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Steven, dog walking - B79 Tamworth

My name is Steven , i am fourteen years of age. I'm looking for a job in pet-sitting love animals i love going for walks love looking after animals, i smoke but would never around children and animals, animals deserve to be cared for in a nice manner i live in a children's home at the moment so it will be hard to take them home but i'm willing to stay at the pet owners house to help out. i bond really well with animals and treat them like any decent human being. i love taking animals to the...
Krista, dogsitter - B79 Tamworth

hello my names krista, im 14 years old, ive had a dog before myself and looked after it, ive had fish and loads of hamsters , i have a cat, well its not mine its my sisters , but i look after it , she is 2 years old the cat and her name is daisy, i love animals and would love to look after them. my home has a big garden very safe and my house is safe too.
Keely, dog walking in Tamworth

My name is Keely. I am 17 years old. I grew up around having many pets, such as dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes, bearded dragons, rabbits, horses, ponys ect. At the moment I have no pets, which is very unfortunate because there is now a void in my life of which can only be filled with the love towards other animals. I love being able to care for and look after animals, and I know for a fact if you hire me, i will do you and your animals proud!
Fay, dog walking in Tamworth

Hello! I am a mommy to two children and we have a host of animals between us, including a dog, cats, tortoise and rabbits. I am really keen to start a dog walking business but I will also consider all forms of pet care. I am a qualified teacher, so good at organisation and multi-tasking! I live in Amington along the canal so I know all the good routes and have a decent pair of wellies!
Sabine, dog walking in Tamworth B79

My name is sabine im22. I have had cats and dogs of my own. I have looked after other people's pets to such as cats dogs birds hamsters fish horses all sorts. Pets to me are a family member and when your not able to e with them it's nice to know that we'll looked after. I'm a bubbly happy caring kind honest very reliable person. Always happy to help.