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Jade, senior assistant - M11 Manchester

My name’s Jade , I’m 20 years of age and I currently live in gorton with my grandparents. I’m currently a home carer and have been for around 6months, I absolutely love my job and all of the clients but I am looking to become self employed. In my current occupation I’ve been trained to administer medication , moving and handling aspects, personal care and hygiene and also cleaning. I am attentive and caring and I love helping people. I have a close relationship with all of my current clients ...
Jordan, home help in Manchester

Hi, I'm Jordan, I'm 18 years old and I am interested in looking after people whether it's shopping, cleaning etc. I have no experience except from doing this at my own home but I am willing to learn new things to improve my skills.
Michaela, home help - M11 Manchester

I love the idea of helping out the elderly community, as I live with my own nana and help her out alot I would love to help people out that are more in need. I am nearly 17 and don't have many qualifications or experience but I am always willing to learn. I can do many things such as cooking, cleaning and I will happily do your shopping - as long as I have a list to go off ( I can also help make a list if required that we can both go over ) - Although I don't drive so if its aload of bags I c...

I'm Thomas and I'm 14 I like helping elders because it makes me feel Better about myself and it helps me get a better start in life I'm looking forward to look after them and clean, shop for them.