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Alexandra, dog walking in High wycombe

My Name is Alexabdra, I am 14 years old and live in England. I had alot of pets, our dog blacky got nine puppies. we all took great care of all of them, but saddly we gave them away, hoping they would find a better home. We had a nother dog called Hector, who really was my favourite. I was the one who mostly went out with him. I really loved him. Then there was Scooby, who we had t give away, because of my younger sisters. Cats like me very much, My aunt used to have a cat that didn't like ...
Martyna, dog walking - HP13 High wycombe

I'm Martyna and I'm 20 years old. Animals have always played quite a big role in my life. I had several of them myself. My mother worked in an animal clinic and my father had a horse before we moved. So all kinds of animals were everyday to me.
Grace, dog-sitter in High wycombe HP13

I have had eight cats, one of which had three kittens. I have had two dogs. I have also had two hamsters. I have looked after them all and have watched them while my family has been away. I know how to clean litter trays, how long to let pets out for, what to play, and how to make them comfortable around me.
Sami, host family for dog - HP13 High wycombe

Personal Profile: I am a 17 year old sixth form student looking for a part-time work that will keep me busy and will be beneficial to my work experience. I am willing to work hard with initiative and am very independent. I am passionate about working in a team and making a difference. I am punctual and organised when it comes to working to a deadline, as well as a charismatic and enthusiastic worker. I enjoy challenging myself and my abilities. I present myself well with a neat and tidy a...
Shamila, dog walking - HP13 High wycombe

I love pets Aslong as they are behaved and trained because otherwise they are lacking disipline. I've grown up with cats dogs and fishes and as my mum worked for rspca it meant I grew up around animals and I know a lot about dogs and fishes and cats. I can walk dogs very well due to the fact when I grew up I had to walk my dog every day. My goals aren't to always look after pets I do have goals to be a solicitor but looking after pets is more like a hobby as I would enjoy it .
Millie, dog walking in High wycombe

My name is Millie, I am 17 years old, I love animals and to look after any sort of pets. I will love to help out pet owners in need of help, I will be able to look after them, walk them, bath them, whatever the owner would like me to do. I have a German Shepherd so I am educated on how to look after and walk dogs in any sizes. I have also had lots of cats so I am educated on the care of cats, also I have a hamster of my own which I look after everyday and handle almost every single day. I hav...
Roberta, animal boarding - HP13 High wycombe

I love the animals.I love animals, especially my golden retriever named Ruben who has now 13 years old and my cat Spidi 7 years living in Turin, northern Italy. My boyfriend is also a musician and I love singing. I love music and cinema

My name is Megan and I'm 17 years old. I walk dogs and care for some animals in my spare time. I have my own animals and I walk my neighbours dogs each day and when I have the time I feed and clean them.
Magda, dogsitter - HP13 High wycombe

I'm 17 years old so I'm young and I have lot of energy. I have a dog and a cat at home so I know how to look after dogs and cats. I love animals so I would find this job great experience and fun to work with.

hello my name is chelsea , i am 18 years old and i just love animals.. i love to walk them play with them and look after them.

Currently have 4 cats and 4 Guinea pigs. I also walk a few dogs already which I really enjoy, even in the rain!

Hello, i am free to petsit in High Wycombe during afternoons and weekends.