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Klaudia, dog walking - CO1 Colchester

Hello, I am a 16 year old girl that is currently studying in The Sixth Form College. I am also open to do some dog walking as I love dogs and believe it's important to get some exercise. I myself only have a cat but I have come to known many family dogs and have no problem looking after them. However, I am more comfortable to look after smaller dogs than large dogs
Svitlana, dogsitter - CO1 Colchester

my name is Svetlana, I live in Ukraine and I have my beloved dog whose name is Troy and whose cat's name is Hunter) it's not just pets pets that I brought up since my childhood) and now they are both very obedient and clever))) I like big dogs with a big heart) my son is a breed of bull terrier) I think if I dealt with it, I can cope with any animal) I easily find them understanding) they feel kindness, that's why I love them so much) ?
Kelsey, dog walking - CO1 Colchester

My name is Kelsey and I am a postgraduate student at the University of Essex. I have had a lot of experience with animals both at home and through volunteering. At home I have a border collie called Tess who I walk and play with frequently. In the past I have had a large variety of pets and have professionally taken care of many wild animals too. From this experience I am very comfortable and confident with animals.
India, dog walking in Colchester CO1

Hello my name India and I am 15 years old. I have had much experience with animals, for I have had many of my own. For example I have had; cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, budgies, hamsters, gerbils, goldfish. This has given great knowledge for caring for different types of animals. I am especially good with rabbits guinea pigs, and cats, because these are the animals I have had most of. I have good knowledge of their care and health, and feel this is very useful when looking after any pet. ...
Marianna, dog walking - CO1 Colchester

Hello! I'm Marianna and I'm from Italy, I'm new in Colchester and I'm still learning english. I would like to look after your animals (but I can't in my house). I love animals, when I was a child I had birds, rabbits, two pigeons, a cat and a dog. After my dog passed away (he was 17) I decided to take another dog and now he is 2. I had to left my dog in Italy with my parents and I' m missing so much having a pet, so I would be really happy to spend some time with your friends.
Kayleigh, dogsitter in Colchester CO1

Hello my name is Kayleigh and I am 15 years old. I have had many past animals which include; dogs, rabbits, birds, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters and lizards. This has given much experience with animals and how to give them the right care. I can assure you that your pets will be given the appropriate amount of care they need to live a happy life. I am a fun loving person and get along really well with animals. i am also a confident person who gets along well with a range of people. I don't s...
Dalma, dog walking in Colchester

My name is Dalma and I am currently an A-level student at Colchester Sixth Form College. I absolutely adore every single animal on this planet and would love to look after them after college on weekdays and weekends. I own 3 cats at the moment, Sylvia (2 years), Smokey (1.5 years) and Daisy (10 months).?I have owned dogs and more cats previously as well. Actually, I don't think there has ever been a period in my life throughout which I didn't have pets at all. I grew up in a family that has...
Rebecca, dog walking in Colchester CO1

Hey! My name is Rebecca and I am 17. I have grown up around cats and dogs. I love almost all animals! My Nan used to have fishes which I sometimes helped out with but do not have much experience. I have looked after animals ever since I was little and am an extreme animal lover and always have been. I would be happy to help look after your animals, but I do have college and work so would have to work out hours together (am more available afternoons)
Isabel, dog walking - CO1 Colchester

I am Isabel , a 14 year old student from Colchester. I am punctual, kind-hearted and trust worthy. I am also hard work and willing to learn and help. Moreover, I am organized and enjoy looking after animals. I have two dogs on my own, which i often help out with walking and feeding - of course playing too. I am a gentle, friendly and articulate person of youth however I do not offer to host an animal. I am not allergic to any animals and will always keep a keen ear to any routine you would l...
Beth, dog walking in Colchester CO1

My name is Beth and I am a Scottish seventeen year old who is living in Essex. My birthday is on April the first which initiates I'll be eighteen soon and with that comes more maturity and experience for a job like this. I have lived in many countries throughout my life; Scotland, Finland, Germany and England, therefore I'm a very open-minded, educated person who loves to interact with others and constantly learn new things. I'm a very committed person who takes responsibility very seriously ...
Keya, dog walking in Colchester

I have full experience in working with animals as I use to work as a kennel maid. Also through all my life I have been brought up and grown up around dogs of all sizes and temperaments. My love for dogs and animals is huge I love to go on long walks with dogs and go exploring at the same time, throw sticks and balls for them and watch them chase them. Dogs are like humans and deserve allot of time and effort and that’s what I would be willing to give id make sure your pet was well looked afte...
Corinna, dogsitter in Colchester CO1

Hi, My name is Corinna and I am 37 years old. I have grown up with animals and have loved every minute of it. I have had 2 dogs for there whole life and many cats, I have also had goats and chickens when growing up, needing to milk one of our goats regularly. I have also worked with and ridden horses and decided to do camp America for a summer and worked at the horseback department. Christmas 2014 I went to Costa Rica to volunteer at an animal rescue centre with mostly sloths and monke...
Louise, dog walking in Colchester

