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Megan, dog walking - AB10 Aberdeen

I'm an active, friendy and caring 16 year old who currently works at armstrong boarding kennels located in cults and have been for almost a year. Before that I had done my 2 weeks work experience out at Kinmundy kennels where I took care of dogs, cats and horses. I have 3 dogs of my pwn and 4 degus. I love all my animals very dearly and I am very friendly towards them as well. I'm currentyl attending aberdeen college based out at craibstone studying animal care where I take care of dogs, ferr...
Holly, dog walking - AB16 Aberdeen

Hello my name is Holly and I am an online student (which means I have lots of availability and flexibility). I have grown up around animals since I was little and have always found them to be a huge source of happiness. I have also provided pet care services in the past, visiting animals throughout the day to provide food and fulfil any needs. I am a kind and responsable person, meaning that I would do everything I could to ensure the animal’s safety and comfort at all times.
Eloá, dog walking in Aberdeen AB11

Hello, my name is Eloá. I am 28 years old. I just moved to Aberdeen, was living in Italy before. I was born in Brazil. I had three dogs over the course of my life, all unforgettable and they provided me a lot of wonderful moments. Only those who have had a pet know how well they do in our life and how important it is to have someone reliable to take care of them. I'm here to do the best I can.
Barbara, dog walking in Aberdeen

Hello! I am a 24 year old student and pet lover from Poland. I cannot have any pets at my flat at the moment, therefore I would love to help you out by looking after yours. I grew up in a house of animal lovers that was always full of our fury friends, such as cats, dogs and hamsters. I am reliable, punctual, friendly and what is more important, I have a genuine affection for animals, so yours would be safe and happy with me.
Claire, dog walking in Aberdeen

My name is Claire and I am 15 years old. I am currently unemployed and am looking for part-time jobs near to me. I am energetic, outgoing, cheerful and caring. I have no previous experience with looking after animals - apart from occasionally walking my aunt's dog- but I am willing to learn. I am willing to work flexible days - depending on if my college timetable will allow it - and am happy to work flexible hours also.
Hannah, dogsitter - AB12 Aberdeen

My name is Hannah , I am 20 years of age. I currently have 1 dog, he is a Siberian Retriever (Labrador x Husky) His name is Hero and he is still a puppy at at 16 weeks (as of 30.05.16). He is extremely friendly towards both People and dogs and loves to play with other dogs of all sizes. I also have a pet Rabbit her name is Tigger and is about 5 Months old. She is in an outdoor hutch and enjoys getting out in the garden pen on sunny days. Her and Hero get in great! I also have experience o...
María José, host family for dog in Aberdeen

Hi My name is Maria I am looking for a part time job I love animals I have my own dog and cat I am studying I am a nanny as well I have some time free I would like to work
Caeli, animal boarding in Aberdeen

Hi, I'm a University graduate, currently studying for my PhD in Celtic. For the last year, I have been House and Pet Sitting for various clients down in Devon, looking after, dogs (all sizes), cats, horses, and sheep. I adore all animals and grew up farming cattle, sheep, and pigs, as well as riding our horses and looking after our x2 extra large dogs. Due to my background in farming, previous petsitting jobs, and personal pet ownership, I have significant experience looking after all typ...
Stephanie, host family for dog in Aberdeen AB25

My husband and I currently have a cat that we adopted from the SSPCA. Previously, I have owned/cared for the following animals throughout my life: >1 hamster >2 guinea pigs > 2 rabbits > 3 dogs > 5 cats I really love animals and I am a very reliable and trustworthy individual. I am currently 23 years of age and will continue to study for my honours degree which will finish September 2018. I am currently available any days and any times, however this will change when I get my unive...
Jeanne, dog walking in Aberdeen

My name is Jeanne, half-French, half Mozambican. I am a student at the University of Aberdeen and studying Biological Sciences. From my studies, you can guess I love animals! I had two weeks of intern-ship at veterinary clinics and enjoyed it enormously. While I didn't want to become a vet, I still learned a lot about animals and how to care for them. I am very affectionate and used to own a dog myself when I lived in a house with a huge garden and in a warm climate. Because of my father's ...
Amy, dog walking in Aberdeen AB24

Hi my name is Amy, i am 19 years old. I have had 2 dogs in my life while growing up, 2 hamsters, and a cat. I have experience looking after pets while friends and family are on vacation or can not look after pets themselves. I love any type of animals, big or small.
Joviette, dog walking in Aberdeen

Your pet is safe with me, i assure you So also is your home. You will surely feel safe with me once you've met me and we've had a conversation together
Kimberley, dog walking in Aberdeen AB11

Hello my name is Kimberley and I'm 23 years old. I love being around animals and would just like the opportunity to spend a bit more time in a day with different types of animals. While I was growing up I had Cat's, Russian dwarf hamsters, rats, rabbits, goldfish and a dog. Currently, I have an almost 2 year old ginger and white cat named Hodgins. I understand how important pets are to our families and would love to offer help with anything from walking pets, to caring for them whilst you are...
Jessica, dog walking in Aberdeen AB10

