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Chloe, senior home help - LE1 Leicester

Hello, my name is Chloe and I am a first year student at De Montfort University, studying Psychology with Criminology. One of my main hobbies in life is helping people and when my Nan was extremely ill last year, I found I rather enjoyed helping her in her day to day life and would like to continue this now whilst at university. I am more than happy to help with round the house jobs as well as personal jobs too. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon!
Celia, senior home help - LE1 Leicester

My name is Celia and I come from Portugal. I came to Uk in 2010. I done Health and Social and Care Level 1. The only experience I have is from family (grandparents) I am very patient, fun person and always happy. I am looking to help elderly people who needs my help, I can do everything (cleaning, shopping, cooking, company etc)
Cristóbal, home help - LE1 Leicester

I have taken care of seniors. It's a satisfactory job.
Ollie, home help in Leicester

I am Ollie and I am a college student willing to give up my free time in order to help you do your shopping. I can help with the writing of lists, budgeting and doing the shopping itself. I have experience in helping family.
Sheena, home help - LE1 Leicester

I live in London, with just my grandparents- I love them to pieces- and understand the need for just a little bit of help to get them going around and about their day. If there's any little bit I can do to help, I'll do my absolute best.

hello i am french native and I have a french graduation in care work (aide médico psychologique) I am avaiable and graduated to help all customers (diferrent age, habits or disabilities) to be autonomous in their own house.

I have over 20 years of experience in care. I have worked in various roles from a care assistant in a residential home, a personal care assistant and a mental health support worker. I enjoy all aspects of care. My many priority is that the person I care or support feels that I am making a difference. Wether it's just a friendly smile or a cooked meal to more complex care. Knowing I have made a difference is what my job is all about
Salma, nursing in Leicester LE1

I am Salma I am interested in this job, I have experience as well as studies I am responsible empathic and cheerful And if they choose me, they will not regret it. Thanks for your time. a greeting
Ines, senior home help in Leicester LE1

I always do my best and I love to help others.
Komal, nursing in Leicester LE1

I would Like to work for elder person, I have great respect for elders, ,, ,

I have been a carer for 24 years and i am highly experienced, i know how to treat individuals with dignity and respect at all times. I am patient and polite, trustworthy and reliable i love been a carer and love to look after people.i am hard and take pride in completing any tasks that have been set or given to me.I have worked in the community looking after people in their own helping with personal care, dressing, preparing food, shopping, collecting pensions, assisting them to take medica...
Anna, home help - LE1 Leicester

Since I remember I've been spending most of my free time at my granny's house, keeping her company, telling stories and playing games together! She's one of the most important person in my life, he taught me to bake and talking to her made me a better person. I enjoy listening to elder people's memories, about their families and thing they've done as a child/teenager. I can help with cooking and any other houseworks required.

My name is Sajeda and I have plenty of experience in working with elderly people as well as mentally ill people such as people with dementia, schizophrenia and disabled people. I have been working with elderly people for more than 3 years and I am more than happy to help more people. I am a bubble person with a live personality which is a good trait as I can communicate with various types of people, keeping them happy and liven up the atmosphere. As well as English, I can speak Gujarati, Hind...

My name is Naima and work as a personal assistant to a disabled women for over 2 years. The lady is immobile and unable to talk and eat solids. My duties are wide ranging. I have a caring, friendly and hard working nature. Please note that i can see ladies only
Klaudia, home help - LE1 Leicester

i would love helping grand mams i alway help my gran with everything i im know looking fort a job that i can carry on helping

My name is tamara and im 18 years old I would love to look after elderly and give them everything they need this is what I like to do help others it would be very good experience for me aswel I go and visit my grandmother quite often and I help her out alot and keep her good company its very nice to do so I would love this opportunity. My qualities are being patient and cooking and never letting the elderly do to much because I wouldnt want them to get hurt in any way.

Hi, My name is Najma, I am a reliable, responsible, trustworthy and a caring individual. I have 5 daughters, my youngest is 9 so she is in full time education I now have more time on my hands and I am looking for a fully rewarding and satisfying job. I can offer a range of help, from cleaning, shopping and driving. Although I do not have any professional experience of caring for the elderly, I have plenty of personal experience such as elderly relatives.

Hi my name is Lamia, I am 17 years old and currently studying at college. I believe that I could help the elderly with a various of different things as I have had my own personal experience. As I have great communication skills I think that I would be able to sit and talk to elderly people that don't really have the opportunity to talk to someone. I would love to help around.

my name is mia I am a 12 year old student with a huge heart, I will help the elderly by shopping, cleaning cooking and company. aulthough im not the most expirenced person I will try my hardest with everything I do

Hi I'm Judith I'm 19 years old from Italy original from ghana

I have experience helping grandparents and great grandparents, also used to help mum when she went to do this job I used to help clean and cook with her for the elderly people and keep them company while she was doing the cleaning

I can help in various ways as well as providing company to people.