Je suis une jeune étudiante en droit, pétillante, dynamique et surtout amoureuse des animaux. J'en ai d'ailleurs fait ma passion! Employée saisonnière dans différents centres équestres depuis de nombreuses années, le cheval n'a pas de secret pour moi. Je suis habituée aux "corvées" (qui sont pour moi un plaisir) que cette passion implique (currage de boxe (copeaux/paille), nourriture (granulé, foin, eaux, ...), travail en tout genre (saut/dressage/cross/longe), pansage et soins). Ayan...
Gabriella, dog walking in Colchester

My name is Gabriella and I am currently studying at Colchester 6th form college. I am kindhearted and am a really bubbly person. I have 6 cats (I've had more at one time!) who are all very lovely and have their own personalities and I have been doing dog walking for my neighbours for around 6/7 years. As well as all this, I used to volunteer on Saturdays and school holidays at an animal shelter called 'Seasaw'
Claudia, dog walking - CO1 Colchester

I am a Liberal Arts student at the University of Essex and I love all kinds of animals. I have two dogs myself (greyhounds) who sadly have to stay home while I am at University and whom I really miss.
Lorna, dog walking in Colchester

I have just come out of fulltime education having completed my A-levels and am looking for work in my gap year before I go to university and study midwifery. I love animals and have enjoyed looking after pets in the past whether people have been on holiday or just away for the night. I have mainly looked after a yorkshire terrior and a labrador, but also have experience with other dogs, birds and cats.
Myria, dog walking in Colchester

Hello, My mame is myria and i am 20 years old.. I have a huge love for animals, and do not think of animals as just pets but as part of the family. I have two beautiful boys back home and couldnt think of a better way to make some extra money than to spend time with animals. I am a current student at the Universoty of Essex, and have spare fimwe every afternnons/evenings and weekends available.
Stefania, dog walking - CO1 Colchester

I have always been an animal lover; grew up with pets since the age of three, therefore, cats, dogs, birds, etc. are family to me.
Saloa, dog walking - CO1 Colchester

Hi. My name is Saloa and I am Spanish. I am living in Colchester and I am looking for animal care work in this area. I have unconditional love towards animals and I am vegetarian out of respect for them. I have a kitten and a bunny with me and they are my loves. If you are looking for someone who loves animals and with whom you can count, do not hesitate to contact me. A big hug.
Monique, animal boarding - CO1 Colchester

I have a little dog who is my best friend... I love animals and would be happy to help others if they need someone to walk their dogs or petsit their dogs or cats I would love to do this
Yoanna, dog walking in Colchester CO1

I'm a student in the University of Essex, also have a dog since 6 years which i really love.
Iveta, dog walking in Colchester

Experience with dog sitting

I have always loved animals the amount of animals and I have loved every second on being with them I have a puppy German Shepherd amd I love her to bits and I treat her like a baby. I had a cooker spaniel he lived a very good and long life but had to get put to sleep as of 12 and a half years of his life. I have had many more different pets fish, cats, dogs and even reptiles so I know different things for different animals
Katy, animal boarding in Colchester CO1

I have spent my childhood with pets - dogs, rabbits, snakes... you name it! I am confident in dealing with animals and love being outdoors so dog walking would be great!
Holly, dog walking - CO1 Colchester

I have always had pets since I was little. I have a black ladbrador, a german shepard and a cat. I used to have two hamsters and two rabbits also. I absolutely love animals and I love to care for them.
Keeley, dog walking in Colchester

My name is keeley I have always had a love for animals I have a rabbit myself who I love dearly I have also looked after cats, hamsters, gerbils, dogs, ferrets, hedgehog, birds, fish etc witch I have had as pets though out my life I would really like the opportunity to look after other animals
Aicha, dog walking in Colchester

my name is Aicha not much experience with an animal, but I am an animal lover.

Hello, I am Isabel. I am a young trustworthy woman who loves all animal, always have done since i was born. I have had multifple hamsters and rabbits. I've had two cats who were in my family before i was even born till i was 16 years old as they sadly passed away, i have currently have two dogs, bichon frise and a beagle who are both full of energy and love.

Hi I'm a animal lover had cats dogs birds hamsters fish since I was a child I have 2 cats 6 gold fish I can dog walk or pop in and feed them or what ever needed I live in a semi detached house 3 bedrooms own drive way big garden

Hello my name is Abi and I'm a friendly, reliable, trustworthy, caring, hardworking young adult I'm 17 years old and am in college studying equine. I have my own animals that I look after on a regular basis. I have looked after dogs, cats, fishes, rabbits even horses. I love all kinds of animals and am up for anything from looking after fishes to helping take care of dogs.