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Salwa, dog walking - NG1 Nottingham

Hello, I'm Salwa, a 21years old French girl living in Nottingham city center on, I just graduated with a bachelor degree and I've worked as a petsitter for MonChatEstRoi for a year. I've always had pets as far as I can remember ( rabbit, fish, dog, cats). I am working for the Redhill Academy as a French Assistant and I'm looking for some extras. You can find my profile on the petsitting website just message me, and I can ask for a review from my employer if you want.
Desi, dog walking - NG7 Nottingham

I have been an animal lover ever since I was a child. I have always wanted to have my own cat or dog, however, I was never able to. I have not had that many experiences caring for a pet, but I have had friends of my mother let me walk their dogs during various occasions, and I have had 2 experiences looking after cats while the owner is away. I am a friendly and caring person, I adore dogs and cats, and would love to be given the chance to assist somebody in caring for their pet.
Alice, dog walking - NG7 Nottingham

Hi there! :) I'm an animal lover, looking to earn a bit of extra money whilst studying at university in Nottingham! I have been brought up with cats, dogs, rodents and have experience with horses and amphibians. I am always looking for an excuse to exercise so initially I thought that dog walking would be perfect for me, however, I am open to caring for all sorts of animals. I would like to think that I am a reliable and friendly person, with a love for animals, so much so that I a...
Katrina, dog walking in Nottingham NG7

Hello, I am Katrina and I am 16 years old. I have personal experience looking after animals as I have 5 gerbils and a dog. I love animals and I really love dogs, I enjoy walking them and playing with them. I can walk dogs every single day after school and midday on the weekend. I am responsible animal owner so I can clean up after an animal or a dog during walks, etc. I won't be able to host any animals unfortunately because my house isn't suitable for any more animals and I don't have ...
Chloe, dog walking in Nottingham NG3

My names chloe I'm nearly 14 and I've had lots of experience with animals I've had lots of different dogs, cats, fish and hamsters and i love animals.
Samara, dog walking - NG3 Nottingham

I am a friendly university student who loves working with pets. I am a non-smoker and comfortable in most environments. I have brought up my own 2 dogs from puppies and so have much personal experience to go off. I am reliable, hardworking and take instruction incredibly well. Feel free to contact me for availability and any other details!
Peyton, dog walking in Nottingham

Hello, my name is Peyton. I am a university student on leave and am hoping to get a summer job before I have to go back in September. I am a very friendly person and love animals. I currently have two cats named midnight and jasper. I did used to have two dogs named Tyler and rocky but unfortunately we had to give them away due to housing. Although I have looked after my own pets I am new to looking after other people's pets but I will ask people what care their pets need.
Natalia, dog walking - NG7 Nottingham

I'm polite, responsibility, hard working and lovers animals person. In my future I want be vet and give more care and help pets. I took care of many animals because they have a lot of family. I myself once had a dog but unfortunately died. I do have one turtle amphibian and not long I'll be happy to have dog. I took many animals dogs, cats, rabits, birds, fish and horse. The composition of what I did is: feeding, fun, walks, cleaning and care with great love. I took care of the anima...
Sana, dog walking in Nottingham NG7

I love animals and looking after them isn't a choir. I am available from Monday - Friday after 5pm and all day weekends. Looking after animals is like a heaven on earth for me and would do my best to attend their needs.
Dersey, dog walking in Nottingham NG7

My name is Anique but everyone calls me Dersey. The origin of that nickname is a strange but funny story. I'm 18 years old and I've just finished my final year of college thank goodness. In college I studied photography, media studies, and law. I've always had a love for animals unfortunately no one else in my family said that love all have unfortunately had allergies I have prevented them having that love. It's never stopped me from taking care of my friends pets though and I've alway...
Zoe, dog walking in Nottingham

My names Zoe, I'm 18 years of age and a current student studying A-levels in biology chemistry and maths. I'm hoping to be able to pet sit as I love animals, especially dogs! I've experience with Yorkshire terriers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Staffordshire Bull Terriers however I love all dog types :) I will walk them, play with them or just fuss them depending on their requirements.
Tia, animal boarding - NG7 Nottingham

Hello, my name is Tia Jade . I have had a lot of experience with pets in the past such as looking after my cat who passed away of old age and my two guinea pigs who also passed away because of old age. I get along well with pets and animals and have so much love towards them. I love all animals and will know how to look after them. I am also very available at the moment as I have finished my GCSE's, and have a long break until my A levels. I know how to make animals fit, healthy, clean and h...
Lenka, dog walking in Nottingham NG3

I have two dogs and cats and two hamsters and fish at home ( The Czech Republic) and I'm really missing them, so i would like take care of some pets. I really love long walks in the nature with dogs. I love playing and cuddling with them. I love cats too.
Grace, dog walking in Nottingham NG7

I am Grace I have experience with animals I have a dog Charlie and I have looked after other animals for family members
Yohan, dog walking - NG1 Nottingham

Hi, My name is Yohan, I am 19 years old and French I give you my service from petsitting, I love animals! Cats it's my favorite! For any of my service, I can come to your place, give food to your animals, clean you house, and walk outside with them (dogs). I can be available mostly of my time. I live in town but I have a car so I can move around 10 miles. I will be happy to take care of your animals, please contact me for any others questions. xx

I have loads of experience with animals like cat , dog and also hamster I would love to walk them or just looking after them I have looked after my own dog
Caitlin, dog walking - NG7 Nottingham

I am a student at Nottingham Trent university and I am living away from home. I have always grew up having dogs as pets and at home i currently have a cocker spaniel named Purdie so i am very comfortable around dogs and enjoy their company. However, being away from home most of the time, I miss the company of my dog and would like to be able to spend some time around other people's furry friends instead! I am responsible and have lots of personal experiences caring for dogs.
Jasmine, dog walking - NG7 Nottingham

Hi, I'm a vegan and I love animals. Being at Uni makes me miss spending time with animals at home therefore I would love to help out whilst I'm away. I've had pets since I was a toddler. We've had fish, cats, dogs, chinchillas, hamsters and ponies.
Mônica, dog walking - NG1 Nottingham

I have a little dog, she is 3 years old, I love animals, they just need love
Yasmin, dog walking in Nottingham

I absolutely love animals which is why I am a vegetarian. I am not allowed to have pets in the house where I currently live so I would love to combine my passion with work and look after someone else's pet. I look forward to hearing from you :)

Hi My name is Alice and I am 18 years old. I will take excellent care of your pet for you. As I am very patient, cheerful and reliable. I have my dog. I am very mindful of pet safety and I always prioritize their well-being before mine. I will gladly provide more information when you call me up for a meeting.

Hi there, I'm Luiza. I love animals and I love spending time with them. I can jogg with your dog and make them feel loved. I've always had some animals at my house, right now I have a cat which was 2 years old when I took him, and it was really hard to help him go through all of it, because he was sad and scared about living in a new house, but I helped him and now he's a really calm and happy cat. I know how to cooperate with animals.

Hi there! My name is Danielle and I am the proud owner of a dog and cat. I have previously owned Huskies and currently own a Pomeranian so I am definitely used to long and short walks! I live in a reasonable sized house nearby fields and walking distance to Wollaton Hall and Park.

I love animals, especially dogs. In my house have always had dogs and birds. they have always been a member of my family, I really enjoy your company.

I can take care with this animals