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Molly, dog walking - NG24 Newark-on-trent

My name is Molly and I am a 20 year old university student studying Primary Education in Leeds, though my home town is in Nottinghamshire. I have always been an animal lover, having owned many pets in the past including; fish, dogs, rabb...
Salwa, dog walking - NG1 Nottingham

Hello, I'm Salwa, a 21years old French girl living in Nottingham city center on, I just graduated with a bachelor degree and I've worked as a petsitter for MonChatEstRoi for a year. I've always had pets as far as I can remember ( rabbit,...
Rhys, dog walking - DN22 Lound

Hi, my is Rhys , i'm 16 years old, I live in Lound and I go to the Elizabethan Academy, I have two dogs and two birds at the household. I'm a polite, honest and trustworthy.
Lauren, dog walking - S80 Worksop

I have looked after animals before, feeding them and walking ect... I usually stay to see them eat and drink, walk them, clean their paws after to make sure theres nothing sharp in them. and make sure they have settled down before I lea...
Sienna, dog walking in Bulwell

Hello my name is Sienna and I am nearly 15 years of age. I have a passion for looking after animals and I have had many pets during my life. I currently have a cat and a full grown doberman dog. i regularly look after my friends Labradoo...
Katherine, dogsitter - NG24 Newark-on-trent

My name is Kate and I am a mum and presently a part-time teacher. I am also an adoring pet owner of Blossom the cocker spaniel and Pepe the cat. I have looked after other people's pets in the past and have had a variety of animals over...
Ella, dog sitter in Sutton in ashfield NG17

Hello, Hello, my name is Ella . I thrive to help people, I take part in 200+hours in voluntary service; helping the community to attend hospital appointments and household activities. I previously worked in a private home to care for...
Nicola, host family for dog - NG2 West bridgford

Hello my name is Nicola im 35 and I live with my husband Steven 36 and our own 4 year old male Cocker Spaniel called Charlie who's very loving, gentle and full of life and has been with us from 8 weeks old. We have had dogs from growing ...
Nikita, dog walking - NG18 Mansfield

I am willing to help out if needed. I am a loving caring person that has a hamster, had fish, had cats. And my Nana has a Bird and a dog that I help look after.
Desi, dog walking - NG7 Nottingham

I have been an animal lover ever since I was a child. I have always wanted to have my own cat or dog, however, I was never able to. I have not had that many experiences caring for a pet, but I have had friends of my mother let me wal...
Alice, dog walking - NG7 Nottingham

Hi there! :) I'm an animal lover, looking to earn a bit of extra money whilst studying at university in Nottingham! I have been brought up with cats, dogs, rodents and have experience with horses and amphibians. I am always lookin...
Sonia, dog walking - NG9 Beeston

Hello! I have 3 years of experience in looking after a cocker spaniel when her owners are away on frequent travels, and I also used to work at a store with 3 cats, where part of my duty was to feed them and clean litter. I love anima...
Katrina, dog walking in Nottingham NG7

Hello, I am Katrina and I am 16 years old. I have personal experience looking after animals as I have 5 gerbils and a dog. I love animals and I really love dogs, I enjoy walking them and playing with them. I can walk dogs every single...
Josie, dog walking in Worksop S80

I'm Josie, I have 4 dogs named buster (dog de Bordeaux) Hercules (chi Wawa) flash (lurcher) Elvis (blood hound). I absolutely love every and all animals! though I can not accommodate for any more animals, I will and have always taken car...
Chloe, dog walking in Nottingham NG3

My names chloe I'm nearly 14 and I've had lots of experience with animals I've had lots of different dogs, cats, fish and hamsters and i love animals.