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Can we get in contact and meet for free? Yes it’s possible here:-)


Can we get in contact and meet for free? Yes it’s possible here:-)


Every day hundreds of new ads.

With Confidence

Verifications, opinions, references: search with peace of mind!

Hello 1 am 28 and live in heather court, which is part of the ty canal area of Cwmbran. I live with my Step mother, Father, Brother and Sister and have 5 pets, which i occasionally take care of. I have a dog called Maddie, who is 2 years old and i have occasionally dog sat her which includes feeding her, playing with her, giving her water, walking her, picking up her poop and sleeping with her in the night at first to get her used to staying with me. I have 2 fish called Strawberry and ...

Hi I'm Siana! I'm 21 years old and currently studying Sociology with Criminology and Criminal Justice at university. I have my own little puppy (not really a puppy but...she'll always be my little baby!) she's a 7 year old Shitzu called Pepper and she's the most kind hearted and beautiful little dog you'll ever see! She's a very timid character and is scared of almost anything that isn't me or my grandma but I still love her to pieces! She's had puppies and they're all grown up now - they'r...

My name is Jemma, and I am a 25 year old female. I'm a reliable, friendly, bubbly person that is responsible and has a good sense of humour ! I have had plenty of experience working with animals having previous experience of working in a veterinary practice before, and growing up with cats and dogs, still having my own cats now. I love animals and find that I always get on with with them, I treat them with the utmost respect and care, I would always put the health and wellbeing of my pets bef...

Hi, I'm Kelly Hier and I live in the Merthyr Tydfil area. Please no Spiders! or Snakes; Serious phobia of both Every since I was a baby, I remember having Cats. Dusky and Chalky. Unfortunately, Chalky run away and we were left with Dusky who sadly passed when I was about 10. While having Dusky (Pure Black cat), we had 2 kittens from family members as their cat had kittens. Sonic and Tails (Yes, I named them after the Game Characters haha). Tails is a female and Sonic was a male. A...

My name is Beth and I'm 20 years old! I have a beautiful family which consists of me, my partner , our baby girl who is 4 months old and our beautiful Arnold who is a cheeky french bulldog cross Staff! he is 2 and a half years old! we love going for walks and socializing with other animals. I absolutely love animals and have always grown up in a busy home! at one point we had 3 cats, a bearded dragon 2 snakes and a bosc moniter lizard! I currently live with my family, and I regularly visi...

My name is Joe I am 18 years old, I love all animals and I am very caring for them as I myself have many pets which I love and care for. I think I am suited for the job as I love surrounding myself with all animals no matter what kind or size. I have a rabbit, 2 mice, 2 cats, 3 fish and I have looked after dogs of friends and family members and used to have one myself. I look forward to meeting you and you animals.

Hello my name is sophie I have looked after so many pets i have my own names Bella a chihuahuah I love animals and love to care for them as i thino of them as my furr babies. I am very reliable and will help to look after your pet/furr baby and treat them as my own. I have a lovely dog and she is so friendly and quiet with everyone and children shes very tame and loving. I love all animals but i love dogs!

Pet care and dog walker service.I have experience with a range of animal from reptiles to dogs. A animal lover who will care for you animal like I care for my own

I have my own pet dog which I take out everyday. On the walk I can teach them tricks and play different types of games. I am willing to introduce my pet dog Rosie, so they can go on walks together and play together. Bet this is up to you! I can take your dog for a walk on its own. Hope to hear from you soon. I can take your pet for walks on weekends and evening weekdays

Hi, Im Erica, from Aberaman, Aberdare. I have had in my life, many hamsters, finches, cats dogs. When young had few hamsters. When I was an adult, had two finches, that I looked after by cleaning their cage, when I had my own place. Cats, Dogs - when I met my partner, and when I lived at the pub before living where we are now. Our pets died, plus the hamsters, and the finches over the years. At the moment, we have a rescued cat, a boy, named Whiskey. When had the dogs, I cleaned up aft...

Hello, my name is Gabby, and i am 15 years old. I have three pets at home, two dogs, a pug and a cavachon and one cat. I have had a lot of experience taking care of my own pets as i have grown up my whole life around pets. However i don't have as much experience looking after other people's, but i can assure you that i am a loving and caring owner and thoroughly enjoy taking care of my pets!

I have a puppy who is 6 months old called Hayden he is a terrier/spaniel dog and is very friendly and loves being around other dogs and we regularly walk other dogs together. He has been neutered so wouldn't be bothering and female dogs, I also have 2 cats called Tammy and patch they are indoor and outdoor cats and are lovely pets. I have outside gold fish and have had aquarium fish in the past. I used to have a rabbit, and 2 hamsters but they passed away.

My name is Kersty and i am the proud owner of two dogs. My staffordshire Bull Terrier is called Jas and she is 11 and a half. My Chihuahua is called Rosie and she is 2 and a half. They get on great despite their difference in size! In the past we have owned hamsters, fish, guinea pigs and rabbits. We have also looked after a friends budgie! I would be happy to help care for any small pet in our home and i would be happy to walk any dogs! I love walking!

