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Home help for seniors living in Kettering

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Katelyn, senior home help in Kettering

Hello my name is Katelyn. I am 16 Years Old and I have a big heart. I would love to help you out. I am very reliable and kind and hard working. I will always be there even if it is just to sit there and keep you company when you need it. I currently have a great nanny who I go and see every day and it's always put a smile on my face and more importantly her face. I hoover her house for her and wash the dishes and cook her dinner for her. Even if you just wanted to go out for a small or long w...
Abrainna, home help - NN16 Kettering

Hello my name is Abrainna. I am 15 years of age.helping the elderly will me feel satisfied that I have helped someone today that cannot help themselves. I am very good at looking after people and chores and sometimes I do shopping for my mum.I don’t have a lot of experience but I look after my sibling who is 3 I change , bath and make her food for her.
Sian, home help - NN16 Kettering

Hello my name is Sian , I'm 14 with a big heart for the elderly and would love to help, I know it's only going shopping for you but i might help with many needs, I will buy and deliver to you on the same day with only a small pay. I am rather strong so will be able to carry large amounts and will travel far distances to get what you need.
Alisha Marie, home help in Kettering

Ive had alot of cooking lessons with my mum and had put children to bed and baths
Sheralyn, home help in Kettering

I am a 32 year old mother of 4 children, I have worked in Health Care around my children this has been with both Disabled Adults and Elderly Clients. I have worked as a Domicilary Care Assistant and also in a home.
Irene, senior home help - NN16 Kettering

I have experience with elder care in my onw family.
Ellie, senior home help in Kettering NN16

I'm Ellie aged 14, willing to help out

Hello have previous experience supporting others, also if the do have LD, i am kind , caring, hard working and can provide References.

Hi my names emma I am currently doing an nvq level 2 in health and social care and have experience of working with adults with learning disabilities .

I currently look after an elderly person in their home. Daily tasks and monitoring their diabetes. I have training in hoist lifting and am nearing my Level 2 in dementia training. I give personal care and meal preparation. I administer medications and take on chores as required. Please feel free to message me for more information. Thank you