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Viorica, lessons languages in Birmingham

Hiya, Im Rica and i am fluent in 3 different languages like: romanian, english and russian. I would like yo offer some help/ tutoring if you would like to learn another language. Im originally bilingual romanian and russian and i was taught english in school right next to romanian and russian!
Isabel, teacher  English in Birmingham

¡Hola a todos! Soy Isabel e imparto clases particulares de inglés. Es la primera vez que anuncio mis clases en esta aplicación, no obstante cuento con experiencia como profesora. Soy graduada en Traducción e Interpretación (Inglés y Francés) y he trabajado tanto en la enseñanza en academia como en la enseñanza particular y personalizada. Es por esto que sigo un método que garantiza tanto la adquisición de la lengua, como la base de las principales competencias. Este método está avalado por l...
Silvia, lessons languages - B16 Birmingham

Hi! I am Silvia. I am from Madrid, Spain, I am 22. I would like to help you or your children teaching idioms. I can help you with Spanish, it is my mother tongue!!! Don't doubt in write me, I will be available for you :)
Arianna, lessons Italian in Birmingham

I'm an Education graduate italian girl. I have teaching experience with children 6-17 aged. I'm available to teach any ages.
Marika, teacher  languages in Birmingham B16

I have a BA in translation. My strongest languages are German and French. Italian is my mothertongue and I am happy to teach to motivated people. I have been during tutoring for the last 5 years and people seem really happy with my teaching methods. I try to arrange enjoyable lessons so that pupils have fun.
Anam, teacher  languages - B12 Birmingham

My name is Anam and I have a lot of experience of teaching British Sign Language BSL and in English as well
Carmen, teacher  languages - B16 Birmingham

Hello! I´m a primary school teacher and I have given private lessons to children of different ages. I can teach Spanish in a fan way. I have flexible timetable! If you want learn Spanish, text me!
Rachael, private lessons Spanish - B16 Birmingham

I have been studying Spanish for 8 years and I am currently doing a degree in Spanish and Sociology. I am fluent, have an untouchable knowledge of grammar and I have created various lesson plans, and have resources.
Yudnery, teacher  languages in Birmingham

Hi , i'm french, and i speek spanish too. I can help you i need to improvised my english
Ligia, lessons languages - B9 Birmingham

I am an international(Romanian) student at Birmingham City University and I am currently studying Psychology. I'm looking for a side job to help with living expenses. I own a language certificate of level B2 in German, and I love working with children.
Maira, lessons languages in Birmingham

I am an Italian student studying at Aston University. I am born in France, therefore my mother tongues are both Italian and French and I am willing to give some help to someone who would like to to learn. I have studied English and Spanish at school, so I would be more than happy to teach these too.
Ana, private lessons languages in Birmingham B11

I'm a spaniard girl with great knowledge in languages like italian and my mother tongue, Spanish. I'm able to explain grammar perfectly.
Melissa, private lessons languages in Birmingham B16

Hi, my name is Melissa, I'm 32yo and I work as a part time fashion illustrator. I have a university degree in Foreign Languages. I love to travel and so far I've lived in 4 different countries. I have experience in teaching English in my country (Italy), as well as teaching Italian to foreigners. I speak Italian to a native level with a very clear accent, easy to understand if Italian isn't your first language. I offer lessons at different levels. Melissa
Dimitra, lessons English - B16 Birmingham

I ve been working in schools for about 6 years. I like teaching and I would live to be your private tutor. Please contact me to discuss it further. Thank you.

I'm Arabic native speaker with high qualifications from Egypt and Syria

Looking forward to help you!

I can speak 3 different languages and I would love to teach English to beginners.

I can offer Arabic lessons to children. Arabic is my mother tongue so I can teach it to an advanced level. I charge £7.00/hour.