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Sharon, lessons tutoring / homework help in Southampton

Looking to make some spare pocket money during my free time - i have experience as a private English tutor for 3 years and am able to provide reference.
Nishat, private tutor tutoring / homework help in Southampton SO15

I've received 6 out of 7 A/A*'s in my subjects in GCSE and have just completed AS and received As in 4 out of 5 of my subjects. I'm very passionate about Maths and English and also business-related subjects such as Accounting, Business Studies and Economics, as well as Law. I spend some time in college tutoring my friends and spent a lot of time in school tutoring students in my school. I like to think I'm quite fun with the way I teach people as I think it is a more effective way of tea...
Sarah, private lessons tutoring / homework help - SO15 Southampton

What do I offer. I help primary aged children with their homework and tutor them according to their needs and abilities. I specialise on children with learning disabilities especially those who are on the Autism Spectrum. My style of teaching is focused on the ability of the client rather than limitations in order to bring out the best potential of the child. Who am I. I am a recent graduate in Psychology from the University of Malta and have been working with children for the last f...