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Sophia, private tutor art in Birmingham B11

I am Sophia Zaib, 16. I have achieved a GCSE grade A, whilst I was in year 11, in 2015. Now going to college I would like to show somebody else my talents and perhaps teach them and pass on my skills. I would be able to help up to a GCSE grade. I would enjoy helping others achieve as I actually would like to be a teacher and this could become good practice for me for in the future.
Jannah, private tutor - B12 Birmingham

I am studying to become a teacher at the moment, Ive worked in tution schools and have helped children under my care with homework, etc. I am very familiar with the national curriculum and EYFS and comfortable with secondary school work but only from my own experince at secondary school.
Uzma, teacher  - B20 Birmingham

I am a 2q year old female in the Birmingham area I have qualifications in teaching assistant and childcare I have taught before to family and friends so it's not a new thing for me

Iam workingbin a primary school setting.

Hello, my name is Radha , I am 22 years of age and expertise within the I.T sector of computing I love teaching and helping people understand. I work at Nectere as an I.T technician and have tutored many individuals before. Throughout school, sixth form and university I have been very academic. I also love subjects such as maths and english