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Kirstin, private tutor tutoring / homework help in Liverpool L1

Hello, my name is Kirstin Elena , but everyone just calls me Elena or Ellie. I am 23 years old and about to start my Master's degree at Liverpool John Moores University in September. I grew up in Germany, where I spend most of my childhood and I spent a year in Sweden when I was 17. After I returned to Germany I attended an international school where I completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in 2012. I then went on to complete my undergraduate studies at the Unive...
Zuzana, private tutor tutoring / homework help in Liverpool

I have always had excellent results at school and like teaching children because I think I can explain things easily and make the subjects interesting for them. I used to tutor some of my friends and some of my siblings' friends - I usually tutored maths, economy and english language - because I am from Slovakia
Jessica, lessons tutoring / homework help in Liverpool L8

I have just finished my GCSE’s and would like to be able to help others. I have all my study books and also past work which could be helpful. I studied in all too set subjects and also studied a language , Spanish. All my targets are B’s and above , my highest being an A* in Childcare. I also studied subjects such as Psychology, English lang and lit and maths. Also many others studied too.