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Elena, senior home help in Bristol

My name is Elena, I am 42 years old. I have 5 years of professional experience in the care of older people. I am very sorry that I can not provide references because the work I carried out in my country-Slovakia. I also have personal experiences from my family with grandparents. I can help with cooking, cleaning, eating, dressing, shopping, etc. I am patient, empathetic, kind and understanding. I performed this work with love and I believe that I can help other people and to improve and make ...
Sara, home help in Bristol

I have worked as a care manager for Brighton and hove Council in their sheltered housing. I am a qualified Occupational Therapist. I am able deal with emergencies and challenging situations. I can work in a creative way dealing with older people with various physical and mental health issues. I have two years experience as a support worker for people with mental health needs.
Verity, home help - BS6 Bristol

Hello, My name is Verity, I am 23 years old. I recently graduated form the University of Hull, studying Psychology. I am moving down to Bristol to pursue my further education in counselling Psychology with the intention of applying for a PHD in a couple of years. I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them. I am very patient and compassionate. I enjoy listening to other people's stories and find them fascinating. I am very friendly and always have a smile on my face. I am happy to...
Paula, home help in Bristol

I have over a year of experience in household cleaning and duties for an elderly person. I have kept the house tidy, carried out shopping and provided meals when required. I am friendly, honest and hardworking, and will treat each person with respect.
Tammy, home help in Bristol

I am an 18 year old girl who is very caring loving and bubbly. I can help with weekly or daily shopping, tidying around the accommodation they live in. I also have a driving licence so I can drop/take and pick the elderly up from there requested location. I can also cook meals and accompany them throughout the day making sure they aren't lonely!
Caitlin, home help in Bristol BS2

Hi my name is Caitlin I am 20 years old. My passion is to care and help people as much as I can. I think family time is the most important time and I love spending time with grandparents and children in the family. I am a very soft and caring person and I am very organised with excellent time keeping. I don't like seeing people lonely and would love to give back and help where I can. I am very chatty and an uplifting person to be around. If you need to laugh or cry I am a perfect shoulder ...
Morgan, home help in Bristol BS3

Hello, My name is Morgan, I have over 8 years experience of working with older people in community centres, care homes and looking after my grandparents. I have recently moved to Bristol (I teach A Level Textiles at Weston College 3 days per week), I am DBS cleared and I have a PGCE (with QTS) and I am looking for additional work that uses my experience and passion for working with people from all walks of life. For 3 years I ran 'Inside Art' creative class for older residents in Is...
Jayne, home help in Bristol BS2

Helping people is my calling. Young, elderly, strong , frail, lonely, busy..I am there to help. Weather its to feed, dress, shop for, keep company, read to, laugh with, cook for etc I will do this without hesitation and as i am passionate about this i do it with every ounce of support and effort ive got. My mother was a nurse so she has taught me everything i know. I used to go to work with her in he nursing home and talk to all of the resident and keep them company. If you wan...
Angelo, senior home help - BS6 Bristol

Hello, I am Angelo , an Italian Eramus student currently living in Bristol. I've never had a real previous experience in this activity, but I've often helped my grandparents in every kind of activity they needed. I'm very sociable, I like talking with people, listening to their stories, learning new things, helping people and especially cooking. I could also prepare you some Italian delicacy.

Am a mum of 2 living in help is from washing there doing there meals. from fetching to carrying , cleaning going to the shops. to reading a favourite story. to just sitting there knowing that they have someone there with them.i love my older generations for i was grow up with them and around them and often times there are left on there own with no to talk to or for company so just being there for them and giving them help they need what else can i say
Karolina, nursing care at home in Bristol BS2

Hello Im Karolina. Im looking for a job as care assistant. I have a lot of expirience with my family members, neighbors and many people. I would love to make your life more comfortable with some help!
Yasmin, home help in Bristol BS6

Hello my name is yasmin I’m 19years old I used to look after some of my family I would like to look after other people to and help them out I’m a respectful girl and very honest

I am a University Exchange student from Australia, currently studying at University of Bristol. Looking for some casual/ part time work while here. I have a great resect and admiration for the elderly as I feel there is much to learn from their life experience and wisdom. In caring for my grandparents, I have learnt, not only how to assist with the practicalities of cooking, feeding, changing, dressing wounds ect, but also with providing comfort and company, particularly in regards to deme...
Amy, home help - BS2 Bristol

My names Amy I'm 17 years old and currently doing my second year of A levels. I have had some experience volunteering in an old peoples home and I would be happy to offer my assistance for company, helping around the house, and with the shopping.

Hello , My name is Gabriela Cruz . I live in Bristol and Im a full time student of a Msc in public health at UWE. At the moment i dont have to attend school anymore and Im looking for a part full time job. I have a bachelors in medicine , and had worked with elderly before (as a Doctor). Im already working some hours a week with a lovely lady of 86 years old and who suffers from dementia. Im very patient , committed and responsible. If you have any further inquiries about me or my experience ...

Hi, I am a teacher from Spain. I am reliable and hardworking person. Thanks