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Marina, home help - CB5 Cambridge

My name is marina. I come from Switzerland. I have helped a lot of my grandmother in the household or when shopping. Cleaning is not a problem for me, because I had to rent a room because of my work and had to clean it. To which I can ...
Bethany, senior home help - PE13 Wisbech

I enjoy communicating with older generations, as I believe this gives me a working knowledge of what life was like in previous years. I can read to, and be general company for, elderly people. I can also do any necessary shopping, and co...
Abbie, senior home help - PE1 Peterborough

Hello, My name is Abbie and I am a bubbly, fun and hard working person. I would love to be able to help and give to support to someone, I am able to help with cleaning jobs such as hoovering, washing up, washing, polishing, making the be...
Rebecca, senior home help - PE1 Peterborough

Hello, I am Rebecca and I'm 16 years old. Currently I am looking for a small job that will provide enough income so that I can give my dad money for housing me and buy the things I need. I haven't had much experience with the elderly...
Kayleigh, senior home help in Peterborough PE1

Love helping others willing to help do household chores and shopping for others
Samantha, senior home help - PE13 Wisbech

Friendly, helpful, respectful, trustworthy, honest.
Anna, home help in Peterborough

My name is Anna . I'm a chatty, happy 14-year-old. I'm extremely close with my grandma and she means the world to me. I enjoy hearing about her past and spending time with her. I'd love to help the elderly spend time with then and help ...
Rochelle, nursing - CB7 Soham

I have work with older people in both a hands on caring role and as a manager. I am a kind, dedicated, caring, organised and funny person. I make sure that every person I ever work with and for has the very best care and support. I a...
Maria, senior home help - PE1 Peterborough

i am Maria and i'm 25 years old and a mom of 2.i can help in the house cook shop clean and just keep company.i like going out for walks if the weather is ok, i can make sure that the medicine is taken in time also can help with bath and ...
Lakisha, senior home help in Parson drove

I am a caring, kind, friendly person I get alone with the elderly and I enjoy helping out people if it makes them happy and enjoy there day .
Melanie, home help in Peterborough PE1

I'm a single parent of 2 grown up children. I'm happy to do any shopping, walk your dog, feed your pets. I don't have any experience caring for elderly.
Erin, home help in Farcet PE7

Hello, my name is Erin and I am 28 years old. I have mostly worked in Customer Service since I left school in 2006, however I am now looking for a change of career. I am lucky enough to have known 3 of my 4 grandparents, spending time...
Ewa, home help in New england PE1

Although I have not worked with older people before except family, I am willing to try and I know I would try my hardest.
Sami, home help in Longthorpe

Hi, Im Sami. I have just finished first year of university studying pharmacy. I am a very happy and cheerful person and I enjoy helping people as it makes me feel rewarded. I love chatting and reading to the elderly as i am very interest...
Chantelle, senior home help - PE16 Chatteris

My name is Chantelle and I am 18 Years old. I have completed my secondary school and college years. Need some help? I am here. I love helping others, it brings me joy and happiness. I regularly help my family and friends out, e...