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Almudena, dog walking in Aylesbury HP20

Hello! My name is Almudena, I am 28 years old and I am from the south of Spain. About my experience with pets, I had birds and hamsters at home. But, in our country house in Spain, I took care of dogs, cats, chicks, hens, roosters, goats and even a peacock!
Nicole, dog walking - HP19 Aylesbury

I have only had experience with home pets but willing to expand my knowledge and grow my experience.
Chloé, dogsitter - HP20 Aylesbury

Hi my names chloe I’m 19 English and Spanish. I’ve had every type of animal someone could want . From fish to dogs to horses, birds, snakes ect. I'm a total animal fanatic and lover. I’m a horse rider I have lots of animals myself I know how to care/feed/groom/walk various animals even some basic obedience training. I’m never scared of them I’ve been around mean animals and good animals and can handle all types of situations including dangerous dogs/animals. If needed. I’ve also care...
Katie, dog walking in Aylesbury HP20

Hi ! I'm Katie and i am 16 years old. I currently go to Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, i am studying my A levels there and i am in sixth form. I decided to become a pet sitter because of my love of animals ! - I have many pets of my own. I Have 2 HUGE golden Labradors and 3 cats, who i love!!!! I feel comfortable looking after animals because i have alot of experience already ( my own pets ) and i think that it would be enjoyable ( + a good way to earn a little extra money ) ! :)
Nicole, dog walking in Aylesbury

Hiya. I'm Nicole. I'm 21, From Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. I have had huge amounts of pet experience over the years. I have grown up with at least 7 pets my whole life and also for the last 6+ years have experience of pet sitting for others. I am a very animal and pet person and adore animals. I am willing and able to fit in my pet sitting services around a full time career. I enjoy my job, but I could never leave my pet sitting hobbies behind. Feel free to contact me if I am of interest to y...
Nicole, dog walking in Aylesbury

I have lots experience pet sitting for friends, family and neighbours, willing to do this more often and am usually full flexible

I'm Amber , i'm a 17 year old girl and I'm currently doing an animals management college course at BCA and so I know how to look and take care of animals and have good experience and knowledge of animals. As well as this, I also have my own pet cat and pet dog and often take care of them both and walk my dog daily. I know how to look after them so they're relaxed and treated fairly and have the right amount of food and excercise in their day.
Nimi, dog walking in Aylesbury HP19

I love animal! Can offer help to those away from their pets whether on holiday or at work, walking their dogs if they are too busy.
Jodie, dog walking - HP19 Aylesbury

My name is Jodie and I currently work as a chef at The Bell in Aston Clinton. I am looking for flexible, part time work as I am trying to save for my first home. I love animals and have always grown up around them, particularly dogs. I currently have two of my own dogs and a cat therefore dog walking would be especially convenient for me however, I am more than happy to tend to any other pets.
Ella, dog walking in Aylesbury HP20

I have lots of experience looking after my own pets. Over the years I have owned 6 cats, 2 snakes, a rabbit, snails, 4 hamsters, 4 lizards, 2 newts, a terrapin and lots of fish. I also have experience with families dogs and a tortoise.

My name is Hannah and I am 17 years old. I am currently completing my Level 2 Business Administration qualification at Bucks County Council. I work between the hours of 9-5, Monday to Friday. I am extremely passionate about animals. I have previously owned hamsters, cats, dogs and fish. I am a big animal-lover and would love to help out if I can. I am a trustworthy, confident and responsible individual with more than enough experience with animals to know that your pet would be in safe ...