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Rebecca, house keeper in Blackpool

I am very willing to get involved with any jobs around the house, I am used to doing a wide variety of jobs around my own house including cooking, cleaning, ironing and gardening. I am very trustworthy and am always aspiring to improve my work in any way I can.
Rebecca, cleaner - FY1 Blackpool

Hi I'm Rebecca and I'm 17. I help out a lot at home so most tasks I find easy to do. If there's something in particular that you want me to do just ask and I'll most likely do it. If I'm any use send me a message or get in touch and hopefully I can help you out. I have done various jobs like moving nous before through my family etc so it isn't something new. I volunteer in the community from time to time too so I'm someone who likes to help other people. At home I do hovering, cooking, ironi...
Leah, house keeper - FY1 Blackpool

I help family members such as my nan who has disability with shopping and general house work and I also do chores such as hoovering, washing up dishes, cleaning to stand etc.
Charlotte, ironing in Blackpool FY1

I am Charlotte and I am 20 years of age. I have house-sat, cleaned peoples houses, ironed their clothes, folded and put them away along with looking after their children and helping with other tasks around the house.
Elizabet, cleaner in Blackpool FY1

Hi my name is Lizi. Im from Hungary.
Georgina, house keeper - FY1 Blackpool

My name is Georgina Katherine , I am 18 years of age. I help at home as much as I can and when I get the time. I am very hygienic and a fun person. I love helping other people and have house sitting experience, babysitting experience, pet experience and cleaning experience.
Chloe, cleaner in Blackpool

Chloe , 17. I love helping my mum out at home with all the household chores, after to work and on my days off. I have experience in the hotel industry, housekeeping in probably the biggest rooms anyone will ever see and also waitressing and a kitchen porter. I am good at bugetting, weirdly I do enjoy cleaning and I love shopping.
Yan Xin, cleaner in Blackpool FY1

Hi I'm a responsible worker from Taiwan, Im very enjoys to do all the kinds of house work , I had 6 years of household and childcare experience in Taiwan , I do enjoys it ;)
Kaitlinn, ironing in Blackpool

Hello, my name is Kaitlinn I am I 17 year old girl, and well I have been cooking and cleaning since the age of 12, so it has kind of become a hobby/passion and besides I need to make money :) I am serious and mature and I don't do a half job!
Mark, cleaning man - FY1 Blackpool

Hi my NAME is mark i offer all household services with a smile and a bubbly personality

I am a 23 year old male who lives in Blackpool with my partner, I have household experience like cleaning and cooking and I also work as a cleaner in a hotel.