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Marina, dog walking in Cambridge

My name is marina I come from Switzerland. I have already grown up from little up with animals and I have sometimes taken care of them. Mostly my parents in the vacation I was responsible for this. Of course, I also went regularly with the dog. We had also cats and I can also take care of this
Mauro, dog walking - CB5 Cambridge

I am an italian boy of 20 years old. Since my spoken english is not very good I could care after dogs while living in Cambridge.
Malka, dogsitter in Cambridge

Last summer my best friend bought me a kitten as a leaving gift; I was going to University later that year. Because my mum does not approve of animals it had to stay with my best freind. I was so dedicated on looking after Spencer (my kitten), that I would go to her house at least once a day to look after it. I fed her, played with her, looked after her litter box and made sure she didn't run away. She would fall asleep on my arm at night or find a nice comfortable position on my head. I was ...
Ariane, dog walking in Cambridge CB5

Hello, I am ariane and I am from Spain. I love animals, I've had dogs, birds and two turtles. I love to take them out for a walk, play with them and give them lots of love. I have no favorite animal, I love all. all are special. I hope to hear from you soon. Ariane
India, dog walking in Cambridge

Hi, I'm India. I am 22 and am currently living in Cambridge while I study at ARU. I am doing a degree in Education and Childcare Studies and hope to be a teacher later on in life. I would like to be a teacher in a school focusing on Special Educational Needs and therapies based around these; especially animal therapy. I grew up in the countryside of Luxembourg, surrounded by cows and horses. My mother is allergic to most pets so we didn't hace many. I did however have a black and white ca...
Sophie, dog walking in Cambridge CB5

I have a love for animals ever since I was a child. I have grown up with dogs and cats aswell as owning horses of my own and becoming a keen horse rider. As a family, we currently have 2 boarder Terriors - willow and alfie and my horse, tigger is out on loan with our Shetland, candy, whilst I am studying. Currently living in Cambridge to study and am happy to help out with other people's animals whilst mine are with my parents where we live in Shropshire!
Sara, animal boarding in Cambridge

My name is Sara and I´m from Spain. When I finished my highshool studies, I decided to come to England and live a new experience. Right now, I´m stuying at the CRC to improve my English but I have many free time. I´ve been living with pets since I was a child so I can take care of them properly, especially cats and dogs.
Debora, dog walking in Cambridge CB5

Hello, I am a 28yr old female that has recently moved to the UK from Australia. I have a dual degree in Nutrition and Nursing. I was a nurse in Australia. While I have never cared for a pet for money I have cared for friends, family pets as well as my own pets. I have had animals in my house since I can remember and I also have a beautiful 13yr old golden retriever in Australia that lives with my parents (most saddest part of moving to the UK). I would love to be contacted for any dog mind...
Chantelle, dog walking in Cambridge

Hello I'm Chantelle ages 17 I have a dog called boss and 4 cats and comellions I love animals always wanted to work with them love dogs cats and hamsters etc just no spiders and I went to a college that specialised in animals
Ignacio, animal boarding - CB5 Cambridge

Honesty , Spanish Language, dynamic person Communicative person
Liza, dog walking - CB5 Cambridge

My name is Liza, I am 25 years old and I would love take care of you pet!
Nicoletta, dog walking - CB5 Cambridge

I am an italian big girl. I have got two cats but I feed 6 cats almost everyday. I love animals and animals loves me
Rebeca, dogsitter in Cambridge CB5

he tenido toda la vida animales y actualmente tengo un perrito del que cuido

I am 18 years old and love all types of animals. I currently have 6 animals. I am available for both home visits and walks. Availability: * Monday: 7am - 10pm * Tuesday: 5.30pm - 9pm * Wednesday: 5.30pm - 9pm * Thursday: 5.30pm - 9pm * Friday: 7am - 10pm Weekends: 24/7 * Availability will be different during school holidays
Patrícia, dog walking in Cambridge

Hi! I’m Patricia! I love pets and I’d love help you with yours!!! 😊
Gabby, dog walking - CB5 Cambridge

I am Gabrielle I love animals. Dogs in particular. I have 8 dogs. 1 Pomeranian, 3 half German shepherd and rotweiller, and 4 Rotweillers. I like to walk dogs and feed them if they are friendly and trained.

I really like animals, this is why i have chosen to give it a try as a part time job :)

I have experience, with animals, especially with dogs. I have always had animals at home, and I volunteered on a farm in Spain. I can visit them, feed them, banar them and take long walks, and pamper them when their owners spend long hours outside the house or on vacation.

Hello My names tamara and i have a lot of love and time for dogs. They are my favourtie animal, and i would like to earn myself some money while enjoying valuable time with dogs of any size or breed.