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Chloe, dogsitter in York YO1

Hi, I'm Chloe! I'm a 16 year old and I love animals and I would love to help you out with them! I have my own dog and I walk her and look after her! I love most types of animals. It's my summer holidays as I've just done my exams and...
Lucy, dog walking in York

My name is Lucy and I am a student at York College studying A Levels. I have a 6 year old cocker spaniel called Poppi and she's beautiful but full of energy! I am responsible for ensuring she has her evening walk and meal every day a...
Lucy, dog walking in York YO10

My name is Lucy and am a student here in york. I’m looking for some extra money and what better way to do it that look after your furry friends. I have 3 dogs of my own back home: 2 labradors and 1 Dalmatian - Fergus(10), Charlie(6) and ...
Kiera, dog walking in York YO10

Hello! My name is Kiera, I'm 19 years old and i currently live in york. I have a full UK driving license which i have held for 2 years so i am able to travel anywhere in york. I have grown up always having pets around so I'm more than us...
Jasmine, dog walking in York YO10

Hi! I’m Jasmine, I’m 18, currently at college. I’ve loved animals since I was a kid. I’ve always wanted a job that involves looking after animals or caring for them and walking them. I love being around animals and caring for them! ...
Megan, dog walking in York YO10

I love looking after animals. I am a student at the University of York and would enjoy doing this to help people and get a little bit of money for my studies. I have experience with Dogs, Cats, Fish and Rodents and enjoyed every moment. ...
Megan, dog walking in York

hello, my name is megan . im 15 years old and live in york. i have two of my own dogs called princess and bendgy and take them on walks 2 times a day 6 days a week princess is only 16 weeks old and bendgy is 10 years old and both are so...

Hi there! My name is Jess and I am the biggest of animal lovers, I have 2 dogs myself (both cocker spaniels) and absolutely adore them, I have lived with dogs my entire life, from golden retrievers to king charles spaniels. I would love ...
Lias, dog walking in York

Hi im Lias im 14 i work part time i have a dog and 2 cats i know how to take good care of them and i have helped my mates to look after there dogs.
Amber, dog walking in York

I love animals and am keen to excersise

I have a dog in France so I know what i have to do when I am with a dog :)
Helen, dog walking in Haxby

I am looking to begin dog walking as a professional, I adore animals
Bethan, dog walking in York YO10

I am a 20 year old girl, having just finished my second year at the University of York studying sociology and criminology, and have aspirations to go into the property sector once i graduate next summer. I have grown up with an array o...
Amelia, dog walking in York YO10

I love animals and enjoy spending time with any creature big or small. We have had an assortment of pets throughout my life and I frequently look after friends and family's animals. It would be my pleasure to look after your little frien...
Emilia, dog walking - YO10 York

I had a cat and dog for the past 11 years