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Daniela, dog walking - NR2 Norwich

I am Daniela I am from Cuba and Spain and I love animals. I have one dog at the moment her name is candy she is a border collie and she is and handful. I got her in Holland while I was living her and I have a very close relationship with her because i was in charge of her training and that really got us close. She is the first pet That I felt that was truly mine because of our connection and because I was very involved in training her. I also had a lovely cat but she passed this summer. I als...
Keira, dog walking - NR2 Norwich

Hi, my name is Keira. I am a 16 year old girl. I enjoy dog walking as I find it to be quite relaxing and it gives me a chance to have a good relationship with the dog! I also enjoy petsitting for cats, fish, rodents such as hamsters, and rats, and birds. I'm very friendly and trust worthy and will provide the best quality of service towards your pet. Please contact me as soon as possible for further discussion. Thank you!
Laura, dog walking in Norwich NR2

I am an experienced dog owner having grown up in a house with two energetic Yorkshire Terriers. I understand that juggling work and providing your dog with all the attention they deserve can be difficult. I am available for dog walking and home visits both during the week and at the weekends.
Elke, dog walking in Norwich

Hi! My name is Elke (I go by Elly) and I am 20 years old. I have recently finished a three year undergraduate course in Psychology with Clinical Psychology. I am an avid animal lover, as well as an animal rights activist and a vegetarian of 8 years. I have had animals my whole life and know a vast amount of information about them, their dietary requirements and their behaviours. I currently have 3 Bassett Hounds at my family home, as well as a cat, and at my current location I have a le...
Ben, dog walking in Norwich NR3

Hello my name is Ben I'm 18 and I have a strong love for animals and I have two dogs of my own that I love so much
Emma, dog walking in Norwich

Hi, my name is Emma and I am 19. I have just returned from travelling around Asia and working in a boarding school in South Korea for 6 months. I love animals and have always had pets. During my life I have had 4 hamsters, 8 Guinea pigs, 3 rabbits, as well as having a cat, Leo for 18 years of my life who my family loved dearly and were devastated when he passed away, and Molly my golden Labrador who I have had since I was 5 and is totally my doggy best friend - this past 6 months away from he...
Vicky, dogsitter - NR2 Norwich

Having been a nanny housekeeper for many years I have been responsible for dog walking and the general day to day care of many household pets including vet visits and staying in the house when owners away.
Emily, dog walking in Norwich

I have always had a variety of pets growing up. From caring for 8 cats of different ages, helping deliver kittens to walking dogs and owning cats, a rabbit, frogs, African land snails, fish, chickens, scorpion, guinea pigs. I love animals and have a passion for caring for them. I can travel to your house to help and am available to look after pets if you have a holiday booked too! I have personally looked after a kitten straight from delivery also.
Toni, dog walking in Norwich NR3

Hi, my names Toni. I'm 17 years of age. I have had dogs and fish as pets in the past. I am currently on a Animal Care course at college which I started in November. I enjoy looking after animals and consider myself to be good at caring/looking after them. I cant host any animals at my home as I don't have the recourses for that type of job unfortunately. I love walking long or brisk walks with dogs and am happy to do it in all types of weather.
Chanelle, dog walking in Norwich NR3

I am chanelle I'm 19 years old and I am willing to walk or look after your pet as I love anilmals they are cute and friendly my favourite anilmals is cats
Sophie, dogsitter in Norwich

I adore dogs and have always had a dog around me since being younger. I sadly lost my dog a couple of years ago due to a health condition and as a result have found it hard to find a loving dog to take his place. As a result I started to look after other people's dogs for them and took them for walks as well as looked after them for a couple of Days whilst there owners went on holiday.
Heather, cat sitter in Norwich NR3

Est-ce que vous cherchez quelqu'un pour garder vos animaux/votre maison en votre absence? a' Brest/Quimper/Rennes Je suis Heather, 31 ans, anglaise, j'apprends le français et je voudrais rester a' Brest (mais je vais considérée d'autre villes) pour quelque mois pour apprendre la langue. J'aime beaucoup les animaux, particulièrement les chats. J'ai garder les animaux a' Nice et a' Copenhagen. J'ai recommandations de précédant employers. Je suis prévenant, calme, fiable. J'adore jardinage et...
Erzsebet, dogsitter in Norwich NR2

Hello am Lisa and I love animal's and I grew up next to them if you need my help just call me :)

