython . I love all kinds of animals and im reliable and responsable . Ive got alot of paitents and im fun and energetic .
Jessica, dog walking - L8 Liverpool

I have two dogs, parrots and a turtle. I am able to look after animals as long as you ensure you give me information about the animal for my own safety. Ensure you tell me what to do, and what not to do around your pet and the times you would like him or her to be fed, if necessary, measurments too. I'm a very loyal and trust worthy person, you would not have to worry when leaving your pets with me. I will keep you updated if necessary. I love animals, especially dogs.
Deirdre, dog walking - L8 Liverpool

Hi Im 52 years old and live in the Crosby area of Liverpool. I have owned pets since being in my 20's. At one stage I had 4 rescue Westies and one cat. I can give your animal the care and attention that you require. Can take for walks, call in to let your animal out, feed under your specific instructions. At present I do not have any animals
Anežka, dog walking in Liverpool

Hi, my name is Anežka, I am 20 years old and i am from the Czech Republic. I graduated on the high school about one year ago with feald of study public administration. Now i live in the Liverpool, where i study Lila, english language school.My mother language is czech, i also can speak eanglish and i am a beginner in russian language. Lets tallk about my experiences: I am like from dogs familly. I live with dogs all my life. I grow up with Great Danes, now in my parents house we h...
Ashleigh, dog walking in Liverpool

I have worked in Knowsley Safari Park, and have a lot of experience with smaller animals as i was an assistant in looking after some with a company called 'Wild Arena' I have great knowledge on food/water/care for small animals and am confident i can look after them completely. Im am still currently working a safari park and hope to become part of the educational staff in safari as soon as possible.
Monica, dog walking in Liverpool

I am a mother of two girls , I really love children , I like to do many things together, play games and teach them to do new things . I always helped my friends with their children and I also love to cook .

My name is Tasha and I am 15 years old. I am looking for some good experiences to help me through my life. Currently, I have a dog and a rabbit, however in the past I have also cared for multiple fish and a pet rat. I love animals and not afraid to be around any. I can feed whatever animal it is, clean up any mess it makes and take him or her on walks if need be. I would love to help you and take care of your pets whenever you need to.
Charlie, dog walking - L4 Liverpool

I am wanting a Job that requires brilliant pay for walking and feeding dogs or fish
Maria, dog walking - L1 Liverpool

Hello! My name is Maria and I love animals! ❤️❤️
Louis, dog walking - L15 Liverpool

Hello ! My name is Louis, I am French and I just moved to Liverpool. I love animals and I'll be very happy to help you in your need. Furthermore I play guitar and piano since more than 10 years !
Shannon, dog walking in Liverpool

Hey! My name is Shannon Davies. I am a 20 year old female. I have a 14 year old male miniature Yorkie Terrier called Taz And a 4 year old male Tabby cat called Bailey who I love both like they are my babies. I have grew up with taz and don't know what life would be without him. I have experience with many pet sitting including American bulldogs to teacup terrier Cats Horses I love animals with a passion!
Lily, animal boarding in Liverpool

Hi, My Name is Lily. I am 23 years old and live in Liverpool. Although I am a Childcare worker, I am passionate about all animals, too with have a naturally sweet, caring nature. I am also active, cautious, trustworthy and have a great deal of patience. My favourite form of exercise is walking, preferably walking with dogs. My Qualifications include a Level 2 & 3 CACHE diploma in Childcare and Education, as well as a Childhood & Youth and Social Policy university degree.
Abigail, dog walking - L27 Liverpool

With having owned every pet I can imagine possible in my lifetime I have a great understanding of the needs and wants of various animals. Currently I have a dog named snuggles who is very playful and loves walks. I have a cat called tess and a rabbit who enjoys running around in the garden.

i have grown up around dogs from a very young age, from small dogs such as jack Russells to big dogs like Labradors. I personally enjoy going on walks by myself so taking a dog for a walk is no issue to me as i love going on walks and exploring new places. At home when not in university i live with two dogs so i know exactly how to deal with them and how dogs actually behave. I feel like i would be able too look and walk your dogs properly.