Hi, my name is Jessica , I have had various pets in the past including a cat and a dog, currently I have a kitten. I have taken care of my own pets including feeding, taking my dog for a walk etc
Catriona, animal boarding in Aberdeen

I have been involved in training labradors for work from a young age and have had cats and fish with in the family.
Joanna, dog walking - AB24 Aberdeen

Hello! I'm Joanna and I love animals of all sorts. At the moment I'm doing a PhD here in Aberdeen and I would like to find some extra hours working with other people's pets. In the photo you can see me with my dog Suzie who passed away at the age of 17 the other year, so the only pet I've got now is my parents' dog Bianca who's staying with them. We've also had cats, rabbits and budgies. I'd be happy to help out if you need help with your pets and I'd be glad to provide references.
Jordan, dog walking - AB12 Aberdeen

I am a very friendly person to work with and available most of the time when ever is required, i will provide 2 weeks notice if i cannot make a specific date. I have looked after animals before and love pets! im very sporty and active as i play football so parks are a yes!
Samantha, dog walking in Aberdeen AB10

Hello, my name is Samantha and I'm 18 years old. I've grown up around dogs and have a keen interest in horses. I have also had fish and cats at home. I enjoy being around animals a lot and would love to be able to help you out with your pet.
Gabrielle, dogsitter in Aberdeen AB10

My name is Gabrielle , I am 17 years old. I currently have four hamsters and several fish that I look after, I used to have two cats but unfortunately sue to old age I no longer have these. I have always grown up around animals and have looked after dogs on several occasions and for around a year I did dog walking twice a week.
Ciara, dog walking in Aberdeen AB11

Barbara, dog walking in Aberdeen

Hello! I love animals and as a student any monetary help is essential. I would love to look after your best friend
Annabel, host family for dog - AB25 Aberdeen

I’m a student in Aberdeen with a lovely puppy myself. I would love to offer services to anyone who needs a help in hand. I have lots of experience with Dogs and grew up with a reactive anxious dog in my family home, so have gained lots of experience and patience. I now have my own puppy Arlo who is a joy, outgoing and loves other animals and people.
Stephanie, dog walking in Aberdeen AB10

I'm an 18 year old who wishes to be a nurse one day. I am currently studying nursing and work part time in a nursing home for the elderly. I really love animals and have grown up with them my whole life. I have had 2 dogs, a cat, a hamster and fish. I love taking care and spending time with all animals. I currently have a dog (max who is only two) and milo my cat who is also nearly 2.
Claire, dogsitter in Aberdeen

Hi I'm Claire, I've raised 5 dogs over the years, I've done dog walking jobs many years ago..
Freya, dog walking in Aberdeen

Hello I am Freya. I am a 25 year old women. I have personal experience of caring for pets as my family owned various animals throughout my childhood, which I took part in caring for. I have also cared for friends pets on occasions. The main animals I have had experience with are dogs, cats, hamsters and rabbits. I love animals and enjoy their company. My career in childcare I also feel gives me an understanding of some qualities needed in caring for animals.
Briony, animal boarding in Aberdeen AB12

Hi my name is Briony, I grew up with 2 black labradors, a golden Labrador and a jack Russell. When I moved out and got my own house I decided I could not live without a dog. So therefor I went to the local rescue home and rescued a little staffordshire bull terrier cross jack Russell. She is the most lovable dog every and wants to play and speak to all other dogs!! If you are looking for someone to run around and plan with your doggy I am more than happy to be that person!! I also grew up wit...
Nancy, dog walking - AB11 Aberdeen

Hello..I am Nancy.I really like looking after dogs. I sadly don't have one but I have two platys and danio(fish) they are cute but they are nothing compared to dogs! It would actually prepare me for if I ever get a dog. I would love to have one they are one of my favourite animals. I have done dog walking before for friends especially when I was living in the highlands there was more space and it was good to explore with the dogs. I don't mind about what breed any is fine.
Pauline, dog walking - AB10 Aberdeen

Hi everyone! My name is Pauline and I am a 21 year old french student studying at Robert Gordon for the long term and I am offering you my services to help take care of your little bundles of joy! We all know pets required a lot of time and attention but who can blame them! Their cuteness makes up for it doesn't it? I have lived around cats and dogs for a good part of my life and currently am owner of Sharkey and Martin, two adorbluble fishes, and potential future owner of a beautifu...

I have experience mostly with dogs but have some experience with birds and exotic fish. I have some experience with horses but I am a fast learner. I have previously raised and breaded hamsters and have experience with various rodents. I love animals especially dogs. My own dog is a 13 year old cross breed. His name is JD (He was already named when we got him and we liked the name but are not entirely sure what it stands for I believe it stands for Jack Daniels as he is the same colour as the...
Bérénice, animal boarding in Aberdeen AB10

Bonjour je m’appelle Bérénice, j’ai 19 ans et je suis étudiante. Ayant déjà eu 17 chats chez moi, 3 chiens, des oiseaux, des poisson , une tortue etc j’ai déjà pu m’occuper d’animaux de plus j’aime beaucoup leur compagnies.