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Inès, catsitting in Stoneygate LE5

Bonjour ! I am a French girl of 19 years old. I have just arrived in England with my family and I am looking for a small job. I don't speak very good English. (I have courses.) In France, I kept several times cats at home for several days up to a few weeks, (including a ragdoll with a big princess character) so it's not new for me. I also had two cats, Victor and Nini, who unfortunately died of old age. I live in a house, but the cat (or other pet) can't go out in the garden if he wan...
Chloe, dog walking - LE1 Leicester

Hello, my name is Chloe and I am a self confessed animal lover! I have 2 dogs (springer spaniels, so absolutely insane), a cat, a chicken, a tortoise and 4 fish! I absolutely adore animals and would love to spend my spare time helping others out when they are in need of assistance! Thank you for taking the time to read this!
Agnieszka, dog walking in Leicester

My name is Agnieszka I am polish national, who has recently relocated to England to live with my Irish partner. I am an enthusiastic and dedicated professional with extensive experience across various areas of customer services.
Manuela, animal boarding - LE1 Leicester

Hello, my name's Manuela and I'm nineteen years old. At the moment I don't have any pets as my dog passed away two years ago, sadly. I have had, however, pets my entire life. My parents had a dog of their own each, so since birth I was surrounded by dogs. They were Rottweilers and had several litters, as they were not spayed or neutered. I spent all my life taking care of them and their puppies before they could go away to their new home. I also had two cats, several fish and a little bird ...
Daniela, dogsitter in Leicester LE1

I'm a portuguese girl that love animals. In my farm in Portugal, we have a lot of animals like seven dogs, five cats, two fishes, two birds and more. Since I was a child we always have animals, my mummy teach us that they need love, respect, pacient...and if you offered this to them, they will love you for the rest of their lifes. Here in England I don't have pets, but my home is big, with a terrace, a park in front of the house, big space and to much love to give them.
Jodie, dog sitter - LE2 Little stretton

Hi my name is jodie and I am 16 years old. I have a lot of experience with anaimals, especially dogs as I have been brought up around them my whole life. I myself have a dog called Ollie and also have a hamster named daisy. As well as that I care for my nannas dog who has had a litter of puppies. I do night feeds for them and general care throughout the day. But then I also do walks and a bit of the basic training with the other dogs.
Ollie, dog walking - LE1 Leicester

I am Ollie and I have many years experience in looking after animals whether it be dogs, cats or even snakes. I have had my dog since I was born 16 years ago so have grown up around her. I care about animals a lot and endeavour to take their needs and requirements into consideration and ensure they are taken into account and dealt with. I also grew up with cats as well as kittens. I have experience in the feeding and cleaning out of snakes. I am a keen walker and will ensure your dog is well ...
Jojo, dog walking - LE1 Leicester

I've got two cats and two one dog and am good with animals I use to do animal Care and I've lots of experience when dogs and cats I get long with anmail more then human and I make good barking noice I will take dog on long walks I even feed and treat them I bush the fire and give them bath if they like bath I will even help clean up after them and take to the vet and I even clean the house
Leila, host family for dog in Leicester LE1

I'm Leila, I'm a 20 year old student at the University of Leicester. I love animals and have had a wide variety of pets myself so am competent in animal care. In my home town, I often walk dogs and look after various pets when the owners are away or unable to themselves. I live in Clarendon Park, next to Victoria Park, so have lots of space to walk pets. My house is a spacious 3 bedroom, lots of room for any animals and housemates are 100% comfortable and as loving as I am.
Sheena, dog walking in Leicester LE1

I love animals! I live in student accommodation, so obviously, can't keep any pets there, and it makes me miss my dogs and rabbits that I have back home!
Ella, dog walking - LE1 Leicester

Hey, I am a college student and have owned pets my whole life. My little Border Terrier is called Lotta and I have always loved dogs of all sizes, as well as fish, cats, birds and other pets.

Hello My name is Caitlin and I am 17 years old. I live in the Leicestershire area. I have loved animals from a very early age and I have grown up with a wide range of animals. I was lucky to have grown up in a rural area so I have experience with farm animals, both small and big. I've grown up always having pet fish, cats and dogs around me. I used to own a horse so I have grooming and riding experience. Currently I have a pet dog called Narla, she's a St. Bernard and I walk her daily. I'...

Hello I am french native who have real passion for animals. I grow up with dogs at home and i always take care about my friend's ones when they are away from home i.e. holidays. I take a honor point to give them love and presence, go out with dogs and play with cats.
Salma, dog walking in Leicester

I am Salma I am interested in this job, I love animals, I am responsible and cheerful And if they choose me, they will not regret it. Thanks for your time. a greeting
Hannah, dogsitter in Leicester

I have three pets if my own a cat a dog and a hamster I have had many pets in the past including ginneypigs rabbits and reptiles I love animals I'm realy kind and considerate I think about the care and attention needed for the animal and I try as hard as possible to satisfy the owner and put the pet at ease a do a lot of dog walking as I love fitted I go out running every morning if your interested please contact me regards hannah
Ines, dog walking in Leicester LE1

I love animals! In the past I have 2 cata and 1dog! And a lot of fishes!
Anna, dog walking in Leicester LE1

I am a huge fan of animals and I love to make them happy and tired (isn't that the same in most cases? ?). I enjoy running, playing with toys, petting or just simply looking at them and I would like to pursue a career in animal related field. I also have 8 years old Golden Retriever who's my best friend and I love him very much! He still acts like a puppy and needs lots of attention or otherwise he will lick you till he get some!
Shannon, dog walking in Leicester

I am a hardworking 16 year old who has experience in dog walking as I have a dog of my own

Naima I work as a personal assistant to a disabled women for over 2 years. My duties are wide ranging. I love pets and have previously owned cats in the past. I absolutely adore them.
Maria Teodora, dog walking in Leicester

i AM Teo, and i love animals !!!

I am a trustworthy and reliable person and I absolutely love animals. I used to have 2 cats and 2 birds also 3 fishes. I have 5 years experience in pet sitting since I had my own pets and I have 3 months experience in dog walking and (dog) pet sitting. My favourite animals are cats and dogs, I adore them!

I have pets of my own and am very flexible.

I have a lot of experience as I grew up with animals. My dad is a licensed pedigree dog breeder and my mum works in Brooksby melton college. I have worked with a lot of different animals and different breeds also. I have a great passion for animals and their feelings. I offer to work in your own home and I can also write a detailed description of what I have done with your pet that day and if anything is different to tell you.
A'ishah, cat-sitter in Leicester LE1

I am currently 16 and I have owned many pets in the past - birds, hamsters, and cats. At the moment, I own one cat who i have had since birth. I have years of experience with animals and I have a passion for caring for them. From cleaning litter trays to checking the health of the teeth, I am filly aware of how to care for cats. However, I can offer my services to hamsters and birds too - cleaning out cages, feeding etc.
Paigen, dog walking in Leicester

I love animals and I love being able to walk dogs pet cats and connecting with animals

my name is mia, I am a 12 year old student with a huge heart. I have 1 3 leggid cat with 3 little kittens. I would be able to have your pet at home or at mine, unless walking

I am the Christine I love the animals very much, I have a home for two dogs and a cat. I can feed the animals or walk while you are at work or when you are on vacation. I'am sociable, funny, with sense of humor. Thank you Cristina

I have vast experience working with pets and also have my own. I have an enhanced dbs certificate.

I'm Jack , I'm looking to petsit for cats or dogs on evenings or weekends. I have regularly looked after pets before, I have 2 cats myself, which I have to regularly care for them. I have been a regular dog walker before for my friends dog.