I already have 3 jack russels and 1 border collie. I am good with most dogs including strong as our border collie is very strong.
Elvira, dog walking in Norwich NR2

I'm Elvira (19) and I'm from Indonesia. I've been living in Norwich, UK for 4 years. I have good English speaking skills. I'm a hardworking, responsible & reliable person. I have always LOVE animals especially dogs since I was little. I don't have a pet myself as my dad hates pets but I do look after & play with my neighbour's dog sometimes. I can take your dog for walk & dogsit in the daytime only as the buses in my area are not available after 5.30pm. I really hope that you are interested i...
Sophie, dog walking - NR2 Norwich

Hi! I'm Sophie and I'm currently in my second year of sixth form. (17 years old) At the moment I am studying and working as a Princess performer for children's parties. Six months ago I became the owner of my adorable cavapoo puppy Flynn. I love walking him and would love to walk other dogs too! I love all dogs and would be comfortable walking dogs of any breed. I am looking for people that want their dogs walking on weekends and weekdays after school time.
Vanessa, dog walking in Norwich

Im vanessa 23 and an au pair in Norwich. I grew up with lots of animals. I absolutely love animals thats one of many reasons why I am vegan. My Family always had Dogs so i have some experience.

My names jade I'm 17 and I have looked after many if my own family's animals as well as my own from pups kittens to the older animals I have my own hamster aswell as a dog the hamster is a baby and the dog is now 13 months old I feed them clean them out walk the dog and groom and wash the dog do the water fresh each day I am constantly caring for them aswell as a baby sitting job which I am hoping to expand on as well as animal caring
Elleni, dog walking in Norwich NR2

I am Elleni , a mixed race undergraduate at the University of East Anglia. I grew up on an organic farm in Kenya where we were lucky enough to rear an assortment of different animals. I have taken care of dogs, cats, rodents, fish, reptiles (terrapin), horses, chickens, sheep, goats, pigs, donkey etc! Because of my fortunate upbringing I feel competent with all animals and would love to help out in any way possible. It is unfortunate to have a pet sit at home alone for a few hours because ...
Kyla, dog walking in Norwich NR2

I am a reliable and organised individual who would love to be responsible for an owners pet. My love for animals has only heightened at university as I have a dog and a cat at home, and had many animals such as rabbits and hamsters previously. I want to establish a connection with the animal and hopefully the family as well, as I am dedicated to being a dependable employee.
Siobhan, dog walking in Norwich

Dear/Sir Madam I have no experience in Pet sitting. As a pet owner I treat my cats like children always fed watered and loved. Any pet would be safe with me.
Jasmine, dog walking in Norwich NR2

Hello! I have not got much experience caring for animals but would love the opportunity to gain some! I am currently a student in my first year at the University of East Anglia, studying English Literature and Philosophy. Would only be able to get to places by bus or taxi. Thank you!
Clare, dog walking in Norwich

I am a single person and I have two cairn terriers called Cassie and Tess who are both lovely girls and would love to go walkies with other does as they are both very sociable. I have always been a very caring and responsible dog owner and regular go to the beach and walk my dogs long distances whenever possible which may include woods, parks etc. If asked to look after any dog I would always visit first and ensure they are compatible with me and if required to walk with my dogs too !...
Zainab, dog walking in Norwich

I'm zainab from spain i'm a student in spain i have studied tourism in university and in this moment i'm here just for improve my english and i want to work look after dogs because i like the animals especially dogs i had one dog
Mariah, dog walking in Norwich

Hello, I have experience looking after my own dogs, cats and fish and am a reliable and trustworthy animal-lover. I would love to help out your family with your furry/scaly friend! Looking forward to hearing from you :) Mariah

My name is keyanna I'm 17 years old looking for a part time job. I live with one dog that I walk nearly everyday. I love animals as I was brought up with them all my life.
Aleksandra, dog walking - NR3 Norwich

I love animals I have 3 cats I’m a positive person I can speak 2 language
Veronika, animal boarding - NR3 Norwich

My name is Veronika and I love to look after an animals. I have grown up with animals.

Hello, I am an 18 year old female, looking for a part time job in Norwich. I would be interested in dog-sitting or dog walking. As I have a dog myself ( and I am a huge dog lover), and have had many fish and hamsters in my past, you could say that I'm partially experienced! I know the basics that need to be done around animals, but obviously every pet is different and has different requirements and therefore it would be important to adapt to them. I would like to think that I have a good ap...

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