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Marina, dog walking in Cambridge

My name is marina I come from Switzerland. I have already grown up from little up with animals and I have sometimes taken care of them. Mostly my parents in the vacation I was responsible for this. Of course, I also went regularly with t...
Bethany, host family for dog in Wisbech PE13

I have two dogs; a Lahsa Apso-Poodle-Springer Spaniel cross named Tia, and a Poodle-Staffie cross named Buddy. I also have a black and white cat named Mr.Tumble (Tumble for short) and have previously cared for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamst...
Giedre, dog walking in Peterborough

I am a hard working student who is still in school committed to delivering the highest quality and standards in all that I do. This is currently being demonstrated in my position as lance corporal in the Nene Park Academy school cadet f...
Mauro, dog walking - CB5 Cambridge

I am an italian boy of 20 years old. Since my spoken english is not very good I could care after dogs while living in Cambridge.
Alicja, dog walking - CB25 Landbeach

Hello! I am a friendly, caring and empathetic individual, I am 19 years old and currently on a gap year. I will help to the best of my abilities so that the time I spend with your pets is safe, helpful, stimulating and fun. I am an ani...
Amelia, dog walking in Fen ditton

Hello! My name is Amelia and I am an animal lover! I have a dog of my own, 2 bunnies, a hamster and multiple fish.Ever since I was young I have owned many different animals and I have had experience with dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs...
Malka, dogsitter in Cambridge

Last summer my best friend bought me a kitten as a leaving gift; I was going to University later that year. Because my mum does not approve of animals it had to stay with my best freind. I was so dedicated on looking after Spencer (my ki...
Corrine, dog walking in Peterborough

I am a 23 year old female who loves animals. I have had two dogs and a rabbit as my pets. I love all sorts of animals, regardless of breed and size. At the moment I currently have one cat that I love dearly. She is a small cat with a hu...
Julia, dog walking in Peterborough

I am only turning 15 this year but I love animals I have experience with a few farm animals as I went horse riding for 2 years and my grandma has chickens. I also have a hamster and rabbits so I know how to treat them. I sometimes look a...
Kayleigh, dog walking - PE1 Peterborough

Hello my name is kayleigh I am 19 years of age. I currently have 6 hamster which two I had rescued from abusive owners. I also have a ex police dog who was retired due to the fact he became disabled during training, which meant he was...
Rebecca, dog walking - PE1 Peterborough

Hello, I'm Rebecca and I'm 16. I'm currently looking for way to make money to help pay my parents for housing me and to provide myself with things that I need. I have two cats at my dad and two at my mums. I live with my dad full time...
Kayleigh, dog walking in Peterborough

Hi I'm Kayleigh 23 I live in Peterborough with my fiancé we have a dog and an aquarium of fish I have had several pets in my lifetime and happy to help look after them
Anna, dog walking - PE1 Peterborough

My name is Anna . I'm 14 years old and I LOVE pets. They all have their own personalities and sometimes, only sometimes I like them more than people ;). Please give me the chance to take care of your marvellous animal and be great at it!
Lakisha, dog walking - PE13 Parson drove

I am a 16 year old I am trustworthy, friendly, caring and I respect other people things. I love animal and I have 3 Lhasa apsis and 2 girls 1boy and I walk them and feed them and I play around with them so they enjoy there day also I hel...

Hi, I am Lara i am a responsible person and trustworthy especially when looking after a pet. I myself have a pet at home which is a dog i really like taking care of my dog because it is fun to play with her, at home i also normally feed...