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Julie, senior home help in Torquay

I have had my own odd job business for the last 6 years and have excellent references
Eleanor, senior home help in Torquay TQ2

My name is Eleanor Dale and I am 17 years old. I am a very friendly and happy person and I would love to be of assistance to help the elderly in any way I can, that would help people to feel better and happier.
Daniella, home help - TQ2 Torquay

I am always willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it.
Chloe, home nurse - TQ2 Torquay

I work in the community as a care worker
Paz, senior home help in Torquay

Hello, I care a 2 years old, and I have experience in housewor. Thanks.
Giovanna, home help - TQ2 Torquay

Hi I am Giovanna and I am looking for a part time job , I am a student here in the UK, my available times are from 4.30pm until 8.30pm on week days and any time until 10.30pm on weekends. I have taken care of my grandparents when they needed me in my country and have being to some houses that take care of old people before.
Carmen, senior home help - TQ2 Torquay

My name is Carmen! I'm studying physical therapy and I spent a lot of hours in foster cares for practicing to work with old people. I enjoyed it especially when I could help them or at least I made them to smile. Most of them had serious deficiencies but It was amazing seeing them feeling better and more cheerful. I have a lot of patience (ex: my great grandmother she had memory problem and she was talking to me about a pillow and a pillow case for 2 hours, but I was just listening and ap...
Kirsty, senior home help in Torquay TQ2

I'm 17 worked since I was 16 however I'm very mature for my age. I'm very kind, understand and most of all I'm caring which I find is the best part of me.
Lauryn, home help in Torquay

I'm lauryn and I wouldn't mind doing some cleaning for anyone that needs it!
Louvelene Joy, home help in Torquay TQ2

I'm louvelene joy and I was a nurse in the Philippines. With my experience and knowledge in taking care of my elderly patients in the Philippines and taking care with my grandparents I know how to deal with their daily needs and accompany them. I love having conversations and taking care with elderly because it reminds me of my family back home.

I am very personable and would love to help anyone who requires my assistance