Hello! My name is Lydia Rees, I am 19 years old and have had quite a bit of experience with animals I have owned cats, dogs, rats, guinea pigs and fish but I have also worked at a horse riding school. I am also a non smoker. If there is anything you would like to ask please feel free:)

I'm a sixteen (nearly seventeen) year old girl, who have been passionate about animals from a young age. From a young age, I have had 3 dogs, 7 cats, 1 gerbil, 1 hamster, and 3 rabbits. I currently have 5 cats and 1 dog. I am willing to go for walks, bath, feed and play with the pet, but will scold if necessary. From a young age, I have been brought up with animals, and as an instinct on how to look after and care for them. Just last year, my now 2 year old cat, had three healthy kittens, and...

Hello, I'm Emily. I have had dogs all of my life. I have handled a variety of temperments, from a lovely elderly Collie to a rather wild younger Border Collie-with the added expereince of caring for a family member's malumute who is not largely friendly to other dogs. As mentined earlier, my current dog is a two year old male border collie by the name of Oscar.

Hey! I'm Zoe and I'm an animal enthusiast! I myself have a chinchilla called Wilson (he used to have a brother, Taz, but circumstances came to play) 2 hamsters: Jeff and Arthur, 2 cats: Oscar and Lola, and numerous fish. I've pet sat for numerous dogs in the past, ranging in sizes and breeds- from a Yorkie, to a Beagle, to a Lab. I've also had experience with small birds, as I've pet sat for my aunt in the past. I can offer hosting your pet, if it is caged. currently in my accommodatio...

I'm Chelsea, age 17. I have a passion for animals and have had many pets throughout my lifetime. I currently have a dog which I have had for over 10 years, a hamster, a bird and a rabbit. I have had a passion for animals since I was young and I have previously looked after my friends dog when she went away for a day where I had to walk the dog and feed him, I also had to play with the dog for 1-2 hours which I done whilst I was walking for him.

Hi, I'm Whitney and I'm currently living in Cwmaman. I'm 17 years old and I love dogs. I have 2 Yorkshire terriers of my own & im always out walking them. I will look after any sort of animal and always free to do so. I'm very reliable. Just give me a text or call if you ever need me to look after any of your animals. Dog, cat, fish, parrot, hamster, rabbit. Anything. Whether it's a day or a week. Any day, any time.. Look foward to hearing from you.

I absolutely love animals and i have had lots of experience looking after them my entire life. I have a rabbit called Merlin who is 1 1/2. Two mice called Edgar and Vincent who are 5 months old. I have 3 fish called named Ian, Dan and Phil. I have a cat called Arya, who is 2. I have another cat called Tabby who is 9. Currently I pet sit two huskeys called Mush and Thorn and a rottweiler called Kya. I love all animals and love looking after them.

Hi my names Alisha, i am interested in looking after animals as i have a Shih Zu, 2 turtles a budgie and a lot of fish myself. But I also like many other animals. I am a kind person who will take pride in my job to ensure that I do it to my highest potential. I will take care of them like they are my own as I feel that its important to make them feel happy around me. I follow instructions well and I will do the job properly.

hi, my name is laura and i'm 19, i am a huge animal lover, i have 3 dogs myself, i've always been surrounded by animals and i would love to make it a job for my self. i have a boxer named piper, a pug named molly and a king Charles spaniel named ruby.

Hi my name is kira i am a animal lover i have 2 dogs of my own and i have 2 rabbits as well and i take car of my families pets as well i have had alot of experience with animals as i have had lizards fish dogs cats rabbits hamsters i have had alot of animals and looked after alot on my own i am great with animals

my name is rhiannon im 26 and i have some experience with animals, mostly dogs, up until 3 years i had 2 boarder collie sheep dogs, they were mother and daughter and were with us for 17 years all in all, they were amazing pets, iv always been a dog person more than anything else but i am a lover of all animals and since i moved into my own place i have owned a dog (staffy called roxy) a leopard gecko (called austin) a rat (called darcy) and now a fish i won at the fair (called Tuna) sadly i c...

My name is hannah I am 14 I'm from Aberdare. I have 1 dog and I always take him for walks and feed him and clean up after him. I also walk my nans two dogs sometimes. I know how to look after loads of other animals such as horses, rabbits, fish, gerbils, hamsters, cats, birds ect. Ill do whatever your animal requires. If your animal need extra care like animals with health problems, that is no problem for me I will take care of your pet no matter what. I usually Look after dogs I take them ...

I'm Carys, I currently walk one of my family members dog for them, he is a Jack Russell. I don't currently have any pets but have always wanted a dog, I enjoy taking them on long walks.

I am Samuel, a medical science student aspiring to be a Doctor and going into 3rd year in September. I am looking to do some work to find my course and remain at university as it can be thought being a student! I am 20 in 2 months, have owned 2 dogs with my family and grown up with one since I was 8; ive owned and grown up with 3 cats since I was 3 years old so understand how to love and respect animals. I love animals no matter whether they're extremely playful or rather timid, I believe I h...

Hello, my name is Chantelle and I am 18 years old. At home I have one pet cat named Bella. I used to have another two cats, I also used to have a dog. I enjoy looking after pets, I will never neglect and I will always give the pet the best care possible! If I was ever to host a pet my house is a big enough space for the pet to run around, I have a small back garden but it’s protected by a big wall surrounding it so the pet is free to run around out the back garden, I will make sure to provi...

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